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Robert Metzgar


Scammer in Nashville

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Contact information:
Capitol Management
Brentwood, Tennessee
United States
Attention Indie Artists: Important warning about Robert Metzgar of Capitol Management Group and Platinum Universal Records. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS SCAMMER AND HERE IS WHY. Wow can;t believe Robert Metzgar is still around scamming other music artists in Nashville. Amazing. I have worked with Mr. Metzgar and he is a liar. He did tell us that he worked for Universal Music Group and went so far as to say that if we paid money to LICENCE the songs then Universal Music Group in Canada was going to pay for all the production costs including recording and we were promised a meeting with UMG Canada and of course it never happened. I tried to contact the person which Mr. Metzgar said was the one interested in my artist and yet they never heard of her or Mr. Metzgar. They did not provide any funding whatsoever for any of the costs. Mr. Metzgar says he submits new artists to UMG all the time all over the US but because we were Canadian we had to deal with UMG Canada. He is well known for scamming many artists. He has been part of a tv investigation whereby he takes money from people who cannot sing and places them in the studio after paying him thousands of dollars. He tells the artists they are the best thing since sliced bread and that in turn makes many of them spend more with him for nothing. He promises to shop your album around once it;s done and also to set it up for sale in places like Walmart but once the funds are paid and the mickey mouse production is done, nothing more is done on Roberts part and in fact he says he did not say what he said. He does not sign the artist agreements and contracts, He tells all potential artists that he has worked with Elvis and helped to further his career. He told us that he worked with George Strait who is his good friend but he is not. In fact he told us to contact george to work with him and he was excited to work with the artist but he and his management had no idea who the artist was or who Mr. metzgar was. He does not pay the studio's he uses for his artists to record at and in fact has been banned from the studio due to him misleading the artists whom he signs and records. We were warned by the producer at the studio and two sound engineers that metzgar was a scammer and often lied to the artists about their singing ability and or their career sky rocketing as soon as the album is released. Metzgar promised to have cd's done including all graphic design etc but did nothing. We did it all. He did ask that he get a cut of sales but the album, according to radio, is nothing more than a glorified demo album and not worthy of radio. He had a videographer but he quit due to not being paid although Metzgar was getting money from the artists to pay for the video;s. His administrative staff quit after he stole over 30K from her after he approached her for a short term loan with no contract signed and based purely on a handshake. He then accused her of stealing from him when she called him on it. She witnessed him misleading people many times. He is currently working out of a hotel room as he has received threats and creditors are after him. I have had many artists contact me to see if he is as good as he seems and I have told him to run not walk as fast as they can away from this scammer. I would have responded sooner but I didn't see this post. My advice: Robert Metzgar is a scammer who will say and do whatever he need s to in order to line his own pockets. His contract meant nothing because it was completely fake. Thanks for the post and I hope this will sway others from dealing with him. In 2006 after waiting for the cd to be finished producing in NY, Metzgar said he had cancer and was given only months to live. Today he is still alive and well and even has his own facebook page. He is still saying artists are charting on charts which do not exist so he is still up to his old ways. Stay away from him.
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N  27th of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
Thank you so much for coming forward and revealing the truth about this crook. I have been trying to obtain certain information from Metzgar for over a year now. I have not hired a lawyer but have consulted with one who adviced me to try to settle this out of court. Which is what I have been doing during this past year. He has not made it easy. I never threatened to sue him. I have only been asking for info. I filed an official complaint with the chamber of commerce and now Metzgar is intimidating me and threatening to sue me for harrassment which is completely false. He has even played the cancer patient card for sympathy. If anybody knows if Metzgar ever had an actual accountant working him dating all the way to 20 years please let me know if and how I might be able to contact that person. I know Metzgar has had many lawsuits and complaints filed against him. If anybody knows or honeslty believes he will be going out of business or no longer be able to run his business due to all his fraud I would appreciate any of that information due to the fact that I am all tapped financially as far as hiring an attorney for something I will probably never be able to obtain from Metzgar anyway. I will happily be able to let this go If I know Metzgar is no longer doing wrong to others.
D  14th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
This is unfounded and written by someone that didnt get what they wanted to they threw a tantrum. Anyone can say anything they want about anyone this does not make it true. If all these other sare so readily avaialbale to tell this ONE person all this horrible stuff about Robert then why are they not on here backing him up? Also, Why is Dolly Parton Studios and the #1 top Music Lawyer in the industry so close a hand to laugh at this posting? I have known robert for 10+ yearsand seen him turn away artist because they just arent good enough. This is a person that was disappointed with the results of what he Music Industry can do NOT what Robert can do. He works hard, and honest, BUT he is not perfect and maybe whoever your artist was just could not cut it. Maybe they refused to do waht it took to get to the big prize. I can come up with alot of stories about you also even though we never met. This will not make them true and those who base thier judgement on this 1 posting of 1 unproven unhappy individual...frankly if your mind is that shallow...I dont want My Friend Robert to deal with you anyway. Its bad for business. The lying poster above with the personality defect, and attempt to hurt another with unfounded statements Obviously doesnt deserve what Robert has done for so many. 1 out of Thousands...Hey he's only human. Let his awards and Friends and music Family speak for it self. This is Cybor Bullying and no less. Just a load of crap from a bad person. Look into the Credible Record Of Robert Metzgar...not some random review by a lunitic.
N  24th of Jul, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Musics Friend Hey Robert & or "damage control". It is true. Robert Metzgar is a Scamming dirtbag. As tainted as it gets. Some of us that trusted him early on & learned the hard way, are doing well for ourselves now with credible people in the business & we're coming back to get what's ours or at the least show the [censor] you are to everyone & make sure your legacy is exactly what it is. The beauty of Social media is the reach some of us have now. Hoping you're still alive, so I can plaster your face as the poster for new Musicians in the business to never waste their time & hard earned money on.
D  14th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
WOW? Where'd this come from? I am bothered by the above complaint. What Robert Metzgar are you speaking of? I have been close friends with Robert Metzgar of Capitol Management for most my life and Im in my 50's. I admit he is not perfect, NO ONE IS but he's a good man. He is honest to turn away an artist that just isnt good enough...I have seen MANY MANY walk out in tears. Not that he is heartless and mean, but the claim he will sign ANYONE? I call BS to that one!!! These "studios" you speak of...possibly thier work was not good and they faltered on a contract? So why would they be the ones to automatically be blieved to be "honest". If the product he produced was "bad demo" quality then possibly the scenerio went like this: Studio sucked, Robert Dropped them and now they are pissed. If ANY of these statements are true then as the above response stated...where are ALL these people that are so unhappy with him? And his Numerous Huge Awarded Credibility? How can so many others that are at the top of the industry be SO BLIND, SO WRONG? Yeah, Roberts a human alright. Im sure he has made some mistakes along the way, Im sure he hasnt been able to please EVERYONE. Look in the mirror, point your finger at him then look down at your hand...you got 3 pointing right back at you! Count the successes against the negative "review" noted here - just 1, oh yeah and the guy under it. Im sorry your angry and I hope you can resolve whatever issues you might have. But As the above defender stated 2 out of Thousands and Countless Hi Esteemed Public Awards speak much louder than these unproven ramblings of a pissed off customer. Remember Robert IS a Public Figure...CHECK THE FACTS FOLKS not the tabloid hype.
A  13th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
I was asked to be on TV program called Nashville Starseek. It was like todays American Idol but wasn't legit. I was to be given guidance by a record producer after my performance. It turned out to be Robert Metzgar. He offered me a contract on the spot. Being young and buying into his momma and daddy are so proud of him and how religious he was I signed on. It cost me almost $2000.00. I should have known better than to pay someone who thought I was so good but again I was young and internet searching for scammers wasn't a big thing back then so it goes. I began to feel like I might be in a scam when i went to Nashville to record. The producer of my cassette back then (lol) was legit (i've done my research on him). After I sang my first song and came out of the booth he said, "wow they finally sent one that can sing!" That was my first uhhh ohhhh somethings off. I then was sent a package saying i was up for all kinds of awards for song of the year, female artist of the year...blah blah blah. After buying gown, tux, hotel stay, and getting to the big event i started to notice that those who you bought tickets to get in to the event, videos of the event, programs of the event from were all people that were at the original program I sang on Nashville Starseek. It was all one big scam. One of the songs i was nominated for was sung by another artist on stage and she was up for the same award for it. LMBO!!! I had purchased the video of the night because I wanted evidence if I needed it. He was too good of a scammer for that. I was told the video man had an issue and they didn't turn out and the money was non-refundable. So I hopped in my car in Ohio and drove my happy butt to Nashville, TN and sat in his office all day and wasn't leaving until i got my $20.00 back. LOL..and yes indeed he finally agreed to give it to me. He didn't come to the office to face me his poor sweet secretary had to deal with me and hand me a $20.00 bill. I washed my hands of his label and the music industry. It's a shame how many dreams he's shattered. I still sing for corporate events, wedding, etc.so he didn't steal my song in my heart. Please do your research and I'm glad to see he still has friends or people who are in on his games to post the loving posts on here. One day he will meet his maker and if his parents are indeed the saints he played them up to be and are in heaven he wont be seeing them based on what my bible tells me. Good luck with your soul...I have forgiven you and your greed. I hope this helps anyone considering dealing with him.
A  1st of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
robert metzger recorded my songs on six different artists and not only did i not get one cent for the cd's, but he never even told me they had been recorded. also worse, he never even sent me a cd on any of the artsists that used my song. i contacted several on the internet and some of them sent me cd's with my song on it, and that is all i got. and worse yet when these artist posted lyrics to the songs they never even listed me and my cowriter with the lyric. what a bunch of crap. suzanne ravgiala
A  3rd of Dec, 2014 by    0 Votes
Wow...we were told he had brain cancer and this was in 2007. Yes, it's truly unfortunate that people can do harm to other people. My son-in-law, (Aron Dees), also fell for his dishonesty and gave money for help that he did not get! LOL...he deserves what is happening to him. For those of you that have known this man for years...apparently didn't really know this man!

From: Capitolmgt@aol.com [mailto:Capitolmgt@aol.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 11:25 AM
To: Wyoldy4@aol.com
Subject: Re: (no subject)

Thank you for your interest in our Grammy award winning company. For 35 years, Capitol Management Group has produced and managed some of the world's greatest artists. Please send your demo, pictures and any other information such as your myspace page and we'll review your submission and get back to you as soon as possible.

Here are links to our business:
www.platinumplusuniversal.com www.capitolmanagement.com

Robert Metzgar, GM
Capitol Management Group
1214 16th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212-2902
800-7674984 (toll free)
615-321-0600 (wk)
615-321-0182 (fax)
Email Robert Metzgar
A  3rd of Dec, 2014 by    0 Votes
Aron Dees bought the right to a song, "I'll Have it With You"...great song, but he never got the rights to the song. However, they recorded Aron singing the song in the studio.
A  3rd of Dec, 2014 by    0 Votes
From: Robertmetzgar@aol.com
To: aron@arondees.com
Sent: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 21:38:14 EDT
Subject: RE: your music career

Dear Aron:

I have listened to your current album and gotten up to speed on your music.
My suggestion to you is this. When your record contract is over with the
indie label in MS, I would like to move you to Platinum Plus Universal here in
Nashville. At that level you would remain for 2-3 years until I could move
you to Universal proper in Los Angeles or to our sister label at Warner

Everyone in our office is retired from Universal Records. Charles E Fach,
Jr. ran Universal in New York for 26 years and works out of our office in
Nashville now. I would like to personally meet you when it is convenient for you
and get better acquainted and put together a plan to get this done in 2008.
If we signed you at one of the four majors today, you wouldn't have product
out on a major for 3 years. So, you are going to need to be with a
development label that has a direct upstreaming relationship so your career stays hot.

I am sure that we can help you move to the next level.

Respectfully yours,

Here are links to our business
_www.platinumplusuniversal.com_ (http://www.platinumplusuniversal.com/)
_www.robertmetzgar.com_ (http://www.robertmetzgar.com/)
_www.capitolmanagement.com_ (http://www.capitolmanagement.com/)

Robert Metzgar, GM
Capitol Management Group
1214 16th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212-2902
800-767-4984 (toll free)
615-321-0600 (wk)
615-321-0182 (fax)
_E-mail Robert_ (mailto:robert@capitolmanagement.com)

For those who prefer to use your myspace account, here is our site:
_http://www.myspace.com/robertmetzgar_ (http://www.myspace.com/robertmetzgar)
D  7th of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
I have known Robert since 1998
He helped me produce three of the first songs on my Glitter for Gold Album, He did everythingv he said he would, the Musicians I didnt even know until afterwards they were and are the biggest and most desired studio musicians in Nashville. Yet they becked me up on my album. If I had had the money then I wouldve done a whole album with Robert and Capitol, management. I have never had abyine say that the work on the album was shotty, as a matter of fact absolutely the opposite.
Maybe the people being the crooks are not those who have a history such as those in nashville.
It is not uncommon for people to be required to lay out their album graphics and pass them on to others to finalize the work, after all its your work, it represents you not any agency in particular.
All business men can be ruthless, and business men in Nashville are nothing different . If your talented enough to do the business of an artist then, and do not have the same ruthlessness about you, you will get chewed up and spit out anywhere . Now as far as living in Canada, well thats a whole nother ball of wax altogether, what do you expect, you hail from a different country, you have to do business in Cananda as well as we here in America have to do business with America. Nothing in that statement, if someone in the busioness says you have to do things according to your countries rules than maybe you should do those "legal " things and then make your moves to the US. Sounds perfectly reasonable.
When ever I called Robert he always had time for me, no matter what he was doing, even when he was interviewing a well know artist in Nashville, he made him wait outside and gave me his undivided attention, when he and i had ceased to business uyears prior to that . Say all you want but Robert was a good man and yes he did sign his Conracts, i know because I have one signed by him .
And Robert did have Cancer he passed away last year from complications with that same cancer. So not a liar, not a scammer, and good man period, end of story. Call those musicians and the final product not worth anything, maybe it wasnt the musicians but the artist product that was not up to par ...
N  8th of Jan, 2015 by    +1 Votes
Robert Metzgar is a horrific scammer to the music industry and a disgrace to mankind!! He has taken money from my son, my family and cannot be trusted!! He deserves what he has gotten and I pray he gets what is coming to him for the many families he has destroyed!! Robert Metzkar!!! You cheat, liar, scammer, lowlife, you don't deserve to be called a man!!! I hope you rot in HELL!!!
N  9th of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
I have had the opportunity to meet all kinds of people who "claimed" to be the cats meow when it came thinking tghey had what it took to be in the music business, but I tell you. If everyone does their research they will find out that a person does not just march into Nashville and become the stars they think they are . Even if you have the talent, when you get signed to a major label, what do you think they are going to do . They are a glorified loan company with a name attached to them and thats all. They put money upfront on your behalf, and once they do that, they own you. And after you have done your bidding for them they still own what you and your talent, They front money to produce your album, those studio musicians dont do their work for free you know, it costs the big money. Then they spend millions of dollars on publishing you . making touring arrangements, putting a band together for you, a tour bus. All of that is not gifts from a record label . And i promise you they will recoup their money First .
So all these people saying that Robert took them, and tore up families, is just a load of garbage. If the families had done their research they wouldve found that you dont get something for nothing. And Robert was in the business of making money as any recording label is, or anyone in any business is . If you got turned down then it wasnt meant to be to begin with. And if families could not handle what happened then they didnt plan for the unexpected, and that blame lies soley with the individuals who had the issues between themselves, the old saying "dont put all of your eggs in one basket " is what comes to mind. If your son recieved a product and paid for that product then Robert and his business did its job.
And disgusted12 although you have the right to your opinions, be extremely careful of those whom you throw damnation on as it may come back against you .
As a note to anyone who wants to attempt to get into the music industry take this into consideration, becoming a country star is tantamount to the major league baseball teams looking for their players. They are looking for the best bang for their bucks.
N  10th of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
LOLOLOL...garbage is Robert is still alive!! Now, that's funny that someone would insist that he is no longer living. Now, that's a great friendship you have there!
A  11th of Apr, 2016 by    +1 Votes
I agree that Robert is a scammer!!! I was doing up an album with him and my ex-partner when he did nothing but lie to me about the whole thing. He took $80, 000 from us to make a album... He then later got more money out of us saying that Jack Daniels was going to sponsor us which never was true to begin with. He told us in 2007 that he had been mugged and beaten up and his kidneys were failing him. I think this person is useless and should never be allowed to ever say that he is a musician a producer or a manager. I quit shortly after all the lies came out. The ex partner who has is known James paycheck... Is really Marvin mcphail from Canada. The both of them went around telling everybody that James AKA Marvin was Johnny paycheck's child. So I do know first-hand that this man is a scammer a liar and useless to anybody who really wants to have anything to do with music. I really hope that Karma comes around and gets the both of them. Also before I finish off... Both Marvin and Robert had told people in the states the reason why I was out of the band is because I had cancer. Now that is beyond false I do not and pray I never have it. But those two are big liars and scammers that's all I can say.
N  2nd of Mar, 2017 by    0 Votes
I havel not seen Robert since my late husband Allen died but I know he loves music and told me it is spelled MONEY.I want Nashville and all these wanna be musicians if you dont have it u dont make it. He knew talent and I will be a witness .I don't think whiners know when talent is good and Robert and Charlie and Allen told them.Do not complain but find a job doing something else! I know I lived with one of the best sax player from New Orleans till he died in 2013.
N  22nd of May, 2017 by    0 Votes
In 2004 Robert Metzgar met a band from Fort Wayne, IN called Jacob's Well. Robert was very impressed by what he heard and asked if we were interested in being represented. We talked about it and said we would get back with him. We met with him again and we talked about what direction and future he saw for the band. He stated he was already working on a UK Tour and wanted Jacob's Well on it. We wouldn't have to quit our day jobs but would need to use our vacation time to make this work. He also said that he had already been talking to Universal Records about us too. Universal said let’s see how they do on tour and we'll talk again. There were 2 guys in the band that could not commit to the tour. Honestly, they were afraid of success but that wasn't Mr. Metzgar's fault. No money has exchanged hands. Because we were not able to do what was planned, Mr Metzgar basically said you guys really messed up and he was done with us.
In 2006 I personally reached out and apologized for the 2 guys and said they were no longer in the band. Mr. Metzgar made an exception and decided to work with us again. He helped produce our project called "Who Is This..." out of Tom T Hall's Recording Studio, Chelsea in Brentwood, TN. Chris Johnson of Universal Studios Mastered the project and Robert Metzgar made arrangements with us to sit down with Universal Records. Universal made us an offer and 1 guy said it wasn't enough. Universal basically stated they did this as a favor to Mr. Metzgar and because they liked us. However, we were unknown and it was a risk on their part. Needless to say, we didn't sign…
Robert Metzgar not only invested his time and resources, he actually invested in our studio time too.
What I can tell you is that Robert Metzgar made good on his promises with us. I am sorry that something went wrong at some point in his life and he started taking advantage of people. That was not the case with www.JacobsWellBand.com (19yrs Strong) as of May 15, 1998.

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