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on March 29 I got my car toad to the dealership thinking it was the best place to make sure my car was going to get fixed correctly. I paid $1832.76 on March 30 and Darrell said that the only thing that needed to be fixed was the air conditioner and I can worry about that in June or July. I went to Les Schwab spent $210 on 2 new tires for my car, and drove about 5 miles and the STOP: Check Engine Press light came back on, so at 8am I called Larson and Darrell said "bring it back in" two days later on April 2, 2010 I get a call from Darrel saying that my oil pressure dropped and I might need an oil pump $1800 or a new engine $8000. I would have sent the car to the junk yard instead of paid $1800 on a car I still can't drive... thats a down payment. The sad thing is I found out today that 5 people I know got jipped by Larson... I might as well went to an outside mechanic, i wouldn't have gotten charged over 1, 000 for labor.

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  • Pa
      6th of Jul, 2010

    I agree Robert Larson VW is nothing but a TYPICAL Slimy car dealer. Especially WOMEN beware they prey on women, married or not if you come alone it’s like being in the lion’s den. I have never been taken such advantage of like I was at this dealership. Sure they make you feel comfortable as they are ripping you off; all the while they are telling you what a good deal you are getting and how much money you are saving. You don’t even know what happened until you signed the paperwork. And to top it off I was ripped off by the owners son himself, so that tells you where the leadership of the business is and its telling all its staff to rob you blind. And the sad thing was I had my children with me and every salesman knew what was going on and EVERY SINGLE one of them let it happen. If even one person sees this it was worth my time.

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