Right to bare legs / Cancelled Order; shipped anyway; charge me $31.96 S/H for 2 small tubes of cream

1 500 Returns Road, Wallingford, CT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 973-287-5164

In May, I ordered 2 tubes of the tan cream. They kept me on the phone forever, trying to sell me other products. I got very frustrated and angry, so I cancelled the order. They shipped it anyway. I refused the package and had the post office send it back unopened. I have been refunded for the prodcuct ($34 plus). However, they are charging me $31.96 for S/H!! For 2 small tubes of cream! When you email them a complaint, they give you the phone #. Then you get to talk to someone in another country, who doesn't understand you & vice-versa. They refuse to refund the $31.96, even though I cancelled the order! That seems like a very high S/H fee for 2 small tubes of cream. They charge $7.99 s/h per tube, even though they are sent in the same small envelope! What a rip-off!!

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