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1 Glasgow, KY, Schotland
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I am so sorry to hear these stories. My story is the same. February 1 2014 we hired a car from Right Cars in Glasgow. I was surprised that we had to pay the deposit GBP 350 immediately. I used my debit card to pay the deposit. Now, 28 February, we still don't have our money back. They made up a fake digit code and told us that the deposit has been refunded to this account number. And they also told us it might take 14 days... which already passed. They also told us many times that they will investigate it with their financial department. I feel so stupid that I did not Google this company before I made a car reservation. But we don't want to get this company to get away with this. Did anyone of you got your money back by now of filed a lawsuit against them?

Feb 28, 2014

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