Right Cars / bad service and no response to complaints

Good Day Barend,

Kindly see the attached fine received for the license disc being expired.

Kindly see the attached license disc as well, the disc expired on 31 May 2018 and we took delivery of the vehicle on 15 June 2018.

I also paid close to R4000.00 for this to be done by the dealership, we went there at least twice specifically to collect it and were told it was not ready, my husband and I both phoned and asked for it as well.

I had paid for this service to be done and then I had to follow up as the service was not being done, when both my husband and I spoke with the sales guy he informed us that it is your job not his as he is just a sales guy. Yet when I called you I was then informed that it's the sales persons job not your job however I had approached you as you are the principal dealer / manager and I was getting now where with the sales guy. The sales guy even said to my husband that he was willing to cover the costs of the fine and the license disc 50% and my husband must pay the other 50%

Why would I pay 50% when I have already paid almost R4000.00 for this service?

As a customer who has just spent a huge sum of money with your dealership, I do not care whose job it is or is not, I have paid for a service and it is the manager of the dealerships job to ensure the employees under him are performing their duties not the clients job.

I expect the dealership to pay this fine in full as this service was not done properly and in a timeously manner by the dealership which resulted in this fine being received.

Jul 25, 2018

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