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i am not interested in entering into schoolyard slanging matches over this but i do suspect the person who wrote the above is a member of the my family and is doing so to attempt to hide the child sex crime of richard adcock forster. The person who wrote the above insists on seeing proof that there is a child sex offence commited by richard adcock forster please see attatched photographs on of which is an email sent from durham constabulary to sunday people journalist marcello mega and is freely available throughout the internet and within the public domain.also i was there i saw him taken away by police as did the rest of my family. the writer also states that richard adcock forsters husband robert adcock forster is not and has never been a county councillor, please see the other photo i have attatched which is a screen shot of murton district councils webpage as of todays date.this confirms he is a serving district county councillor. the burning question which comes to my mind is this, it would be completely nieve to think that this councillor does not know of his husbands past involvement with the police involving a child sex crime. shockingly, not only does he seem to condone this by attempting to mislead the press into the belief that there was no crime but moreover he is also a business partner of richard adcock forster the business name being r and r entertainment. this business openly advertises for children as customers in piano lessons, sing lessons etc. given the very obvious proof to richard adcock forsters past this seems very dangerous activity for a counillor in a position of responsibilty.let me point out uk governments own statistics on ricidify {sex offenders who re offend} the percentage of sex offenders who reoffend is very high. so what must be asked is this, what about the safety of children left un chaperoned with richard adcock forster. let me congradulate you on every post you write on the net bringing richard adcock forster more into the public eye through google spidering

Richard Adcock Forster
Richard Adcock Forster

Sep 03, 2016

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      Sep 07, 2016

    richard adcock forster

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  •   Sep 13, 2016

    The facts arnt there. This so called conviction they portray as as an adult. Prove when it happened. How old was he when this occurred?

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