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I received a charge on my checking account today and I called the costumer service phone number at [protected] and was on hold for about 20 minutes. Then the man that I spoke with stated to me, the reason the company charged my account $88.95 was for the free trail bottle because you have to cancel within the 14 days, then I would have not been charged. Then I stated to him that I could not take the product and would like a refund and he stated that I would not be refunded that money that was taken out of myaccount because did not call and cancel within that 14 days. So I'm been charged for a bottle of pills that I can not take. This is a bunch of ###.

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      Oct 05, 2009

    Flossie, and all others that this happened to! The same thing happened to me with the ResV clear trails. I paid $4.95 each for shipping fees because I THOUGHT I was getting a free trail. They sent it out on Sept 14th and I got it about a week or so later. I think I received it on September 22nd. I NEVER saw where it said you can try this for 14 days, if not satisfied contact us and you wont be charged full price. I only tried it because of all the reviews that said "What do you have to lose except for some wrinkles" ect...
    I checked my credit card statement and they took $83.75 on Oct 1st. They don't even give you even time to see if the product works and then they are charging you $85.00+ for products that don't even work!!
    I know we are not the only two people this has happened to. I say we bond together and write waht happened to us on every site we can think of and warn other people what is going to happen to their credit card/bank accounts for ordering this product. I say it is FRAUD!!
    Maybe if we do this it will force them to give us "and all the others its happened to" our money back AND for them to put all of this information in BIG letters so this doesn't happen to even more people. With the way the economy is: Who cant afford this? I am going to start with CNN because from what I saw they are indorsing this product!
    Please e-mail me about this subject.

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