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This is not a legitimate company. The people who actually transcribe and caption the work have to contact the same customer service email that customers have to use.

There are numerous complaints from captioners and transcribers stating that they were fired with unjust cause and for false reasons.

The company pays way below minimum wage, which is illegal.

Customers complain by the droves. Do not trust Yelp. Unsatisfied customers try to warn others on there, and Yelp does not publish their reviews.

Do not trust Glassdoor. Glassdoor helps Rev to coverup all of their bad reviews.

Rev erased all of their bad reviews from their facebook page.

Do not deal with this company. Don't waste your time.

  • Updated by User3289, Mar 07, 2017

    Rev or is a total scam! Do not do business with these people! Look at their BBB reviews! All of the other sites about them have paid fake reviews!

    Read their negative but true reviews! They treat their workers like they are slaves. The quality of the work they produce is poor, not surprisingly so, considering that this company has zero communication skills and abuses its workers!

Mar 07, 2017
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  • Us
      Mar 08, 2017

    I agree with pretty much all of this. I don't think they are exactly a "scam, " but you're right. Pay is far below minimum wage most of the time, which might not be illegal (because we are independent contractors) but it is most definitely immoral and unethical to deliberately pay your workforce what amounts to slave wages of what often works out to be $4 an hour (or less).

    We workers have to contact the same email as the customers.

    Accounts can be closed without warning and without recourse even if you have met or exceeded all the required performance metrics up to that point..

    Customers and potential customers who are reading this: If you have no conscience, then maybe doing business with a company that pays its workers only a fraction of the federal minimum wage is fine. However, if you have a conscience, do business with a company that treats its workers fairly, doesn't exploit them and pays them adequately. This is not a place that does that.

    If you doubt what is being said here, Google " scam, " and you will find many similar complaints from multiple different workers and former workers on many different sites. It's the same story: Low pay and unfair treatment.

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  • Jo
      May 17, 2018 is an AWESOME company! They have outstanding customer service, fair pricing, and a great program to easily put video closed caption on your videos as well as much more! I would highly recommend them to anyone!!! Anyone complaining about them is most likely unreasonable or unfair! Keep up the great work!

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