Resprop Estates / Worse behaviour ever

I have never in my life experienced such rude, unproffesional, inhumane and barbaric behaviour from any one. RESPROP has indeed the most unprofessional and rude staff imaginable. Since renting from since 2008 my family and I experienced one bad attitude after the other. Each time we would ignore it as we thought thats how things are being done in Pta. ( from Cape Town) My husband lost his job a few months ago but yet I managed to pay rent on time. The one month we defaulted all hell broke loose yet again, My family has been threatened and insulted and finaly the electricity was disconnected due the default on the rent. This is completetly against the law. I contacted the Rental Tribunal to lodge a complaint ( still ongoing) Ronnie still had the nerve to say the law will not protect us. I was so shocked and tried to call him He just dropped the phone.I burst out crying out of sheer frustration because if we cannot speak to the manager of the office to make arrangements who else would help from Resprop.NO ONE!!! We are moving out soon but not soon enough but sadly we enjoyed the flat but will not be treated in such a manner in a ' fair' and liberated South Africa.

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