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Resort Realty Group AKA.. RRG Marketing / Owner: KEVIN BUTLER is a FRAUD

1 Ormond Beach, FL, United States

Kevin Butler runs and operates RRG Marketing (Resort Realty Group). He is a FRAUD and a FELON! If anyone gets a call from this company, please hang up immediately, and call the DA or the Florida's Attorney General. He is operating illegally. He has no "office" or "showrooms". He has loser, drug addicts call out of their homes and steal money from innocent people. He tells customers that his name is "Mr. Mitchell" OR "Kevin Mitchell". This guy is bad news! He needs to be put in jail... AGAIN! Check out this link... this is his arrest report and his mugshots of ALL the times this guy has been in jail.

His "office" is just a mail store where mail gets delivered to a P.O. Box! Whoever gives him and his company their money, they will never see it again... TRUST ME!! Out of all of the timeshare resale scam companies, his is the worst. Atleast these other companies actually have an office; his people operate out of their homes. They can tell you all they want that they are from other states... BS!! They are using the telephone service Vonage to call everyone, because with Vonage, you can choose any number you want as your phone number. So you can be calling from FL, but have a California area code number, and make people believe that you are really calling from CA. It's a huge scam! There is also another "Bad Seed" working for him, Debra Laughrey. She is almost as bad as Kevin. In and out of jail. Used to have her own company, Superior Marketing, who got shut down in months, stole thousands from people. She is actually a fugitive, she has a warrant out for her arrest. Please don't deal w this company and ESPECIALLY Kevin!! He and anyone who works for him will tell you every line in the book to get you to believe him, PLEASE DON'T! We need to get together, and put this fraud away for good!!

Resort Realty Group AKA.. RRG Marketing

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