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This company sent me a notice stating that I owe a radiology service provider 100 dollars so they are charging me interest and I have to pay up else they threatened they will report me to a credit agency etc. I called up the providers office and they said they see nothing pending. Absolutely nothing! I also called up my insurance companies and they confimed that had no pending claims from the provider listed on this notice. In fact, there was no service on the said date at the date the notice mentioned. After doing my due diligence, found out I was being harassed for no reason. I called them, but they never provided
1. An itemized copy of the associated bill to this claim
2. Service records from the provider’s office that you claim I have a debt to
3. Verification of debt
4. Copy of judgment
and kept disturbing me. This issue is still open and I am contemplating suing them for harassment if they call me again without any legal proof of debt.

Mar 21, 2013
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  •   Mar 21, 2013

    Send them a validation request stating that you are disputing the entire alleged 'debt'. At the top of the letter put "Validation Request - Second Attempt". Ask for two pieces of information 1. Proof that the debt is valid, and 2. Proof that Renton Collections, Inc has legal standing to be demanding a penny from you. Do NOT sign the letter (your signature can suddenly appear on promissory notes, etc, making your fight much harder) either fax the letter (keeping a copy of the letter and proof that is was sent successfully), or send it via certified mail with return receipt requested. Usually, asking for 'proof of legal standing' is enough to get them to back off. If they ignore your request, goto, a consumer advocate attorney group, and select an attorney from your area, contact them, and see what they can do to help you out. Many of these attorneys have a free consultation.

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  • An
      Jun 16, 2014

    I recieved a bill from this company for $33.33, it was an original debt of 8.91. I contacting the collection company in regards to this debt, i was told that i needed to pay it i asked the collector who the creditor was and she stated RADIA INC. PS i asked her if there was a number that i can contact them on and she stated that they don't give out that info and that the debt was turned over and that i would be wasting my time contacting them that they wont even talk to me.. she told me i HAD to pay the debt again i stated i have no out of pocket expenses per insurance because they pay out 100%, I told her i would only pay if i actually owed it then she got nasty and i hung up. I Googled the company and did call and did talk to a financial specialist and she stated the debt was paid in full by insurance that they had sent it to collection before receiving the insurance money, they were looking into removing it ... i contacted the collection agency again and got a really nice collector and told her what was going on and she stated the debt was cancelled on May 27, 2014... meaning it isn't in the system since the insurance paid it in full... So if my debt was cancelled on may 27th 2014 why did the first collector tell me i had to pay it and got nasty with me and told me i couldn't talk to the original creditor? I will be filing a formal complaint with Washington Dept. of finance. I believe some one broke a few laws here...

    Here is who you contact in regards to this collection agency per complaints, if you do get a rude collector and you ask who the original debtor is and they don't comply, you hang up and you write a certified letter to the collection agency asking them to not call you any more per such and such number put your cell your work, state in that letter that you would like a copy of the original debt, they have to produce it, if they don't have it they have to remove it from your credit report and also state that all correspondence will now be done in writing. Make it certified so you have a signature.……

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