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Rent a Center / defamation of caricature in front of employees and customers

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when in today with my girlfriend to get appliances and furniture for our new hose as we just moved in to the area (my home state) while we were waiting for them to check references and job info the manger yelled out at me while standing at the counter your putting up red flags as some one who is going to steal something from my store i then said your kidding me right? i got the response i have already had 3 that are behind bars and don't mind doing it again...this from us looking at what we wanted to buy and was deciding on buying more never once did he say he was joking nor did he say he was sorry for yelling that out from his office in front of customers and the other employees as that not only was rude, insulting, was also against the law even if he did suspect me of being someone like that...i will be talking to my attorneys as i am starting my business back up in this town and it defiled my creditability with those customers when he didn't even know if i was someone like that ...oh and i might add i have never even had a parking ticket in my life as i grew up around law enforcement from the day i was born...oh and he also asked me 2 times if i was ever employed with Rent a center to witch i replied no but then again i wasn't applying for a job there so why was i even asked that?

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  • Th
      4th of Apr, 2012

    You should sue them for "Defamation of caricature". That'll teach them.

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  • Ja
      9th of Apr, 2012

    Hi - I work at RAC and I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with one of our coworkers in Alabama. We strive to always provide our customers with a respectful, worry-free experience. Please contact our Customer Care line at 1-800-422-8186 so that we can address the issue.

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