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My name is michael blehein, I run an international Removal company based in Co Kildare, Ireland. We have for the past two years, assisted the removal group with there irish relocations, we have for the past two days searched the internet to see if there were any complaints about us. We have found not one, but what we have found is several dozen complaints about the removal group. We too have had our share of problems but some to be fair have been sorted to the best of there capability. Others have been shoved under the carpet. Chris seems to think it'll all go away, but it wont. Were in the process of being sued due to a job which we gave them to forward to Austraila and Singapore Both jobs took both six and twelve and six months to arrive. Please feel free to email me for advise. There are good and bad in all walks of life, PS please make sure any removal company whether it be a agency or any form of company that they have a haulage license, tax clearance cert and be a member of a removal organization. These are a legal obligation and if you don't check your goods could be confiscated while in transport to your new address,
my email address is

Michael Blehein.

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      15th of Oct, 2008
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    Don't use The Removal Group until you have read this - especially if you are moving abroad:

    Right from the Managing Director downwards, this company is riddled with unhelpful and/or unreliable staff who seem very professional when they are trying to get your custom but once they have got you their treatment changes to that of a none-caring, bullying bunch of cowboys. Here are just a few complaints and criticisms I have with them.

    * They do not deliver your goods - they offload the actual jobs to removal companies from all over the country. In fact they sometimes offload the collection/delivery to small family run businesses that, as proved in our case, could turn out to be unreliable and/or untrustworthy.

    * They charge almost twice as much as some firms based abroad that actually do the whole job themselves.

    * Despite all the promises on their wonderful website, they did not make an inventory of our belongings even though we ourselves prepared a list for them (which they didn’t use).

    * They did not check out the firm that they offloaded our removals to. It was taken out to Spain in a small transit type van towing a trailer like a horsebox. There was only the driver who had to do all the driving, lifting and carrying all by himself – and some of our items, such as the three piece suite were very bulky and very heavy i.e. far too much for one man to lift and carry carefully.

    * We were billed for approx ten cubic metres more than we were told when our goods were collected.

    * We had an agreement to pay the final payment (approx £1, 300) by cheque. They didn’t keep to it and, despite my protestations, forced us to transfer the money to them, at extremely short notice, from our Spanish bank account. Our goods never arrived as the transfer obviously didn’t have time too clear!

    * They then said, because we hadn’t paid the final payment, that they had taken our goods back to the UK – and demanded another £1, 000 to have them brought out again.

    * At first, because of our agreement, we refused to pay any more money - we had already paid more than we should have and it was clearly their ###-up not ours! After approx eight weeks my wife was so distressed that we finally cracked and decided to pay them the extra money….THEN…..when it arrived it was delivered by a local firm (based not three miles from our new home) who told us that it had been in their warehouse the whole time i.e. it had never gone back to the UK at all!!!

    * Our leather three-piece suite arrived with scuffmarks and oil stains all over it. Many boxes arrived badly squashed – thank goodness we had packed all our breakables ourselves in acres of bubble wrap or God only knows how much stuff might have been ruined.

    * When I contacted The Removal Group to complain I was fobbed off time and time again by staff at all levels who seemed either incapable of realising, or just didn’t care, how serious my complaint was. I was told that the Managing Director (Mr David Winter) was away on holiday and I would have to await his return as he had not left anyone in charge in his absence (unbelievable!!).

    * Eventually, when Mr Winter returned, he promised to sort out all the problems but, despite reimbursing the money for the extra cubic capacity, that we never had, and the extra £1, 000 we had been bullied into paying, he has refused to pay any compensation for the atrocious service we received, for all the new goods and clothing we had to buy whilst they had been illegally kept from us, for all the costly phone calls from Spain to England and for all the stress and distress that they had so uncaringly put us through.

    * Then, when I continued to press for compensation I received a letter, via their solicitors, stating amongst other things that our removal charges had been refunded. This is an absolute lie as, even after the refund of certain moneys that we should never have had to pay, we still ended up paying over £2, 000 for the most abominable service and treatment that, quite honestly I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies.

    * All Mr Winter has done, apart from what I have already stated, is to say a very nicely worded “sorry” in an unsigned, e-mailed, letter! Now sorry covers a multitude of sins but, whilst it may calm the waters somewhat, in no way does it compensate me and my family for the way we have been treated, nor does it refund our out of pocket expenses!


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    but I wouldn't be surprised if the above is a site of the Company.

    For more reviews type "The Removal Group" in google. Make sure you use the quotation marks, and it will narrow down the search for you.

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