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I received a deposit in my ReliaCard account, made 3 purchases and a cash withdrawal with that money. Then, they took out that deposit because of an atm mistake that happened months prior and I thought was resolved. I had called because the ATM didn't give me my money, and I was instructed to call the bank that owned the ATM because that bank had submitted the charge to reliacard. I was also told I would get a paper in the mail if I needed to file a claim. So, I proceeded to go to the atm owner bank and file a claim. I received my money. I never filled out a paper for a claim through reliacard. Apparently I received funds from reliacard as well, but I never filed the claim and had no idea that it was not just a regular child support payment because it was the same amount as my child support payments always are. SO, I received money from them without knowing it was not a child support payment, but a pending deposit into my account because I made the call about the ATM. Anyway, so I got my child support payment this past week, made the purchases (all under $10 each), and then they take the money out (which is fine because I got the overpayment I didn't know about) BUT they then charged me $30 in overdraft fees for things I bought when I had money in my account! I called and they said they were willing to take off 1 of the $10 charges. I spoke to a manager then, and he was incredibly rude and treated me as if I was a criminal because I used the money that was deposited in my account. He claims I should have known, but I don't understand how when it was the same amount of money I always get when I get child support, AND because when I called them initially, the lady told me I'd have to fill out a form to file a claim. So, apparently because I was not informed by the lady in the first place on how they do things, I should have just *known* that they would at a random time deposit funds in my account? Yikes. He proceeded to interrupt, be very rude, and then told me that if I don't verify the source of funds I receive, then I run the risk of this happening. But the thing is, I have never received money on this card from any other place besides child support, so that seems ridiculous to call child support and verify that the money is in fact from them before using it. I just got scammed $30 for nothing besides swiping my card a few times for a total of $20 when I HAD money. I actually just checked my account prior to going to the store to verify this. They conveniently hopped that reversal charge before I made my purchases so that they could overdraft me. The thing is, if the guy would have been at all understanding and nice in the least, and been sympathetic with my situation, I could have handled it. BUT, he was a mean f'ing ### and I am just in shock that he is the supposed manager. I always thought customer service reps were supposed to be nice.

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      15th of Jun, 2016

    My partner had a similar charge to his card years ago while using Reliacard. I looked up US bank and Signma and found these two links. Someone should tell the media to investigate this!

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      15th of Jun, 2016
    reliacard - fraudulent charges
    United States

    I went to gas station and purchased about $20 worth of gas. When I got home I decided to check my balance on, and ive been charged $74. And I notice another charge for something ive never even heard of (signma). And there doesn't seem to be any way to contact an actual person.

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