Regina IceRacist and Skin Color Bigot

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Regina Ice (known also as Maria Iscusitu) who is from Bucharest, Romania must without a doubt definitely be considered a racist, a bigot, and a skin color prejudiced person. Regina Ice who happens to be an adult entertainer or adult actress is to be considered a racist bigot because of the fact that she is against those who are not white or not Caucasian. This especially holds true with those who are African-American males in particular.

It is sick, twisted, and evil to say the least and Regina Ice must be exposed as a racist, a bigot and a hateful racist skin color discriminator. Regardless of someone's color of skin all people are basically equal.

However racists like Regina Ice never see that. Therefore a formal complaint needs to be filed against them to expose them for who they are and for how wicked, deceitful, and evil they actually are as a bigot and a close-minded racist individual and person as a whole.

Feb 10, 2015
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      Mar 11, 2015

    Attention: the author (Regardless as to what transpires) does not and will not give his permission for there to be a resolution of this matter. Due to the actions of the individual in question that individual remains permanently condemned.

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      Nov 24, 2016
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    who the f.. k is the idiot who wrote this stupidity?

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