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Regency Beauty Institute / Not receiving hours work/attend

1 14133 East Highway 40, 64136Kansas City, MO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 816-350-0057 or 800-787-6456

I had an issue that accrued on Nov. 17, 2010 at Regency Beauty Institute in Independence Missouri Campus. I clocked in at 5:28 pm, I had a client for a haircut and hair color come in for appoint for 5:30pm. I started client at 5:45pm and finish client at 10:00pm. The reason why this accrued is due to another student in Dispense, had given me the wrong hair color and once the Instructor and I realized it, it was too late. The client had already been seating for 30-minutes with the wrong color applied to her new growth. She told me to continue the process, and if it does not come out correctly, then we will apply a toner on her to even the color out. Once, I waited for 30-minutes, I then pulled remaining hair from the new growth to the ends of her hair; and waited another 15-minutes. Once the 15 minutes was up, I rinsed out the color, it appeared that the new growth was a dark red color and did not match the rest of the client’s hair. She was not happy, at this time.
Instructor advised to go ahead and collect her money, because it was time to close out her register. To go ahead and began her hair cut. At this time, I’m already freaking out because the color did not come out correctly. I beginning cutting the clients hair at this it’s now 9:15 and all the other students or clocking out and leaving for the evening. I’m still there doing a haircut, I then got assists from Instructor with the hair cut. Once we finished the hair cut, it’s time to mix the toner to apply to the client’s hair. Instructor II is there also assisting me with mixing the color for the client. She advised me on the steps on applying the toner only to the new growth and only waiting 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes was up, I rinsed the color out of the client’s hair. I took the client over to my station, the color still did not come out correct. The client was not happy an Instructor advised to the client we can setup another appoint for correction in a few days, but the color should tone down after a few days. At this time, it’s almost 10:00pm. I beginning to blow dry the client’s hair, once finish the client is walked to the front.
I cleaned my station and gathered my things together, and then the lights are turned off. Instructor and I walked to the front doors, and then alarm was set. Instructor II went out of the back doors were her car was parked. I got to my car and then realize I forgot to clock out. I immediately called Campus Manager voice mail, “campus manager” to advise to her that I forgot to clock. It’s now 10:00pm. Also, that I was here with both instructors a Instructor and Instructor II I apologize.
When I returned to school, I noticed that my clock in punch was 5:28pm and showing 0.00 hours. I called Campus Manager the following day and she advised that there was nothing that could be done and that she will give Minnesota a call regarding this. I then got off the phone with her and immediately called my Advisor, to advise her of the situation, she didn’t even want to hear me out, and she basically stated there is nothing that could be done. I advised that I would like to speak to a supervisor regarding this Advisor advised that it will take 24 hours before a supervisor will return my call. She transfers me to Advisor Manager and I left her 3 messages through out that morning, regarding the situation. I was very upset; this issue accrued on Nov 23, 2010. I was so upset and have been under a lot of stress with this whole situation, with my health. It caused me pass out at work and carried away by ambulance. I then spoke to Advisor Manager which returned my phone on Dec. 3, 2010. She advised that she is aware of the situation, and know that I requested for a new advisor. She advised that she wish I would’ve spoken to her regarding this situation and that Campus Manager did not call and there was no record of her calling. She advised that I will have to setup an appeal to setup the letter and copies of documents... She forward me the information my email of appeal. I advised ok, so I advised that I will try to get both instructors to sign off on the letter stating I was there.
I didn’t understand why I have to setup an appeal, when they know I was there in the school. I wouldn’t be able to assist with a client if I wasn’t clocked in and have a charged ticket as well that me and instructor signed. They have cameras that show I was there, as well as my finger punch. They could also call both instructors to verify, and they have a recording voice mail of me calling, and leaving a massage on campus manager voice mail. Both instructors were there with me. I just don’t understand why they would put there student through all of the stress. I even pulled the school manual and it does not state in the manual that a student that forgets to clock out will not be able to receive the hours for the whole day. On page 17 in Missouri Student Catalog and Handbook it states:

Clocking In and Out
• Students much clock in and out at the beginning and end of each day, and at the beginning and end of lunch break.
• Students much remain in the building at all times while clocked in unless are on an assigned break, in which case they must remain on campus.
• Students who attend school without clocking in will not receive credit for the time attended, unless the failure to clock in was due to a Regency system failure or state law requires Regency to grant such credit. In the event the time clock is out of service, students must sing in and out using Regency’s manual time tracking procedures.
• Students who do not clock out as required are in violation of policy and are subject to appropriate discipline.

“In my case I clocked in and forgot to clock out. There could’ve been discipline action accrued, not my hours taken from me”. I do understand that the rules are the rules, and some students take advantage of the clocking in and out policy. That’s why the rule had to be enforced, but in my case I was there passed 9:15pm. Which I feel should be taking into consideration, and also there were two instructors. I’m not asking for time until 10:00pm just my time from 5:28pm-9:15pm.

I even was there passed 9:15pm which I still don’t even get my hours until 10:00pm. I understand that, I’m just requesting my hours for the time was there. I just would like this issue resolved as soon as possible, so I can finish the remaining of my school year at Regency Beauty with a positive mind and looking forward to becoming successful cosmetologist with a rewarding career. If you have any question or concerns I can be reached at the number listed above.

P.S. I also, went into the system to print of my clock in time for proof and at 5:28pm on Nov 17, 2010 and it is no longer showing in the system.

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