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According to agreement (warrant to act form), John Nalpon, director of Universal Debt Management Pte Ltd suppose to refund my money by 31 Dec'13 as he doesn't provide any service to me which was agreed in the contract. Since he failed his several commitments, I lodged a claim with Small claims Tribunal (SCT). But he never appeared at court for 2 times & the SCT gave an Order of Tribunal to refund my money by 21 Mar'14. But still he never refund my money until today despite SCT's order of tribunal. He never attending my calls or neither replying my SMS. He never respect court order also. I have no helping hand to recover my money from John Nalpon of Universal Debt Management Pte Ltd. So I'm looking for your advice & help. Please & kindly provide some help to recover my money. My advice to all of you that pl don't believe his nice words & finally he will cheat you only. Then you have run behind him to get back your money. So pl don't engage his services.

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    John Nalpon called me and agreed to refund fully before 05th Aug 2014. Based on his promise and I trusted him that he will refund fully by 05th Aug 2014. He came to this agreement that I must remove this posting immeditaly by today, so he will pay by installments and I also agreed to remove this posting. So please I request to remove this posting from this website. I also told him that, if he fails again to refund my money, I will be posting back again in this website. So he understand my situation and agreed to refund fully by 05 Aug'14. Thank you to Complaints board website for this service. Thank you, Best regards,

Apr 11, 2014
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  • Al
      2nd of Oct, 2014

    Have u receive yr full refund? I have similar experiences with Universal Debt Management with John. It is a real scam. Until now i did not get my refund until now.

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  • Ra
      17th of Nov, 2014

    Hello Alan,
    John Nalpon (Universal Debt Management) promised me that he will fully refund by 05 Aug 2014. But he only refund me $500. Still he owes me $1, 014 (addtional $14 is by Subordinate court order). He everytime says he is in overseas and gives excuses that he want to meet me before he refund my money. But several times he says the samething again and again, but never keep up his committments and promises. Just escaping by giving a days he doesn't reply to my SMS's also. Just ignoring...
    Then, also he is asking me to pay off to remove this URL from Google and then he will settle my balance amount of $1, 014. To remove this URL he suppose to bear that expenses. I posted this because he doesn't fulfill his committment. So it's a mistake of him. Then why should I bear due to his mistakes. So I'm again posting this complain that he will never keep up his promises...
    In the interest of public, I'm again posting this bad experiences with him.
    Dear public, please be cautioned...

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  • St
      19th of Dec, 2014

    John Nalpon / Universal Debt management Pte Ltd:
    Fraud and Lies

    John Nalpon, Director of Universal Debt Management Pte Ltd guaranteed to collect the bad debts for my company within 2 weeks for 1 case, and 2 months for
    the other case. We gave him his service fee to do the case.
    He told us ### stories of how he and his guys are going to collect and will get the money. He even boasted the many big companies/ clients that he has helped in Singapore and overseas.
    But, it turns out that he never do the job & requested for more money for writ of summon fees etc, and said will return the money in 1 month if no success.
    However, he never did the writ of summon and do not want to return us the money.
    He told us that GAVAN is his trusted lawyer, and he had done many many businesses for his other clients with GAVAN. And, so we should deal the fees of GAVAN through him and so we did. But, it Turned out that it is a
    FRAUD. GAVAN said they never did any business with john before. And when GAVAN ask for payment to progress the legal case, John is unwilling to pay.
    And john have not yet return us the legal fee money we paid him.
    He and his friends tell fake stories on how they have been trying to
    recover the money.
    But actually they did NOTHING.
    He is always giving reasons that he is in overseas to collect other bad debts etc.
    Beware, DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS with hypocrite, swindler & lying john.

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  • Be
      27th of Dec, 2014

    First of all, I find your statements all to be negative and full of prejudice. U are like a small kid who cries when something is taken away from you instead of standing up for yourself and fight for your rights.

    U engaged a Debt Recovery company to do a job which u find incapable to do yourself. I doubt you even understand the complexity of the nature of their business and the amount of work they have to put in even before they can approach the debtor. They too have an image to uphold as a company and I strongly doubt any management of a company let alone a director would do something like that without a proper and valid reason for themselves.
    From what I am reading of your posts, I am sure you had done something to piss them off just because u think u are the paying client. I'm not even surprised if you had interrupted in their proceedings in some way that might had ticked them off!

    Let me give u a brief review as to the kind of stuffs they need to do the moment an agreement is made between the client and the Debt Recovery Agent.
    1. Go straight to a lawyers office to get a document which they have to pay upfront to be issued to the debtor
    2. Go to the police and make a report and also to notify them that they have a case against the debtor and that the debtor might try to be difficult and make a lot of hoo haa... which might get the police to be involved for nothing!
    3. They have to start doing research on the debtor. i.e: real address, real mobile number, real workplace, background checks, places he always frequents too, if the debtor is involved with any secret society that might jeopardize the agents lives should they approach him and so on and so forth! All this before even meeting with debtor. Let alone the long recordings of footage captured and recorded conversations with the debtor.
    There are more than enough steps to be listed here that inevitably can make a few pages for u to read!

    What I am trying to point out is this...
    Stop being a baby. U do not engage a company to do service for you without research in the first place. Second of all, there must be a reason for every actions a human makes. Even for you. Whether right or wrong, only we truly knows ourselves.
    IF a person is good to us, it is human nature that we too will be good to them. Vice versa.
    Saying this, ask yourself this... did u do something wrong that u are getting this kind of treatment in return? Afterall, people say karma is a ###.
    Do the right thing. Bring your post down if u have any shame left as a person in u. Don't humiliate others if you do not want to be humiliated.

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  • Be
      27th of Dec, 2014

    Please read the Legal Information of Complaints Board which u can find the link at the bottom of the page.
    Defamation to a company or person is liable to be sued in court by the company.
    Just the findings that I found for your perusal.

    Cheers people!

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  • Ra
      3rd of Jan, 2015

    Hello public,
    I'm writing this in the interest of public.
    The above statements written by Behold is by John Nalpon only who is the director of Universal Debt Management company. He is defending himself by writing ### stories. Please don't believe his sweet words. He is truly a cheat. The cheating blames by saying karma all these. When he decided to cheat others, it doesn't relates to karma. If you (John) cheat others, you will get the returns soon or later because of the curses by innocent people like me. Surely you will loose 10 times or 100 times or even more and more. It will continue in your life. The karma will follows you since you have cheated me. You never keep up promises and telling all rubbish stories and also blaming your innocent customers. As a director you should suppose to keep up your promises and do your job perfectly and satisfy your customer needs timely. You (John) don't blame customers by defending yourself saying that karma of customers. Since you wants to cheat by hook and crook and you are doing that way. The same karma will follow you and keep giving you all kinds of disaster in your life. Experience it from the curses of innocent people's if you don't follow ethics and good principles. You stop blaming others and you don't write as well.

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  • Be
      5th of Jan, 2015

    Greetings ppl
    To Rajashmar, I am not John Nalpon. I am me. If u cannot get ur basics of research rite, how do u even have the chick to keep up with ur nonsensical ###. Pls do not use my name or account as an excuse just to get back at this John Nalpon guy. Rest assured that I am not John Nalpon.
    I can prove this to u or anyone by meeting with any one of u personally after which, i will sue u myself on all relevant charges.
    I wrote in not to defend this John Nalpon guy or to say u are right and he is wrong. I am neutral. I work for a debt recovery company and am merely giving u ppl some insights on the kind of stuff that is gg on in our day to day job/responsibility.
    For a fact, u cannot even do ur research properly and am trying to win public sympathy by accusing me or my account to be John Nalpons'. Research or shall i say proper research is key in our line of business. U Mr Rajashmar is definitely crap at this and thus resort to accusations and "polital games" to win ppls sympathy. That is sad.
    I have no qualms against u so i urge u to stop using my name or account as a tool for ur own agenda. Pls be advised that this is my first and last warning to u. If u do this once again, i will track u down which is easy for me and report u to the proper authority besides suing u with all relevant charges possible. Trust me when i say that I am truly good at what i do, and that is research.
    Thank u for ur kind understanding and consideration.

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  • Ra
      26th of Mar, 2015

    Universal Debt Management still did not refund my money $1014. So I will think that I have disbursed my money to 100 beggars each $10 including who owing money. That's all. I forget it wtih grievances. But the company director taught me a lesson that I should not believe anybody when comes to money. So in the interest of all public, please be careful to give any money to anybody especially to Universal Debt Management. Please be careful. Thank you to Universal Debt Management for teaching me the lesson.

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  • Ja
      2nd of Nov, 2015

    Hi too have been a victim of John Nalpon and Universal Debt Management. I engaged his services 2 years ago and paid him $2, 000 upfront. So far no news from him and he is now ignoring my calls. DO NOT hire him or his company's services. This is a scam operation.

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  • No
      20th of Jan, 2017

    Complain against the ##### John Nalpon of Universal Debt Management.
    On 9 August 2014, I met John at Buangkok MRT and handed $1800 to handle my case. He promised to proceed my case instantly.
    Lies & schemes:
    HE said my debtor is a Taxi driver.
    Each time I call him, he will he wont mention any progree made on my case.
    He constatly change numbers.
    Avoid you.
    Even his staff cant get hold of him
    Met his staff before at my office - forgotten his name though.
    Will never contact you again once he gets the money
    Once you engae him, consider your money burnt

    Hey! If you are reading this complaint, drop me an email at [protected]
    IF you are a man with balls, contact me. IF not, wear a bikini. You will look gorgeous.

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  • Jo
      27th of Jan, 2017

    For those who have been cheated by this John Nalpon person, the only way i can help you is by telling you his working address, so as to allow you to discuss the issue with him directly. Platinum Music World & Disco Bar, located at Lucky Plaza in Orchard.

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