Red Rooster Foods / owner/service

2889 Albany Hwy Kelmscott, Kelmscott, Western Australia, Australia
Contact information:
Phone: 08 9390 5918

The franchise owner told me I was a liar scammer and would sue me after rang him to complain that his store manager from the previous night wouldn't replace my meal.
I told him I would go online and make everyone aware of his store and the meal I ordered was wrong and missing ingredients and would take it further and his response was he would track me online and sue me.
We ordered two meals through drive through on the 28th of April 2017 at kelmscott store one was a BLT smash that had no avacado bacon or rocket in it.
He claims he has video footage that will prove I'm a scammer and a liar yet won't show me the footage.
I asked why I would be taking it this far after never complaining for five years about his store. He just kept telling about me calling me a liar and a scammer.
I have two receipts, one from four days prior ordering the exact same meal but at two different prices.I didn't complain about the previous meal because as I told his store manager it was fine.

Red Rooster Foods

Apr 28, 2017

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