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Red Paw Health Services / abusive behavior

1 1240 bay street,suite 206Toronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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Phone: 4169286903

arrived on time for appointment after taking off time from work. male owner ushered me in office instructed very rudely for me to take of jewellery and placed adirty towel on my lap and put wet copper rod in my left hand, had no further insructions and was seated about one inch from connecting wire to computer screen . owner complained it wasn, t working and cursed and Ilooked to see if the wire was plugged in properly very similar to wire in cell phone plug and as Iasked if it was plugged in tight enough and for one millisecond pointed and may have touched the area of connection the man abusively said no one touches this equipment and asked me to leave .Iexplained that Iwas sorry but was only trying to help he refused to accept my apology and said it was too bad for me that I took time off work and refused to take my test .apparentely according to the new employee his boss recently had an injury and was in pain and took it out on me . It was the worst experience Ihave ever received as acustomer


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  • Ba
      26th of Oct, 2015
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    I've always had a good experience at Red Paw so not sure what this was about. William can be direct but he is excellent at what he does. Nothing else I can say.

  • Fb
      15th of Jan, 2016
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    I have been to Red Paw three times now. The service offered is invaluable. I need to go back for retesting as I haven't been for two years. I have an extreme number of food sensitivities which are constantly changing, so I need to be retested regularly. However, I am reluctant to go back there because 'William' IS a curmudgeon! Sadly his demeanour is not friendly. Worst, the last time I was there he was sniffling a lot, so I asked him if it was allergies. No, he says, he has this wicked cold. Great ... here I was holding hands with the man! Needless to say I caught his cold.
    I first visited Red Paw on the recommendation of a friend because I have a nasty skin disease - Prurigo Nodularis, which at the time was undiagnosed. William told me that he thought I had some kind of parasite or worms. That was not good advice!
    I met William's wife on the second visit. She was very nice and pleasant to work with.
    So does anyone know of a place offering the same service in the Toronto area that is operated with good manners at all times? It is very important for me to be aware of what I am sensitive to in order to manage the skin disease.

  • Me
      2nd of May, 2017
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    I was at Redpaw today for a 2 pm appointment that I had scheduled some time ago. I arrived early. I was alone in the waiting area and could hear a man with an Australian accent (I'll later know as William) arguing terribly with someone over the phone in another room. That seemed really unprofessional but I was here for intolerance testing and had come a long way - all the way to Jane station from downtown. I just wanted to get the test done. I had no idea how pissed off this person was with life in general but was about to. When he finally came out there was no greeting but for some abrasiveness towards me without any provocation at all. I told him who I was, he checked the book at reception and proceeded to deny that I had an appointment at that time and dismissed me. I disagreed firmly, and he proceeded to spout a lie: claiming that my appointment had actually been for 10:30 instead, and when I protested that this was obviously impossible (I could not have made it that early due to prior commitments) he took it further, raising his voice, and angrily said that he had called me but my voicemail was full and well not his problem. What an utter and complete liar. I'm quite glad to see feedback from other people, s experiences with him concerning his atrocious behaviour (and I'll be looking for more forums to add my voice to on this). I corrected him after that last comment: my VM was clear and I did not have any odd numbers in my log from the morning - because he did not call. I tend to err on the side of firm but non-confrontational behaviour when faced with people like him but kind of wish I'd returned harsh words. I nevertheless made a new appointment for the next day because though the interaction with him was extremely off-putting I was still in a bit of shock at what was taking place with this grown, adult man. I left abruptly afterwards without bothering to muster a weak 'thank you' and after the door closed behind me he shouted something. Really? I didn't return to find out more, could not believe how he was conducting himself. It wasn't till I got down to the lobby that I realised that I do not want to give him one single cent of my money. Maybe he's never heard this kind of feedback about himself before. Maybe he hears it all the time. Maybe he needs to hear it again and again in order for it to sink in and take a good long look at himself. PS: Funny how there is no email contact for Redpaw, there is obviously some reason for that...

  • Mi
      24th of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    Absolutely agree with earlier comments about William's rude behavior. There is a difference between being direct and rude. was referred to go see Red Paw health services from a friend. didn't know much about the therapy. When i asked William you can see he has a short temper and didnt want to take the time to explain. Just a horrible experience.

  • Mi
      24th of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    My son has had jaundice and high indirect billirubin for 4 months. regular GP is of absolute no help stating "don't worry it could possibly be gilbert's syndrome" . so i have taken matters into my own hands and desperately searching for alternative medicine. Redpaw individual by the name of Willam was quite disappointing. He seems very knowledgeable just very short tempered for no reason and not proactive at describing what would work best based on current symptoms. i provided william with the health background and told him i suspected some form of hep virus impacting my sons health and asked if they did this type of testing. he flat out lied and said no. i just called him on the phone (since i see on their website quite clearly that they do have analysis on both dormant and active hep viruses) and he said, "well yes we do but i'm not in front of my computer" and hung up. I am at a loss of words.

  • Ti
      2nd of Oct, 2017
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    I also had very unpleasant experience with them.Today Alice hung up on me in the middle of my sentence trying to explain to her that I can not take another day off of work because she wanted to reschedule the appointment, It was booked two months ago and she just cancelled it telling me to go somewhere else and hung up.I couldn't believe the rudeness and luck of respect and of course had experienced rudeness of William in the summer.
    I must admit that few people told me to stay away from that place but when I saw Alice seven years ago she was very nice.Now I will be warning people not to go there including those I recommended the Redpaw to.

  • Kn
      13th of Apr, 2018
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    We also had a terrible experience with William, he was rude and unreasonable. What a pity! I first went to Red Paw about seven years ago for food sensitivity testing and the data I got was excellent - it has helped me tremendously. But I took my daughter there today for a scheduled appointment and William refused to do it. Unbelievable! He said he had to go somewhere at 5:00 pm and refused to take us at 4:15. He said it should never have been scheduled. He shouted at us as if it was our fault. He didn't care that she lives in Thunder Bay and couldn't rebook, or that we had driven for about an hour to get there today. I know he could have done 40 minutes worth and we would have gotten value, but he refused to do that. Does anyone know anywhere else that does the same work?

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