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Today, I was called to go down for an interview at 10am . Everything was well until 30 minutes later . By then I have already left the company. My interviewer called me and told me that he wanted to apply the job of a receptionist for me. They didn't provide me any time to think at all and demanded me to give them a reply instantly. I agreed to it but he asked me to sent a recent photo of myself to attach it to the resume. Meanwhile, I ponder about the job scope and everything about it. Then I was suddenly reminded that I might have an interview with an university during that period of time that I am supposed to work for that company. So in the next call from recruit express, I tried to explain to them that I am not keen on applying for that job anymore. Minutes later, I received another phone call from recruit express. This employee, Jane, scolded me in the phone claiming I was irresponsible and all that stuff. I tried hard to explain to her about the issue but she refuse to listen and even talked to me in a very nasty tone and eventually hang up my call. I find her attitude atrocious and I am keen to file a complain against her. No matter what it is, she should never use the company's phone number and scold me.

Mar 12, 2013

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