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I have had real player for years and recently it keeps telling me i cannot play my music until i upgrade. i have upgraded numerous times and this should not be done so often. After i upgrade it, again, it deletes all of my music that i have saved on there. This should also not happen. Another thing is when i upgrade it gives the option to install Norton security, which i deny as i do not need this, yet it installs in on my laptop anyway, even though i have denied it. As it started the upgrading process i wished to cancel the loading page. yet the top corner 'x' and the 'cancel' button were in pale grey and it would not allow me to cancel it. This means i had no option but sit and wait for it to upgrade, (which it didn't need) and then after i had to try and delete the Norton security that it falsely downloaded onto my computer. If i have denied real player access to download norton then it should NOT download anyway as it is against what i have selected and the company should not be forcing this upon people. The cancel button should also be available as this means you have no 'opt out' from the upgrade which your company/product SHOULD have. My music should also not be deleted every time i upgrade. It is fair to say i wont be using real player anymore as this is terrible service and very false.

May 05, 2013
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  • Ro
      Feb 15, 2008
    Real Player - Unauthorized charges!
    Real Player
    United States

    I did not authorize Real Player to deduct funds from my account and I did not order the service that they are charging me for.

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  • Sa
      Feb 26, 2008

    This happened to me too. Watch out, they charged me for Unlimited Movies shortly after the Superpass charge.

    I am currently disputing the charges with them.

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  • Ju
      May 30, 2009
    Real Player - rn realplayer supra & unlimited movies charged on my credit card but cannot play movies

    RN *REAL PLAYER SUPERPA & UNLIMITED MOVIES charged on my credit card but cannot play movies and receives error message

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  • Lt
      Jun 25, 2009
    Real Player - Superpa8664205832

    I was billed on the above products thru the credit card every month for US$4.94 since 5/2/09 without knowing where it is being used or when it was downloaded, pls cancel the service and refund me the amount with immediate effect. My e-mail is : [protected]

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  • Br
      Mar 21, 2010
    RN *RADIOPASS UK - RN* radiopass UK
    Bruce B L Loxton
    New South Wales
    Phone: [protected]

    Unable to contact rn *radiopass uk to cancel a direct debit on my american express credit card.

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  • Mi
      May 09, 2010
    Real Player - RN* radiopass UK
    Mikanev Ltd
    26 Park Avenue ST17 9RB
    England, Staffordshire
    United Kingdom
    Phone: [protected]

    On my Visa Card I have a billed amount of £8.50 to RN*r1 Superpass Premium Reference [protected]. Can this please be canceled.

    Please respond to [protected] and copy to [protected]

    Michael Evans

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  • Ia
      Sep 17, 2012
    Real Player - upgrade
    Real player
    United Kingdom

    Why does my real Player ask me to upgrade, when I already have, and paid nearly £40.00 to up grade to Real Player Plus .my email is ian.[protected]@btinternet .com

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  • Sh
      Apr 15, 2014

    I paid $49 for Real Player Plus and now they want me to pay again for a reduce rate. This was to be a one time charge

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