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Real Del Mar / Failure to keep contract!

Mexico Review updated:
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Because Frisas Construction of Mexico, the parent company of Real Del Mar, did not test the soil in areas of their development, they sold houses that have become unstable, and are failing to deliver other houses sold. On top of this, they have failed to deal honestly and fairly with the customers they sold homes to. Instead of working to solve the problems they have created, they have lied repeatably about the situations effecting numerous home purchases in the northern Baja development. The project manager, Jose Luis Corona, has failed to treat customers ethically. This is resulting in ongoing law suits. They have tried to stall and make clients so angry they would just take the money back and forget about the homes. The problems are that most these homes were purchased in 2004 and the prices have risen, so some buyers are being priced out of the market by these mistakes and poor business practices. Until you see postings from the people who are involved stating that they have resolved the problems and been given the homes they hold contracts for, do not do business with Real Del Mar, Frisas Construction, Jose Luis Corona, Pedro Corona, Coldwell Banker-Mexico. I know until I see that Catherine Gladen, the first person I saw that wrote about this posts that they gave her what she was promised, I am telling everyone I talk to about Mexican Real Estate in Baja to go somewhere else.


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A  3rd of Jul, 2007 by 
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I believe I saw a letter to the editor last February, in the Gringo Gazzette Baja Norte about this situation. I used to think Real Del Mar was reputable, but now am hearing more when I am in the Rosarito Beach area about the problems they are having. It is too bad, it seemed like it was a good place. I don't like hearing about Mexican scams, it hurts everyone who is trying to improve the quality of life on the south side of the border. I hope the people involved continue to update about the situation, if it is resolved favorably, or if this is another reason not to purchase anything in Baja.
A  6th of Jul, 2007 by 
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A couple of years ago I saw a program about buying homes in Baja. It sounded good. I visited a few developments and did research on the Internet about them. Real Del Mar was one, and at that time I never saw any negative postings about them, or Frisas. I bought a condominium in another place, one that was already built. However, after living in the area for a little over a year, I have met people who have had serious problems getting the houses they bought in other developments, including Real Del Mar. I have not met anyone who got the house on time there, most delays go over six months, closer to a year. I did hear that some homes can never be built. I am glad to see people using the Internet to get the word out. Overall, I do not recommending buying in Mexico. It does not live up to the media hype. The developers are not reliable, and they do not try to make up for the problems they cause. I know you can not get the ocean views in the U.S. at the price, but you will pay other prices for doing business with companies like Frisas, and Real Del Mar.
A  12th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I was at the lounge in the hotel at Real Del Mar last spring. I met a man who was building a house in the development. He said he had tried to buy the lot next to his house, but that the problems the sales office caused made it impossible. He warned us to stay away from Real Del Mar's sales office. He said that they had tried to get him to invest in the condos when they had a party, and he is glad he did not because that was s few years ago, and they still are not built. He also told us about having a stroke, I would not be surprised if the pressure of dealing with that sales office did not cause his stroke, it sounds like they are high pressure. I am not surprised to see these postings.
A  19th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I have written many organizations in Baja, and companies asking about how true these complaints are, and I have not gotten any responses. I was hoping someone would at least attempt to dispute the problems and give me a reason to pursue Baja real estate. I guess the problems with Real Del Mar are systemic of the entire area, if not country. Until the government gets a handle on this, and there are regulations and regulators no investments there sound safe. Anyone who can rebut these issues, please do. Have the houses in question in Real Del Mar been built? Have all buyers gotten properties on time as promised? Are the contracts worth the paper they were written on? I am very interested. Retirement planning is something that can make the last years of one's life enjoyable, or hell. Choosing a place based on biased hype by those who are able to make money, then being left with unfulfilled promises can turn into a nightmare. These are things that need to be taken seriously when thinking about buying a property anywhere, but in Mexico. One place for information is:


Another is the Gringo Gazette, norte for Rosarito and TJ, Sur for Cabo. You will get more of a feel of what problems Americans who have moved there are living with.
A  27th of Jul, 2007 by 
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If you buy a house in Baja the seller does not have disclose problems like they do in the United States. Buying real estate in Baja, or in Mexico is very different from the U.S.A. If you have foundation problems like the ones in Real Del Mar and the seller does not tell you, you are stuck. Many of the homes in Real Del Mar have foundation problems. The properties that are for sale by current owners are very risky. A good lawyer will have the properties inspected by an architectural engineer. If you buy a property without having an independent inspection with your own expert, you could be buying a house that will be moving because the ground is not stable under it. Real Del Mar is very shaky ground.
A  28th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I got sales promotions in my e-mail about the great values of Baja Real Estate. I did a search on line and read all great things, so I decided to drive down and see it for myself. Real Del Mar is only about 25 minutes from the border, and I went there to check it out. There were some homes for sale that I looked at in an area called Almafe, and the construction was a mess. The floors are uneven. The worst part was the plumbing. I looked at the plastic stuff they used for drain pipes and it was so flimsy. The houses are shells. They don't have closets, any wood trim, or a kitchen. Areas where the ground is unstable have containers you see plants sold in, those black plastic tubs, filled with dirt side by side, to create what they call a retaining wall. I saw one house that had hundreds of cracks throughout. The sidewalk around the house was higher than the driveway, and the driveway had sunk lower than the garage floor. The ground was definitely unstable and had moved a lot in the year since that house was built. If you looked at the exterior of other houses in the area it was evident that they were having ground movement issues too, and the foundations were compromised. When I asked about the problems, the sales person said they were secured and would not move anymore because of the retaining wall. I think the lack of government regulations allow developers to buy hillside and oceanside property and build without any inspections is putting buyers at jeopardy. The people who write about all the great values are those who are making money off of gullible Americans. It is important for those who have lost money to alert others. The problem is those who fell for the sales pitches are trying unload the troubled properties, and for them to talk about the problems leaves them unable to sell. The law does not require them to disclose problems with the houses or lots. It is a good idea to rent there before ever committing to a sales contract.
A  29th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I just learned that because Frisas bad reputation has hurt sales in Real Del Mar, the condos are now being built and sold under another developers name. Pacificare at Real Del Mar, yeah, they care for themselves. They are trying to get around this by saying someone else is now doing this. Get a very good lawyer and make sure you are protected. Maybe they will have to change the whole developments name next. Just remember it is still in Real Del Mar. Actually, it is still in Mexico. Read about baja and mexico complaints, and then you will run to the border, and not go back if you want to buy. It is easier to buy there than it is to sell. Think about that.

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