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Re Mar 17, 2016 Troy Mi Review updated:

I am an 80 year old man who could no longer use his tub to shower. I called Re-bath and a salesperson came out and wrote up a contract to have the tub removed and a stall shower put in. The cost seemed high, but I needed to have it done as I could not use my tub anymore. I am now in a worse mess as Re-bath in Troy put in a liner that is not even two feet wide, and my written contract stated it would have been 31 inches wide. The hose had to be replaced, the grab bars were not only slippery and had to be wrapped with grip tape, but the one used to get in the tub came out of the wall as it was screwed into small anchors and not into a stud for safety. The salesperson lied, the owners of Re-bath lied and the workmanship was second rate, the cost was extreme and the mess I now have is a stall shower that requires me to have my adult son help me shower. These people have NO conscience or remorse. After months of being handled by them with the promise of a partial refund that never came I am NOW going to sue them in a court of law for the maximum amount I can. They are CROOKS and LIARS and people need to be warned before they are scammed by them, as I was.

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  • Bu
      Jan 21, 2017

    I too am a bit up in years. I was injured by re-bath's contractors in my OWN home. I am still injured. You wrote that rebath "NO conscience or remorse"...well, you can say THAT again!!! I really wonder how they're able to look in a mirror without quickly looking away. I really do. I left a report here too. If you read it you may understand that which they did to me and ran like chickens to avoid EVEN apologizing! Can you believe that? Yes, I imagine that you can.

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  • Se
      May 23, 2017

    I too have been taken by these crooks! I only signed a renovation work order for a tub to shower renovation. $8286!!! I told salesman that was too high because I am on disability. he said no worries lets see if you qualify for financing. he said I qualified for $7500 and all I needed to do was write a check for the difference. which I did out of the back pay money I just received for going on disability. and it what I have to live on for the rest of my life. the check was for $786.00. I signed this on 5/17/17 and called on 5/22 to cancel because I could not afford to add another $100/mth to my bills. They would not return my money because they said I signed the terms and conditions page. which I did not. see attachment. the lady at the office said that she had the original and it WAS signed and initialed. I said if she did then it was a forgery!!! I have contacted corporate office in Arizona and if I do not hear back from them by tomorrow I will be at my attorney's office!!

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  • Se
      May 23, 2017

    complete photos didn't upload here are the reset

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  • Bu
      May 23, 2017

    Having experienced rebath first hand, I understand how you could find yourself in that terrible position, oh how I understand ! !
    By the sound of your report you seemed to have experienced that which I did. You sensed no dignity, no integrity, no human decency. More so, you seem to have found a cutthroat attitude of people lusting for money at apparently ANY cost. After my injury they LAUGHED at me over the telephone, twice! What sort of people laugh at those injured, never mind those people allegedly injured by their negligence? I am a disabled Veteran over 70%, Honorably discharged and am a sober, respected, law abiding citizen. I don't harm people, unlike others in this world.
    I wonder if other people who complain about rebath are elderly, disabled, or in some way vulnerable to hungry sales people? I hadn't thought about that.
    I am so sorry that you became soiled by that group of "people". In my layman's view, I hope that you visit your state agency's offices in person if telephone calls are not returned. I wouldn't leave without answers unless asked to leave. I hope that you don't speak about your efforts with anyone until you've met with legal counsel and that you follow counsel's advice to the letter.
    Have you considered contacting local tv news stations or local newspapers? Would your state senator assist you?
    One last note, Sewanee, after you've been bullied and cajoled, and after whether you've obtained satisfaction or were beaten down as was I, expect to be bothered by a WAVE of telephone solicitors. Do I charge that rebath in Boise unleashed those solicitors? No. I can't make that charge without proof which is impossible to obtain without law enforcement or private investigation. My disability pension won't permit a private investigator and lawyer to look into those calls. The calls come from Boise and surrounding areas where which business is located?
    Do I feel that they are responsible? Permit me to say that the coincidence is uncanny. The calls did not stop until I changed telephone providers and used their free service which blocks any caller but those I enter into a list of authorized callers. The telephone went silent except for loved ones calling. Of course, my number had been added to the federal donotcall list. That hadn't stopped them.
    In that way, and if someone at rebath was responsible for the thousands of calls, I beat them at that and I love it !
    Based upon my personal experiences with rebath, my personal opinion is that they are unscrupulous bullies without souls or moral compasses.
    I am a gentleman and that's as frank as I'll be; not as blunt as they deserve but I won't intentionally or knowingly offend an innocent party or denigrate myself by defining them with strings of the most explicit, richly earned profanities.
    I am SO sorry that you were apparently harmed by them. I'll pray for you.
    ps, the photo attached indicates the hole made when the right, upper portion of my body fell into the crawlspace access left open by the rebath contractor. That ruined my left knee, still ruined today, when my leg folded behind me and I cracked a rib when my side fell on the edge of the crawlspace opening. Did rebath or their contractor at the VERY LEAST repair that? NO. NO! Was there so little as an apology? The contractor scattered like a scared rat fleeing consequences.

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  • Or
      Apr 15, 2018

    Rebath does not stand behind the work of their sub-contractors. A faulty sink was installed and the mistake covered up by the sub-contractor. Rebath would not correct this and we had put a dispute on our credit card. We did get back about $280 through the credit card company. The following is our e-mail conversation.

    From us:
    There is not suppose to be a hole in the outer wall of the sink. Water could spill thru that into the cabinet.
    Response from Rebath:
    Your argument is matter opinion and we have no proof or documentation there was incompetency or deceitfulness on Excalibur's part. Again, this is your opinion.

    If the vanity is defective, Excalibur and Rebath is NOT responsible for removing and re-installing a new one. You need to be working with the company you purchased it from and they should be providing a solution for you.

    Rebath and Excalibur have fullfilled our duties as outlined in the contract Holly signed and agreed to.

    This is our decision and we have closed this job out.

    You will also be receiving a bill for the additional electrical work that was requested by your mother in law and performed. The balance due is due upon receipt.

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  • Bu
      Apr 15, 2018

    @Orion LaPalm Those "characters" will continue in their "ways" until forced to account for their actions. How are they able to look in mirrors? I know, they see dollar signs. I still suffer today from one of the injuries incurred at their cold hearted unscrupulous hands...mostly UNSCRUPULOUS!!! Integrity?? HA !!!

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