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I am a vehicle broker and I sold a 2006 Thor Hurricane RV to one Ray Hillebrand of 1345 CHEYENNE Leavenworth, KS 66048 It was a flood vehicle with a salvage certificate. This customer purchased the vehicle through ebay and even left me a positive feedback for the transaction. I thought everything went well. I accommodated this man in every way. He contacts me a few weeks later to let me know the paperwork that I provided him was not acceptable in his home state. It clearly stated in my AD that you must do all research before purchasing a salvage vehicle. I even offered him a solution in regards to that aspect even though it was specified in my ad you must do all necessary research to accommodate him. Long story short I agreed to refund him $1485 and he was going to handle the title issue on his own. Now that was not enough. He continues to extort me and threaten me on blogs and damaged my company reputation to the point where I forced to take down our website until the matter is resolved. He keeps demanding more money and makes threats and harasses all my business associates to the point where they will not speak to me anymore. He has blogged and posted comments involving innocent parties and unrelated matters. I have accommodated him in every way possible. He leaves threatening messages and emails. I have contacted local law enforcement as well. I am also in the process in filing a suit for Punitive damages. He has caused damages in excess of $250, 000 and crippled my business to the point where it has effected other clients. He lied to ebay and had my account shut down as well. Anyone with any information in which direction I can head with this would be greatly appreciated. I need to know how I can stop this guy because he is involving innocent people that had nothing to do with the transaction and now they are coming after me.

Ray Hillebrand

Feb 02, 2017
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      Feb 02, 2017

    My name is Todd Craven, Im from Kansas City and I used to live in the same neighborhood as this fellow. I do not have any dealing with this guy in terms of purchase and such but I just want to share what a monster he is. I am 32 now but when I was 13 years old Ray Hildebrand molested me and had threaten me that he will hurt my mom if ill say a word. He forced me to do oral sex on him and I had wait til this day to come for me to expose his perverseness. He pretends he's straight where in fact on his past time he molest young boys. I hope you rot in hell Ray! Come clean. Youre old now, keep your act straight. How do you sleep Ray? You disgust me!

    So thats how you look now.

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