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I "invested" in Goldberg's fraudulent investments in 2000. He simply will take advantage whenever and wherever possible. Ray is an Australian citizen who came to the states when I encountered him at the turn of the century. He's now moved to Europe to continue his "profession". Goldberg learned his trade from his father, who was in the rubber business.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Troy, OH He "makes a living" with his charisma and will go to great lengths to put up a pretense of authenticity. Unless you've thousands of dollars to toss in the breeze, do NOT invest in anything this man has to "sell". He has ruthlessly stolen money from widows, children and ruined entire small communities literally around the world. Ray Goldberg has been operating deceptive business practices for 20 years to "raise" his daughters. He is a man with expensive taste and truly believes the world owes him luxury at his "investors" cost.

Ray Goldberg
Ray Goldberg
Ray Goldberg

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  • Ra
      Jun 16, 2010

    Always two sides to stories - isn't there.


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  • Tr
      Jul 14, 2010

    Well, Mr Frost, Mr Musgrave, Mr Newton. probably a very good time to shut your mouths now

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  • Au
      Sep 22, 2010

    Hey FATSO ... I was only encouraged to go on here due to your "threatening comments. Before that I had said nothing.

    Hey I hear you are moving to the USA... great news mate!

    Australias BEST EVER EXPORT or should I say - deportation. :-)

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  • Ba
      Nov 13, 2010

    I have done work for Ray before and I believe he is an honest, genuine person who has been let down by others.



    Brads Computer Services
    Central Coast NSW

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  • Ba
      Nov 13, 2010

    At least that is how he treated my buisness anyway

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  • Ky
      Jan 27, 2011

    This guys has frauded us too. We made the mistake of shipping parts for him without payment which we will no doubt have troubles getting now the low life has left the country. Low life [censor]

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  • Wc
      Apr 21, 2011

    Today's date is: 21 April 2011. Ray Goldberg is renting my home in Suffolk, Virginia, USA. I hope these troubling reports and comments are wrong. I will post here again when I have some concrete results to report. Feel free to contact me for an honest report on how the rental works out. My email is wclyon (at)

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  • Ha
      Apr 23, 2011

    Your home is up for rent by Ray Goldberg on

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  • Th
      Jul 02, 2011

    VERY hard to dispute this...

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  • Pe
      Jul 22, 2011

    Ray Goldberg is a Director of Rubber Solutions Pty Ltd in Australia which is under External Administration and cannot pay its bills. They owe Nutech Paint Pty Ltd nearly AU$20k for paint purchased in 2009. No complaints, product failure or other issues, the product was supplied and used by an overseas Company. Allegedly Rubber Solutions owes employees more than $500k. Nutech supplied R&D in good faith. A Personal Guarantee from Ray Goldberg supplied by the Company had a forged signature from Ray Goldberg to avoid liability. Now if I call him in the US he just hangs up the phone. No explanation, no excuses. Come to your own conclusions. I do not trust Ray Goldberg and would not do business with him again.

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  • Ps
      Sep 17, 2011

    He is nothing but a thief and a liar - he has defrauded many people over the years and continues to rack up debts and then walk away from them - every company he has set up has gone into liquidation owing thousands of dollars and every time he runs away to avoid prosecution - what is he now doing in the USA? - because he is a coward and knows that if he stayed in Asutralia he would have been jailed for fraud - DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM AND IF YOU ARE SEVER ALL TIES IMMEDIATELY - if you want details of his frauds in America contact Matworks in Beltsville Maryland

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  • Ro
      Oct 03, 2011

    I totally agree. He ripped me off and I hope he ends up in jail.

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  • Du
      Aug 22, 2012

    To whom it may concern.
    I have been dealing with Ray Goldberg since 2007 regarding tyre recycling.I checked out Rays machinery and chararacter in detail prior to purchasing one of his plants visiting in Australia.Our plant was delivered in full and commissioned in 2011 and has been running successfully since that time.I have found Ray to be person of his word.He fulfilled every promise he made.Ray has shows himself to be a man of good character who delivers on his promises.So I can recommend purchasing anything from him.
    Riag d.o.o.Maribor Slovenia.Duško Svilar

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  • Ch
      Dec 20, 2012

    I was prepared to let my bad experience with Ray go and consider it a learning experience, but I keep having to deal with all the other people he screwed (other than me) in his latest venture. It pisses me off. I am the landlord of the building Ray/TRM leased (in theory) in the spring of 2012, North Charleston, SC to cull and process (bale) scrap tires. Ray skipped out on $50, 000 of rent. I attached the court documents. Receiving the $50, 000 would have been nice, but it is history to me now. Fortunately I can survive a loss of that magnitude unscathed. The really nasty part of this deal are all the others that stream in here weekly looking for money or any way to contact Ray. There were his own hourly employees that worked their ### off the last few weeks they were here that did not get paid. The trailer leasing guy that finally found his 5 trailers on our yard, full of scrap tires. Yesterday a container chassis guy was poking around here looking for his equipment. Today, the owner East Coast Hydraulics shows up looking for payment on his $3, 000 baler repair he did 4 months ago. I need a revolving door at my office.

    He did something really odd when I was ready to evict him. I attached this letter too. I told him to stop receiving tires. We had waaaay too many tires in here. He had a lawyer send me a threatening letter. It was really bazaar to see a guy 6 months behind on rent threaten his landlord that bent over backwards to get him in here in the first place. The word psychopath immediately came to mind. When he has no defense, he goes on offense. That was the beginning of the end.

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  • Ps
      Dec 21, 2012

    This guy is just a piece of garbage - He has ripped people off all over the world - Anyone who is silly enough to deal with him deserves everything that they get - DO NOT DEAL WITH THE ###

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  • Ps
      Dec 21, 2012

    Look at the ###'s facebook page for TRM USA inc - he is still trying to rip people off by moving to another location - [protected] is the current phone number on webpage www.trmusainc - also facebook page link is - TYPICAL BEHAVIOUR RACK UP LOADS OF DEBTS AND THEN MOVE ON TO ANOTHER PLACE - this guy needs to be reported to the FBI by someone in the USA as his frauds cross state boundaries

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  • Ji
      Feb 26, 2013

    This should be read first before accusing Ray Goldburg of what happened to the main instigator.
    As well as
    So who is the crook now.

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  • Ps
      Mar 26, 2013

    Jim Schultz you are a fool - who do you think is the person behind the BVI entity? - also Goldberg has a track record going back years of ripping people off - how much did he pay you and what business dealings do you have with him?

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  • Ra
      Nov 25, 2013

    Lets get our stories straight shall we?
    Paul David Musgrave was found guilty in the federal Court in Dayton Ohio of fraud. Ray Goldberg was not found guilty of any fraud. What I did plead guilty to was Misprision of a felony. Anyone looking that up will find that it means, I knew Mr Musgrave was committing an offence and I failed to report it..
    The link is
    Furthermore, I have instigated defamation and slander action through the courts of South Carolina against Mr Musgrave and others. These are a matter of public record. It's amazing how stories are turned around by the real crooks. I will continue these actions against Musgrave and others until the bitter end. Anyone slandering me will certainly be added to the list. Enough is enough.

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  • Ma
      Nov 25, 2013

    Please Ray, what a joke. You still owe my company in Sydney 10k for work we did but you ducked to the US and now I see you are in the UK. Pay you debts. It is always someone else you blame. Pay up!

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  • Ra
      Dec 22, 2013

    Just another lie we'll add to the defamation case Mr Musgrave

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  • Ge
      Jan 07, 2014

    Have been in Europe and noticed a few talking of a company called TRM which is from the USA, on doing a simple google search found this ray Goldberg is now in England and has been travel to part of Europe google search came up with a number of issues on this person, have been asked to look at investing in this business my friend from Europe and also spoke to another person in London who has been in direct contact to Goldberg.

    From the looks of this report and the vast amount of negative of possible fraud in the US market Goldberg has relocated to England

    A company search with the English companies reg shows a new formed company within the past six months with now a very close to both the Australian and US business name

    Questions have to be asked now why this Goldberg is in the English market and performing business in Europe after leaving the US market?

    This is the link to a District Court Case with parties of Goldberg
    More google links are from past Australian Business

    According to my investigations in the past week been reading a massive amount of questionable comments
    Nutech Paint Pty Ltd nearly AU$20k for paint purchased in 2009
    Tax Bills in Australia, Wages to Employees

    To this would suggest any who are concerned to place an official report with New Scotland Yard in London.

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  • Ke
      Feb 23, 2014

    He appears to be renting a property in Javea, Spain as of Feb 2014 and is active on the Javea Connect Facebook forum.

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  • Ex
      Nov 03, 2018

    I would like to know where Raymond Goldberg is now. After having lived in Gata de Gorgos, near Javea, he apparently fled the country - just after having all his belongings shipped in from Australia-as he was being searched for by the Guardia Civil. People say he has gone back to Australia. I believe he may have even changed his name. If anybody can give me any information, that would be wonderful.

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