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Contact information:, Rank Us Now, t0mmy, Tommy McDonald Nothing More than Fiverr Resellers Ireland Internet is marketing their services as "SEO Services Built to Last The Test of Time" but it is nothing more than reselling services. They talk a good game and do a lot of advertising and promotion to make them look like there is some substance there but without a doubt it is nothing more than fiverr repackaged.

They also are paying for reviews or gaming reviews on sites like wicked fire and blackhatworld and apparently at least one Mod is in with t0mmy, the supposed owner, as a partner. That makes the service even more of a scam as the Mod is part of the coverup of at least one review that was changed after t0mmy spoke with the reviewer via a PM on BHW.

The first part of the review, the honest one by a user named Abstroose said "This is fine for a low competitive keyword" and had very little benefit to his site. But, in that he was strong armed by someone, he changed his review, not once but twice to eventually say "Received my report. Good communication throughout.".

Typical scam tactics for one of those search engine optimization guys that just outsource their work.

My site did not move at all but because I am not a "well respected member" I'm not going to say anything publically or I could get banned as it seems one of his partners is a Mod there.

One would be better off just bypassing and going directly to the providers on fiverr. You would not have the fancy backend that is offered but you would have the same results for a fraction of the cost., nothing more than a blackhat scam.

Jan 19, 2015
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      25th of Jan, 2015

    I am the owner of this service... Firstly I know who you are and I find it amusing and quite frankly sad that a man of your age and someone who is supposedly considered "reputable" would sink to such low life tactics hah, on the other hand it does show me how pathetic you are just like I always knew ;) and it shows me that we scare you, you can't match the quality of our service and this worries you!

    This is a well known COMPETITOR of ours - This is NOT a client!

    Actually if you check the date of this post vs the date of our service opening you'll quickly see we're new at the time of this post so NO actual legit client has even got a report yet! So could never be talking like this.

    Insread of these low life tactics you would be better sorting your own mess of a service out and competing with us properly as this is just sad!

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      3rd of Feb, 2016

    I have also been scammed by these rogue " seo" I have had my whole site penalized after they delivered just 1/3rd of a 4000 GBP package I ordered.
    They never delivered the rest and instead drop the phone when you try and reach them. They are absolute scammers and anyone should stay away from these con men tommy mcdonald and serplogic are scammers

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      3rd of Feb, 2016

    Another fake review - For starters I have not been with rankusnow for over 6 months now. Secondly they do not charge anyone 4k and they do not charge GBP.

    But lastly and what I feel really shows your true intent here - you mentioned my full name and my newest project. You are a competitor with very little time on their little pathetic hands.

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