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Am Jan 08, 2015 Hialeah, FL

On December 14th, 2014 made a purchase at Rana Furniture of the amount $692.29 transaction # SO123070. This transaction included a mirror (item # 901734 $229.00) which was picked up on December 18th, 2014. Upon arriving to my house I opened the package and noticed that the mirror had paint stain on the side, once the whole mirror was taken out it was obvious that this mirror was not brand new. Numerous stains well all around be back of the mirror and the front. The front had scratches. I immediately contacted Cecilia, the sales person of Rana Furniture she stated she was going to notify her Manager and that would call me right away (did not happen) I called her again on December 19th and she said she did not have time to speak with her manager because the manager was in meetings the whole day and the line got disconnected. Called her again and she said that the manager was requesting pictures of the damages to be emailed and that she would call me back right away (again did not happen). I immediately complied with this request and emailed her the pictures on Dec 19th, 2014 @7:40 PM to [protected] On both days I spoke with Cecilia I stated that I did not want a refund or a discount that all I wanted was a brand new mirror because that it was what I paid for. On Saturday December 20th, 2014 I went to the store because I felt they were stalling me and giving me the go around. I spoke with the store manager Barbara Orta explained the situation and showed her the pictures that were still saved on my cell phone she called their customer service department and was speaking with a lady by the name of Caridad the Customer Service Manager.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Hialeah, FL According with Barbara, this lady said that because the mirror was not "inspected" upon receiving they could not take it back and give me a brand new mirror that the "only" thing the could do is for me to bring the mirror back to them and that they will paint it. I was astonished when I heard that!!! I asked Barbara for the name and phone # of her manager because I wanted to speak with somebody else she said "I cannot give you that information, the owners of this company hired me as the store manager so that they do not have to deal with customers" I asked her again and again for a total of 6 times. She called the customer service manager Caridad again and put me on the phone with her. Caridad stated the same thing that because the merchandise was not inspected they can only paint the mirror for me. Asked her for the phone # of somebody higher and she refused to provide this information, she said she was the customer service manager and that there were nobody else I could speak with. I said "are you telling me that you and Barbara Orta are the only ones running the whole Rana Furniture? There is nobody else?" had to ask for that information about 4 more times until she gave me the name of HECTOR RUEDA the operations manager at Rana Furniture. Barbara then gave me the name of Max Rodriguez one of the "top managers" of Rana Furniture. After this I left the store and started researching for consumers protection until I found you and that is why I writing to you to see if you can protect me against this injustice of Rana Furniture

I feel that there are only 2 outcomes that I would like to have out of this situation.

1)I paid for a brand new mirror and that is what I want. Rana Furniture needs to give me a brand new mirror. I do not want a defective one or second hand used mirror. Moreover, I DO NOT want a mirror that they have to paint to make it look brand new.

2) If Rana Furniture is not willing to give me a brand new mirror, then I want a full refund of the price I paid for including sales taxes ($229.00 + sales taxes)

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