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Rampage Group Relatives of Mathew De Grood / Malicious prosecutor to conceal relations

1 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Review updated:

How the Ramage family used police ties to maliciously prosecute an innocent person they were worried would tell their relation to Mathew DeGrood and inspector De Grood. Roberto Farinha a builder developer working in Calgary was approached by Ramage and told if he pursued his inquires. The Ramages would use police connections to destroy him first. Farinha thought this was crazy. Not believing the Ramages and De Groods were above the law Mr Farinha went to Calgary Police Commision to lodge a complaint. Mr Farinha was in a civil battle with Robert Hensel a nefarious mortgage fraudster out of Vancouver. Mr Farinha later put together. That Hensel had told Ramage that Farinha was going to let the cat out of the bag in the relationship of De Grood And Ramage relationship. At the time Ramage threatened Farinha to keep his mouth shut. Rampage stated they were using their money and connections to muzzle Farinha. That night Farinha looked on his LinkedIn and saw Deanna Doyle office of the chief of police looking at his profile. Farinha thought Ramage couldn't have this kind of power they must finally be looking into Farinha allegations of Hensel. One year after Farinha begged the police to look in and they repeated and on recording told him they won't look into it. How Farinha doesn't have rights and Farinha doesn't know the law they do. Since then directed by the office of the chief police directed by Doyle and the de Groods and with the approval of the Ramages. They have run a scatter gun campaign of false charges on Mr Farinha to shut him up. They have even gone so far as telling Farinha he could wind up dead. Farinha is now living in hiding in the Vancouver area after the ordeal. He told me at the time it was like a western movie were a powerful family could control the local sheriff, Farinha then commented. If that's justice no wonder Mathew felt he could take so many lives with no reprocusions it's something his family projected. That they were above the law. Farinha hopes the Ramages and Degroods and members of Calgary Police can be brought to justice for this attack on the citizens of Calgary

Rampage Group Relatives of Mathew De Grood

Jun 9, 2015
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  • Su
      9th of Jun, 2015
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    You can contact Ficom to discuss Robert Hensels admitted practice of fraud in mortgages. To date he has hidden his accounting. Farinha alleges Hensel put mortgages on the properties they were in partnership and leant out the money twice. Proving fraud was a big part of how Hensel to the Ramages conducted his business.

  • Su
      12th of Jun, 2015
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    Correction. Michelle Doyle not Deanna Doyle Calgary Police Services. Guaranteed she will lie to cover her tracks. She should be dismissed immediately for abusing police services

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