Raju Kurianfraud

J Nov 27, 2017

Denmark Police is in search of Raju Kurian, who cheated more than 7000 people in the name of Denmark and looted more than 3 crore Indian rupees. When his victims came to know about their condition by Raju Kurian's game -plan, he simply flew to USA without repaying a single penny to people. As a USA resident, he is settled in USA. But at the time when he needs money, he visits his hometown, Kerala. In Kerala, he simply made fool of people by his dishonest, cunning business strategy and as a result general people lost their huge amount of money when they got his trap. Raju Kurian opened several consultancy to snatch people's hard-earned cash to show them some false dream or fake promise. It is highly recommended not to set feet in the trap of Raju Kurian's business plan. Otherwise, you will lose your huge amount of money.

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