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Rainbow Air Academy / FRAUD AND RACISM

1 Long Beach, CA, United States Review updated:
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RAINBOW AIR in long beach california has 16 indian students...and the owner of the school is not allowing any student to fly...they have sold half of their fleet of aircrafts and other aircrafts are on sale...they dont have FUel since 2 months and Students have paid all the money for training about 40.000 $ at the start of their training...students have also been forced to refuel the aircraft on their own expenses...they also pass alot of racism comments and say Indian do Drugs the previous meeting held by them the owner Threatened all students by saying if anybody files a case about them they will shut down the school and not pay any student any money...Every student is afraid and cant do anything about student who hired a lawyer and filed a complaint got terminated from the school and was forced to return back to his own country...Please help and let me know what to do... Thanks in advance

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  • Si
      10th of Mar, 2009

    Check with the Department of education, or with the FAA. One of those groups should recognize that facility that your speaking of and be able to direct you in the right area.

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  • Na
      25th of Mar, 2009

    I have been working with Rainbow Air for almost 4 years now. I instructed there for 1 of those years. The owner is as dirty as they come. He takes pleasure in intimidating students to get paid in full by halting their flying. He is being investigated by several government agencies for fraud, theft, labor violations, and even smuggling. I only write this because I have been questioned over and over by several authorities regarding these allegations.

    Beware, Rainbow Air will take your money, promise you an amazing deal, and then provide NOTHING. They sold most of his fleet to pay for outstanding bills after being taken to court and then charges his students for fueling the aircraft they already pre-payed for.

    Please stay far away from this dirty scam artist. You will regret trusting anything he promises.

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  • Ki
      14th of Apr, 2009

    I completely agree with this.
    Ray Grimmett(Owner) and Katrina Orthmon(Admissions Officer) should be behind bars.
    They have robbed so many students.
    This should be taken up to the FAA. Those students who are stuck there, don't be afraid of the threats. They will be forced to return your money. Have faith in the law. The legal system in the US is awesome.
    You all might aswell get your moneys worth at a better school.
    Trust me, you all need to take an initiative.
    Good Luck all.

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  • Un
      3rd of Nov, 2009

    i was a student about 3 years ago and i had a mixed experience. i found that the instructors were amazing, really friendly and looked out for the students. the owner just wanted your money and that was it. the aircraft they use are old, and most dont work too well. at one point only one plane was servicable. i also found the equipment and books provided were a bit substandard and there was no help in converting to a UK NPPL..

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  • Af
      3rd of Nov, 2009

    Oh! Jesus Crist! Ray Mother [censored]er and his X-stripper bit*h from Vegas are really ripping people off! Still new students are getting stuck in his fraud spiral!! Beware people, it time to bring him down to his need!

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  • Fi
      24th of Mar, 2010

    After paying a huge sum of 40000$ this is how foreign students are being treated in this "renowned academy" . These students come out of this academy after 2+ years for a course of less then a year. I don't really understand how this Academy is still running after such ### reviews about it. They're ripping Indian students off. the owner should be dragged to the court or dragged out and should be beaten without any mercy. Get a life Ray . hope your children don't have to see this day as other parents are. Imagine it for your kids buddy .

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  • Fr
      25th of Mar, 2010

    whats going on in this ###ing rainbow?there are cheating the people who are coming from india.and that ray a big dam cheat.
    hello ray u also have child we are going to kill them.if you are going to cheat like this

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  • Lo
      6th of Apr, 2010

    I am an ex-student and when i was there...i did not notice any such malpractices/allegations.Ray had been straight forward, honest and to the point which might give you a false image of him being rude.
    I agree planes kept getting down for maintenance but the maintenance facility Rainbow had with skilled mechanics was commendable.
    Instructors were really good.
    I am unaware of whats been happening there since i came back to India however i do agree with the fact that Rainbow was running low on funds.
    I would suggest, instead of banking on all these alleged comments one should talk to any current rainbow student to know the truth.

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  • Av
      21st of Aug, 2010

    The comment above is obviously Ray!!
    You want to hear from a Student?? Students...especially VETS BEWARE!
    I was a student here 5 years ago. After getting "Approved" for a $75K loan which I continued to tell them I didnt need... Max (another fraud if he is still there)assured me it was only "just in case"...only a year later when I got my first student loan bill did I find out I owed the 75K plus interest (85K) of which I used $25K!
    The whole time I followed up on VA paperwork that they never submitted to get refunded from my GI Bill(I dont know why???). The VA did nothing because I had to talk with my VA Rep at the school...(A Joke cause it was RAY!!!)
    During my time there I saw all sorts of illegal and immoral behavior. Their oldest trick was telling international students after drawing out their training until their visa's ran out, that they had money left on the books when they returned...they never did return and Ray pocketed the money. Another student they took advantage of, was one who couldnt fly and was not very bright. EVERYONE knew they would NEVER earn their Commercial rating, yet they strung this student along to take the students money and laughed and joked about it behind closed doors. One person said they even talked about "cleaning them out" (The student had an inheritance or something)

    Another time after sqwacking a bad magnetic compass, they still tried to send me and my instructor up into IMC!!! A death sentence! Thankfully the Instructor was on his game.
    Their former Chief pilot is still a friend. He gave me all sorts of dirt that I passed on to the FAA. Unfortunately he also warned me that Ray was good friends with the local FAA guy, so nothing came of it. have been warned.

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  • Si
      4th of May, 2014

    Someone knows how is it related this school with flyright aviation inc. In vegas?

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