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Rai Business school-chennai / Cheating

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Hai people i just want to tell about a Rai business school chennai .Which is one of the cheap business school l in chennai .Which gives correspondence or regular degree in the name of MBA.which god really knows.They are lot of cases in name of rai foundation.They do the billing everything name of tamil nadu education trust.It doesnt have AICTE nor UGC .Nothing they say they are afflicated with EILLM.That, s crap univ which is somewhere in Sikkim.You know supreme court has passed a rule that if you want to have college or B-school and you offer UNIV degree MBA then the univ should be inside the state.Plz dont join rai business school chennai .It, s very soon going to get closed.They tell they give placements.They have all fake offer letters.They threat students by telling they will sent them out.Plz dont take a chance.Director Cherian jacob is one of main reason for spoiling the carrers of poor students.He will be very soon in front of law.They will say foreign tour and foregin internship but nothing they offer.They will say pay 20000rs and register and they will get you a bank loan.But they will not help you.Then student wil get fed up of trying himself and he asks for the fees they will not give it back.They itself print the degree, Marksheet & Diploma certificate and issue to the students.And this is the B-school in the case already Dont join.They have lot of fake offer letters.Plz check how many students joined by themselves.How many got placed.See what is the package they will not put that and all in the website. VERY IMP:IF YOU GET A CALL/LETTER FROM RAI BUSINESS SCHOOL DONT GO .THEY WILL SAY WE HAVE KEPT FREE COUNSELLING AND TRY TO BRAIN WASH YOU STUDENT

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  • Mo
      1st of Mar, 2010
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    My name is Mohammed Samiuddin am an x-Employee of Rai business school chennai.I want whistle blow issue to tamil nadu education department .But am getting threatened by Rai business school people.All i want to tell is Rai business school chennai is not AICTE/UGC approved.They are not recognized with any government body and they run a B-School .They say they facilitate in getting MBA by IILM university in Sikkim.As per the government norms a college should have the university affliction inside the state.But they having outside the state.Recently ICFAI NATIONAL COLLEGE was closed because of this. How come Rai Business school alone can run.Not this alone sir they charge almost 6lakhs from the students.For this and they say placements.Which really god only knows.The offer letters should be checked.Please do some inquiry so that most of the poor people get saved.Please help the students community.

  • Ro
      9th of Mar, 2010
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    hi sameer,

    this is sonam jagasia, an alumni of Rai Business School. As a student of rai busines school, i know a bunch of students who faired well in studies and reached heights by getting placed at good places inspite of recession., also saw some kids who faired really well when it came to marks, and got placed at fair places but did not prove to be of good cadre and moved out. I think it all depends on the attitude of the student. its your attitude that decides where and how you would fit and where you would grow.

    i thinking cribbing is never a solution.

    As a student my entire group got placed at good places, and my personal success started from rai business school itself.

    The exposure i have received, in terms of extra curricular activities was incredible, we have had an excellent memory at the Bharathidasan university's national culturals, where rai business school won a first place as we being contestants in the ad related contests, where we were competing against ISB, hyd, LIBA, SP jain mumbai, NMIMS. I certainly give the credits to my advertising/marketing faculties for the standing applause our group received!

    About Mr. Cherian Jacob, who is the regional director, has taken a special interest in placing deserving students at places like moserbaer, cognizant, palpap and many more.
    as a student i certainly have no complaints.

  • Sg
      27th of Mar, 2010
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    Dear Sonam that Tamil Nadu Education department will Decide it.I know some of the drop outs do business for MR.Cherian jacob.Moreover i know Sonam does conducts quiz program called Campus kuber behalf of RAI BUSINESS SCHOOL .And in the name of quiz program .They collect the database and do Marketing .Is it Ethical. To my Knowledge Rai Business school is the most filthiest business school ever seen. All kind of UN-ETHICAL work goes on.It's already in a scanner with lot of government body's like Sales tax.Already there is case in name of Rai foundation.

    I end by saying don't join.If you still do that.Then your putting your life in soup.


  • Ro
      31st of Mar, 2010
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    Hi guys i did check out the college today, with my parents, just doing a small research on the schools.

    watching the entire b school scenario openly, every school comes up with new techniques to survive, so i wouldnt complain on the same . I just would like to know if the syllabus they follow makes any sense to the student, thats all is in my concern . I pretty ok with the fees, so wanted to know if it justifies.

    I have heard of campus Kuber, and i personally liked the concept . Let me know if someone could throw light on the syllabus! prefer non emotional views please !!!

  • So
      31st of Mar, 2010
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    Hi rohit,

    This is rekha, a student running about to search for good B schools again ! checked out IIPM, RBS, IILM, MAgnus, Great lakes, and many more. every one has some story to say about everything. If you get some more gyan on the same, please let me know to ...

    I go with you on your view, the people who would reply, this is for you - "NON emotional views please!

    ciao! :)

  • So
      31st of Mar, 2010
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    @ sameer - thanks dude ! Yes i would run this program called "campus kuber ", the college ran it for two reasons one being - breaking the stage fear of the students, which we genuinely did work on, and secondly as Mr. Sameer marketed, we try reaching our target segment directly to tell them tht we exist . This kind of marketing is called EMBEDDED marketing, which is catching the interest of the market today! About it being ethical??? WE did not make them leave their existing college, we did not expose them to illegal activities, so i certainly didnt understand the meaning of the question. But no hard feelings with you Mr. Sameer, i dont even know you .

    @ Rohit - dude, thanks for the appreciation . And about the syllabus, i think u should judge it urself. i aint sure about other colleges, but yeah i am sure u cud walk up to them and ask them to show u the courseware, if that makes sense.
    may be you could judge it better then! i think rbs did have their courseware on their website! u can be the best judge for urself!

    @ rekha - buddy, i know how it feels to run about with so many confusions, its all about career, and its important. about stories, u know our govn needs to make money so they would bring in new issues, make the money and then leave these B schools to do their own duties... so do not go on the new cases that crops up . just check that no corporate refuses to take a student from the particular college u choose, i think tht shud do. After u r done with ur MBA, n got placed with a good corporate, nobody would come back rating ur B school, or oulling out their cases. infact i was reading something about ISB recently, but people do not deny that they wrk like crazy to get into it inspite of hearing gossips. its the same with ICFAI too, it gives out polished students, but has got closed twice in the chennai market because of govn problems. But corporates trust them . Just be ur own judge!!! All the best girl!!!

  • So
      31st of Mar, 2010
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    Rekha - u hve already taken me to 1000+1 B schools, i aint gonna run about with u anymore !!!

    anyways guys keep writing !!! and check out blogs on aquafina - might catch your interest !!!

  • Gr
      31st of Mar, 2010
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    check this out

    i had a laughter ride.

    c'mon people comlaints board isnt a emotional thrash can !!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ah aha ha ha ha

    - HR greg

  • Ca
      1st of Apr, 2010
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    Sonam nice team work. When inquiry happens please go and help MR.Cherian ok..

    In similar way like Epilogue, Campus kuber or wat everrrrrr

    Rai Business school Chennai -Funny Bunch of people.

    For Admissions what and all he does.

  • Ja
      7th of Jun, 2010
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    Rai business school needs only cash..It, s an a trash

  • Ar
      8th of Jun, 2010
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    Hey Buddy I aggree with you.Am ex rai student chennai.
    No 1 cheters .

  • Sa
      9th of Jun, 2010
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    Yes u people are right...Total Cheating B-School in chennai is Rai Business School

  • 41
      16th of Sep, 2010
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    Dear Mr.Cherian Jacob

    MBA Aspirants 2010 -11 Don't get cheated by a college which tells it Facilitate MBA degree
    Guys find out what is the difference b/w tuition coaching center & college.
    --------->>>>>>>> Stop Cheating <<<<<<<--------

    If you get call or letter stating that you have been shortlisted or selected by Rai business school Chennai. Carefully take the decision. Cheaters will be there unless people like Mr.Cherian Jacob are there. He is big time crook. He says a Rai Business School Chennai facilitates its students to obtain a recognized MBA degree apart from its renowned post graduate Certification in Management. So it clearly says it offers correspondence degree. Facilitate means guys find out the example…The real meaning is wha.To my knowledge its correspondence. I think Its a tuition center. (PGPM / MBA* - Duration 2 years)

  • Sa
      22nd of Sep, 2010
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    Iam a 2010 pass out student. i disagree with the wrong comments given by people. Because 90% of the 2010 pass out have been placed at a gud company. I have placed in Dell before my completion of 4th semester exam. I paid fees throgh bank loan only. I got loan from Dhanalakshmi Bank. If u have good percentage in U.G and shows proper income proof of ur father bank gives loan.

    rai Business school never hides its a open book. To know the it more detail visit

  • Sg
      23rd of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    If good score and Father's income proof (proper Colletrals).The bank itself will give.What is RBS is doing..

    That every one can get..what does the college does then..

    Then why does your college say 100% placement

    What type of companies are they..After studying MBA will you go and sell Insurance..he heee...

  • Sg
      23rd of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    You can say Dell ..Selling of Dell laptops..You dont need MBA degree..kid..For a sales job..YOU NO NEED SPEND 2YRS ..SO CALLED BUSINESS SCHOOL

  • Sg
      23rd of Sep, 2010
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  • Rr
      1st of Oct, 2010
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    I am not here to cry and tell about my problems am making it very clear. If anybody’s [censor]ing balls are tight please come and answer these questions.
    RBS website states that Wi-Fi and Air conditioned Campus. But if you sit in the class A.C will not work and Wi-Fi will not work. What do you say for this?
    If a student gets a job by himself or by his contacts you can’t get his offer letter and photocopy it and say he is placed.
    Call center or Insurance jobs is not called placement. Fine leave that also. See the placement tab in the website what about the salary part of them why that they are not displaying see the list there are not more than 50 students in that list and they call themselves as 100% placement.
    Collecting fine from the students. If the student makes one day delay in paying the fees. Not allowing him to write the University exams if he doesn’t pay the fees.
    Why RBS-Chennai is called as Tamil Nadu Education Trust. In website if you see it has tie up with 3 or 2 universities which are the real one and how is it possible. 2008 and 2009 batch students still haven't got the certificate from so called University EILLM.
    In RBS-Chennai website says (Rai Business School facilitates its students to obtain a recognized MBA degree apart from its renowned post graduate Certification in Management). What does it mean? Is it a Tuition center then?
    Can student do Doctorate with this cheap’s really big question mark
    As per Rule of Tamil Nadu government you can’t have a partner university outside the state. That’s why ICFAI was closed. Why cherian Jacob is not getting closed along with his wife. He should be arrested and taken on the road.
    They promise that they will get the bank loan for the students but ultimately they don’t do that.
    The website states RBS Chennai campus has a well - stocked library, seminar hall, big parking space. Please go and check. Find out how many Journals, Case studies & Harvard books they have.

    I am not here to discuss my personal problems.Please get that thing into your head. I only alerting people.

  • Va
      3rd of Oct, 2010
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    Hey.. this jobless bhai started again in someother name? Some of my friends at Rai told me about him who was sent out from Rai Chennai during recession and since then he is messaging in different blogs in different names. Just because they told me about it I was looking at it. Yes, what they said is correct and now he started F quotes too. Dude, be decent in serious forums. I was with IIPM Delhi and placed at Chennai. Oh my God it was really hilarious there. My friends were supposed to join there but landed up at Rai Chennai because of high fees. But I understand all of them are placed well. That way IIPM, Rai, Amity are all in same level. But, boy nothing like IIPM. It rocks. No doubt you have to spend more. Lots of fun there. WE DARE TO THINK BEYOND IIMs. WE HAVE UNLIMITED DREAMS. GUYS COME AND JOIN IIPM.
    Regarding this Gov degree and doctorate. LOL, guys who join b school for doctorate? Why UGC or Gov cant do anything against IIPM or MS University offering their MBA to IIPM all over India. Do you know that a University is much powerful than UGC or AICTE? Why they cant do anything to MS University, IIPM, Rai or Amity. Education is more liberalized. Gov or regulatory authorities can not have control over it. Actually UGC is giving more publicity to IIPM with its continuous negative advts in media. BTW who wants Gov recognized degree nowadays? Join some arts college if you are so particular. ICFAI judgment was because of same name of university and multiple study centers in the state. Whats Amity doing in Chennai? Similar stuff but only one center. Actually ICFAI is doing well in other states. They are opening 9 universities across India.
    I dont know what this sick guy is upto. Is he still jobless? Or declared JIHAD against Rai? LOL. Real comedian.

  • Sg
      4th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I might be comedian or jobless..the Schools which you all mentioned are good or bad..That public will decide kid..When some unethical things happens in the company and you try to whistle blow ..Immediately company says recession and he was sent out.. haa haaa...Anyways that, s far apart .am not here to brand build anything..It's your life guys don't get stuck in crap place..

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