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Ragdoll Cats


Sells sick cat / doesn't honor contract / deceptive

Complaint Rating:  97 % with 29 votes
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Contact information:
Ga Southern Dolls
Grovetown, Georgia
United States
Phone: 706-863-4496
We bought a Ragdoll kitten in Dec. from Luke and Cheryl Bromagen. They gave him antibiotic drops on his way out the door. Kitten died less than 72 hours later-was septic from intestinal parasite. Breeder promised replacement cat- but never answered emails or apologized. Waited for new litter and was told to get lost. Further investigation revealed these cats NEVER saw a vet- they've been doing it out of their home and bullying people that complain. Hopefully more lawsuits will come forward, we were successful in showing our cat was ill well before we received him. These people are wicked and looking to make a quick buck at the expense of these animals. BEWARE!!
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A  29th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
Same experience.We bought 2 from them and both died before 1 year of age.Received the same response from them, it was our fault and none of their own.I hope there are others of us out there so we can prevent this from happening to anyone else.
A  30th of Jul, 2010 by    +1 Votes
see 'report it now'- there are many agencies we can report to!
A  22nd of Dec, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Now there are 3 of us with the same experience. We bought 2 ragdoll kittens in July. The first one died 6 weeks later from FIP a contagious, deadly feline disease. The second kitten died in November from the same disease. Please if you have not already done so, report your stories/complaints to the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture at 404-656-4914. talk to Vanessa Green or Mary Greene. This agency governs lisencing and inspection of catteries. It was devastating to to see these kittens suffer not to mention the pain to me and my children. No other kittens or families should have to go through this!
A  9th of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Make that 4 of us with the same experience. I bought 2 Ragdoll kittens from Cheryl and Luke Bromagen of Southern Dolls, LLC in October 2009. The first one had to be euthanized within a week of coming home due to Wet FIP. Her brother was euthanized six months later with FIP that was confirmed by necropsy. It was a devastating experience for the kittens and for my family. We also received a court judgement in our favor.
A  14th of Oct, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Now that makes 5 of us, and probably more with the same experience. Buyer beware of this con artist! I am in the process of doing everything in my power to have Cheryl Bromagen's cattery shut down. She is a shrewd business women and a LIAR! I agree with all of these comments, as they only validated what I already expected and experienced. I spent close to $1, 000 on 2 kittens from Southern Ragdolls, and last month had to have one euthanized at only 9 months old. This was a very stressful and tragic thing to go through. My vet confirmed my kitten had a congenital illness. I made Cheryl aware of this and sent her all the vet records. At first she acted concerned, then took forever to get back to me, and in the mean time I was waiting for her to offer some sort of compensation. After getting fed up and tired of waiting for her to offer compensation, I sent her an e-mail demanding she compensate me for my cat and give me my money back. It was then that Cheryl fired back a few nasty, cruel e-mails basically blaming me of causing my kittens illness, and saying I didn't do enough to try and save him. She also refused to offer any form of compensation, which is totally against what her contract states. Her kittens are supposed to be 100% guaranteed against genetic defects, and I was the lucky one to end of with a sickly kitten from her. Beware of this women!! She is going down. I will do everything in my power to make her pay for this and get her cattery shut down! I plan on taking her to court. If anyone else has taken her to court and been successful, please let me know.
A  25th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
I'm Kinda having a similar experience ...
A  1st of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
I also purchased a kitten from this breeder, we only had him for 2 months when he started show symptoms and vet ran test, It is FIP. We are sadden and heart broken as we fell in love with this kitten, no reply from seller after multple attempts to contact her.
N  18th of Aug, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I am sorry to hear that you put your kitten down to sleep. Coronavirus is a benign virus which causes colds in humans ( human specific) bovine, dogs the list goes on. Coronavirus itself is not deadly, BUT if a kitten has a compromised immune system it can turn to FIP, which can NOT be confirmed on a living animal. The only test to confirm a kitten has Coronavirus is a fecal or one derived directly from body cavitie fluids confirmed via PCR DNA/RNA test, that test alone does NOT confirm FIP, simply that the cat has been in contact with the Coronavirus and is shedding it, please note the coronavirus is not one single virus it is several different strains of a cold: type of virus umbrellaed under the name Caronavirus, which is why any antigen or DNA/RNA test can not quantify a predisposition to FIP or confirm FIP, as only 1 strain can turn into FIP, unless the aforementioned mutate to FIP. It is estimated nearly half of all domestic felines will have some sort of positive result if tested for Corona Virus, with varying numbers greater than that in catteries or high number households and rescues. The FIP itself is not what kills a cat or kitten it is the kitten or cats bodies immune systems overreaction which causes death, which cannot be predicted.

While you should of received a healthy kitten from the start, it is more than probable that this kitten was positive for Coronavirus, and it mutated while in your care, and highly unlikely that it had mutated prior as it is not a spontaneous event. Unless you had your vet do a thorough exam and testing within the first few days in which you had the kitten for DNA/RNA status of Coronavirus.

I personally do not know this breeder, nor can I compliment nor condone her breeding practices,

Ideally one would hope that every precautionary test has been run on her cats, and her kittens, but because of the elusive and unpinpointed nature of the Coronavirus(s) there is little protocol besides hygiene that can eradicate it in the breeding environment. It is imperative of any kitten buyer to do their due diligence when they buy a kitten, both before and after acquiring their kitten, responsibility alone does not soley fall on the breeder as once the kitten leaves they cannot control a mutation or a particular strain of virus from changing, as they themselves are not god. In turn if they have had a kitten who had any form of URI prior to placement, I believe it should be disclosed to the buyer, so they may make an informed decision. FIP is a response to a virus, it in itself is not a virus.
N  23rd of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
This makes me number 6. I bought a beautiful mink ragdoll boy from Cheryl. I flew to Georgia to pick it up. She handed him to me in between flights and he was beautiful. I noticed right away that he barely fit into the palm of my hands and was exceptionally small and seemed to be hungry. Luckily I brought him food for the airplane ride back to Phoenix. I took him right away to the vet and he only weighed 14 ounces which is less than 1 pound. I couldn't believe it. I had him tested for everything and the corona virus came back positive with a very high level. I was devastated. I immediately took him to an animal specialist here in Scottsdale that only specializes in sick animals. They immediately put him on antibiotics and a prescription food to put some weight on him. He was closely monitored for a couple months by the doctors. I decided to call Cheryl and let her know her cats were full of the corona virus and after the 5th phone call I realized this classless woman was not going to return any phone calls. I called the doctor she took him to in order to get the release papers for the airplane and he told me that Louie was the smallest in the litter and that Cheryl was aware of FIP in her cattery. My ragdoll (Louie) is a year old now and is very healthy and happy. If you are interested in buying a ragdoll kitten I would not recommend buying one from Southern ragdolls. She does not pay attention to their health and will never return your phone call. Here is a picture of Louie when I got him. I am very saddened for all of you that lost your kitten. I can't imagine losing mine as I would be extremely heart broken.
N  23rd of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
For those with a legitimate complaint regarding a breeder of pedigreed cats, contact the Department of Agriculture in the breeder's state and your home state. In addition, you should contact the registries (The Cat Fanciers' Association, The International Cat Association, American Cat Fanciers Association), the breeder's cattery name is registered with.
Whatever you do, DO NOT file a complaint with anyone who actively solicits complaints for their own sites, such as sicb.info, and ca-catbreeders.info. These sites can do nothing to help you. They are operated by a woman named RoseMarie Zizzo. Ms. Zizzo is herself suspended for life from The Cat Fanciers' Association, for harassment of breeders. She has lost at least one harassment suit. Many others are pending.
N  23rd of Mar, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Hello! Wow am I glad I saw these posts! Southern Ragdolls has a beautiful website, with gorgeous kittens and full grown cats all over it. I was planning to purchase one from them in the future, but now I know not to do so! How horrible!

I have purchased ragdolls before, one female mink from "RitznRagdolls" and one traditional male for my aunt from "Seth's Rags". They are both stunning cats, perfect health, soft coats, they both kind of chirp/ meow and both have the perfect rag temperament. Very loving, although, I would say the male is more clingy, lazy, and less "talkative" then the female LOL. I am attaching pics so you can see there cuteness!
N  31st of Aug, 2013 by    -1 Votes
Minks are unaccepted Variants of the Ragdoll Breed that "NEWBIE" Breeders like yourself should not be Breeding!
N  31st of Aug, 2013 by    -1 Votes
Breeds, Sells and Promotes Mink & Sepia Ragdolls as being traceable to the Foundation Cats of the Ragdoll Breed. This is a FALSE & MISLEADING statement since her cats trace back to cats that I Owned and Bred that are registered RagaMuffins and are a completely different Breed. Her cats are unrecogised Variants of the Ragdoll Breed.

D  2nd of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
I bought a beautiful kitten from this breeder three months ago. He's very healthy, and was healthy from the beginning. When I picked him up, he was 3 months old and 3.5 pounds. She is willing to let you go to her home to see the kittens before purchasing. People choose not to. And while she does have a contract, some things are not included, certain illnesses. I would recommend her to anyone!
N  4th of Sep, 2013 by    -1 Votes
"I bought a beautiful kitten from this breeder three months ago."

This doesn't change the fact that she misleads people into believing Sepia & Mink colors have always been a part of the Breed. They ARE NOT and are Variants of the Ragdoll Breed. They were derived from Outcrosses which are not allowed.
N  21st of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
If something is not covered in her contract, there's not much anyone could have done. You choose the kitten and have a chance to see it before hand. If you neglect to see it before you purchase, that's not her fault. My kitten is a beautiful sepia ragdoll. And I've never had a better cat before.
N  28th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
Sepias ARE NOT recognized or accepted colors for Ragdolls. You purchased a Variant which is not a Ragdoll.
N  19th of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
Yet I have his pedigree. Just stop trying to bash her. You're probably another breeder trying to deter people away from her.
N  29th of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
"Yet I have his pedigree. Just stop trying to bash her. You're probably another breeder trying to deter people away from her."

You have a TICA pedigree & registration slip issued for a Ragdoll Variant. TICA is a genetic registry that can & does register "Mixed Breed" litters. "Variant Ragdolls" are registered with Ragdolls NOT as Ragdolls.
N  12th of Feb, 2014 by    +2 Votes
Until you have had a kitten (or 2 like I did, wet & dry form) that needed to be put down due to FIP before the age of 11 months don't scold those of us that have complained here on Complaintsboard.
Of course we would like to deter people from their cattery so that other people don't have to go through the pain that we did.
And yes, they are selling non-registered Ragdolls!

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