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Rafter 6 Quarter Horses / Deceptive business practice

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Complaint against Rafter 6 Quarter Horses Red Rock TX. I have been making payments on a horse and now find the horse is still being offered for sale. They will not respond to e-mails or phone messages. So far have been unable to find if horse is even on ranch. Have found court a=cases involving deceptive business practices by this place. Address 885 Bateman Rd--Red Rock TX. 78662 Phone [protected]. Feel like I have lost my money paid so far over $2000.00 In contact with county sheriff's office . So far no action from them.

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  • Je
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    I also bought a horse from rafter 6 and feel that I got ripped off. He was a "trained" barrel horse, and good for any level rider. I rode him at their place and he was just fine. but when i took him home, he reared up and flipped over backwards on me, making me believe that they used a calmer on him. I'm glad that I got him and not a child, because he would have killed them! Then come to find out, he's not 15 like they told me, he's actually 20 years old! These people are nothing but horse traders! I would never recommend buying anything from them!!

  • Cr
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    I bought a horse in Jan 2007 from Rafter 6. He is exactly as he was presented to be in age and disposition. He is an excellent horse for me and I will keep him until one of us passes to the great beyond. I have been riding for over 40 years and was a professional trainer and instructor in my younger days.

    Whenever buying a horse from a consignment barn or an auction, I recommend bringing an experienced person with you that is able to evaluate the horse. Take everything you are told with a grain of salt, visit the horse more than once, and depend mostly on yours and the professionsal's evaluation. Always get the horse thoroughly vet checked before purchasing. Even though a vet check will cost you several hundred dollars, buying a horse with health or soundness problems can cost you even more.

    Do not go into this if you insufficient funds to pay up front. A horse is a very expensive proposition, especially AFTER purchase. It's not like a car or a bicycle that you can buy and then ignore. A horse requires shelter, feed, daily grooming, regular farrier care (trim or shod), and veterinary care. Do your homework and understand the full extent of your comittment before you look for a horse to buy.

  • An
      2nd of Sep, 2008
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    I also was ripped off by Rafter 6 and Christina Beaver. Sued her in Bastrop District Court and she was found guilty of Deceptive Trade Practices and the court says she owes me 27, 000 of which I have been unable to collect. This is a public record and can be checked out. Also, the sherriff's dept. is aware they are not to trusted.

  • Ke
      24th of Oct, 2008
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    I would like for everyone who has had a problem or complaint against Rafter 6 Quarterhorses to please contact me. I have something in process that could help all of the victims of these operators.

    my e-mail address is From there we can exchange phone numbers and other information.


    Ken aka SeaBeeSC

  • Ge
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    ARe you still taking complaints against Rafter 6? I have a horse that came from there, and the owner, who consigned his horses with them may want to pursue a complaint. He was very upset.

    Actually, I was also lied to by them and have documents that indicate some deception on their part.


  • Tr
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    First off let me say this, I have NOT been ripped off by Rafter 6 QHs. Yet, I almost was. They had a horse named "Vegas" advertised for sale & I had contacted them for a partial trade. We e-mailed back and forth for a couple weeks then when I tried to call her, she responded to my voice messages by e-mail (how odd). I finally realized she is a fraud, being as I tried for almost a month to try to talk to her and she continually refused to call me back. Now, what kinda person will not speak to a prospective client?? To add to this, she also refused to give me any other information about said horse. All these together just adds up to a truly untrusworthy individual.

  • Am
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    I traded Christina a horse that I had and disliked for a wonderful paint gelding that was awesome. Unfortunately my boyfriend got out of riding, and I sold the horse. But she was totally up front and honest, and everything she said was tried and true about the horse. (Including a pre purchase vet exam). I am looking to buy another one and may just go back to Christina for my next horse!

  • Br
      9th of Dec, 2008
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    I too have had somewhat of a bad experience with these gals. I brought a horse to be consigned, and sold her to Rafter 6 after the "90 day" time-frame.

    She was advertised at nearly DOUBLE my asking price for the duration of her time there. The asking price I listed was recommended by Christina herself. When I expressed concern over the advertised price of the horse, I was told that Rafter 6 would take their commission on my asking price, and would KEEP anything over that amount - including horses in trade! NOT my understanding, and certainly not what the wording of the contract states.

    Unfortunately, we could in no way afford to pay the boarding costs to be able to take the horse back. As a result, Christina bought her for little more than our basement price with elaborate plans to keep her and to breed her as her own horse. She was also being hauled regularly to compete in Team Penning events.

    Imagine my surprise at being contacted recently by the Texas State Animal Health Department with questions about our involvement with the horse (who has now been shipped overseas...) and with Rafter 6. Thank goodness for my habit of keeping copies of all receipts and veterinary paperwork.

    What a shame. I would love to know how the mare is doing now. Let me know if you're the new owner of the well bred "Foxy Bay Roan Mare!"

  • Ho
      2nd of Jan, 2009
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    I think that many people that have put a reply on her that say they are unhappy with some on goings of this business have really done little business with them at all. I have been a happy client for several years. I have had them sell horses for me, and yes if you read the contract, what they charge is very clearly spelled out. I have also purchased many horses from them and have had nothing but happy times and many wonderful memories made on the horses that came from their ranch. I don't feel as thought this complaint board is a fair spread of the board. If their business sold even 100 horses last year and you are hearing from, lets inflate this 10 unhappy buyers or seller (speople who have not done busiess with them or were not returned phone calls really don't amount to much) that still keeps them in the 90% happy client range and I honestly feel like most of you forget to think that. If you look through what you are told when you get a horse there you will see she has not owned these horses for long peiods and does try to get the clients to present all the information she needs by asking them to fill out a client form with lots of questions that helps her to know the horse. As I said. I like the business and support it both in my business and through my word of mouth. People are offered the right to get a prepurchase exam. If you had elected to do so in many of the complains you have here you would have no reason to be here at all. If you bought a 15yr old horse and did a pre purchase...guess what the vet would have told you...If you think the horse was drugged or whatever your issue is...guess what a pre pruchase would have made a note of the horse appearing to be unusually calm and make that note for you to present to the seller. But for the most part there seems to be people who bought a horse that was
    a) older then what they thought, lets note that you should have had a prepurchase if you were so unexperienced and worried about being a first time buyer, in the paper work you sign from them it tells you that they recommed you have a prepurchase exam. This is also noted several times on their website including on each horses page that says they recommed you have a prepurchase exam.
    b) had an issue with the selling price of their horse, which they received a contract telling them how it worked from day one.
    c) One guy on here that was buying the horse, and decided that he could not afford to purchase the horse that he had been making payments on, and agreed to buy, because everyone is ripping him off, that would be the barn builders as well if you email him and ask him for his story, I did. So he went to a contract where he was suppost to purchase a horse and pay boarding but he decided that he was not able to afford the horse so he should be refuned his money. Does that happen in anything?? Your buying a new truck, you have been making payments on it for months, for that matter years, now you lost your job, and can't pay for it. They should give you all the money you paid in to it and not come and take the truck back right. If you have ever had this done. They take the truck they sell it and they still put a charge on your credit for several 1000.00 because you owed them money and you broke a contract. It works the same. The man writting this complaint is trying to get people to feel sorry for him because he is an older man on a fixed income. Well he could read, I have chatted with him on email, he can read well. He also can read well enought to have the sheriff sent out to Rafter 6, the sherriff dismissed his complaints and said that he thought the horse was quite a big one and looked fine. He did nothing but ask if Christina had the man's email address. Because apparently even the Sherriff who came out was having a time getting emails to him because he was changing email servers. I am sorry this man is out of his money. I really am. I have as I said done business with them on a regular basis and can tell you that Christina is a stand up person. I did not personally like one of the girls she had working for her but she is no longer there so I don't think there is anything that I personally can complain about. I understand this man made payments on a horse that he is not going to get. But I do understand that at the same time now the business has to all the stuff over again it took to get this buyer. He knew he was paying boarding and cost when he went into this contract. He fell behind and Christina worked with him from what I understand from the man when I chit chated with him though email, but then he stopped sending money for a couple of months and then he could only send boarding and pay nothing to the balance. The horse was suppost to be paid of in a couple of month and they were streaching it to give the man time to get his barn built nothing more nothing less. I feel sorry for the man. I know it is never a good feeling just to give money away. But that is what he did because he did not think things through.
    d) The only one on here that is complaining that has a some what vaild complaint is the woman who went and did things through the court system. She won a court case and so that stands on its own merrits. Right Wrong Indiffrent, that is something that is backed up in the legal system and that is the only one that is really coming on here and complaining that has any gripe other then just not reading the contract, either by not knowing how much the consignment was or that you should get a prepurchase check. She is the only one that has the documents that say that Christina did anything wrong. To be fair, I have read those as well. And she won, won and won everything she asked for, but then again Christina did not have any show up to court on her behalf.
    Now that all of you have taken the time to read this. I thought I would say thank you for at least looking at things from the other side. I have never known Christina to have a problem letting you know who the horse you sold with her business was sold to? What would that benifit her any. She does not have a problem with you checking on your horse.
    I would say what all of this comes down to, has been said time and again, and that is you should always have a prepurchase vet exam on any horse you buy from anyone. That is just good horse sence.
    I will leave you with this for every one complaint that is posted here I am sure she has 40 happy clients that are not posting on here. But I will make sure to get them to so you can see that this should not be just one sided.

  • 2h
      4th of Jan, 2009
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    Hello to All That Have Posted Here.
    I would like to ad to all of this that I have and will continue to do business with Christina and the business which she runs. She has done great by our family and everyone I know who has taken the time to go out and meet with her and the horses she has available. I would like to add that I have told several friends about the site and business and 4 out of 5 that I sent went to the ranch and purchase a horse they use pretty much daily. I work with a group that is lots of ladies here in the area that get together and go trail riding so I do lots of talking and chatting with people who spend time doing pleasure type outings with their horses. I have no heard of any problems with a horse that was purchased there or traded. I know that sometimes people do have problems with horses they purchase, and by that I mean purchase from anyone. I have been doing and active in this group of trail riders for 3 years now so know of many other business including but not limited to Cullum Horse Sells, Keith Ranches, TonkaWoods, and L&M Horse Sales that are also with in 150 miles from where we base or group. I have heard many things about these people both bad and good. I do not know if they have postings on this board about their busiesses but I do know that when I was looking for a horse several years back that I went to auctions all over the area looking for horses, yes, because I did not know better, but I say Shana Cullum and her Father in Law at about everyone you could find and then see them listed up on her website for sale telling about all she knows about them and that she has had them all this time. I accually called her about one horse that she had that I knew was lame at the sale. She said she had had the horse horse for years. I did not correct her but I can promise you this...Christina and Rafter 6 are not going out to purchase horses from sale or auction barns...they have horses that were brought their by clients needing to sell. That makes all the horses there horses that have backgrounds that were told to her and are horses that are not to be considered "unwanted". I personally feel like that gives me a better shot at getting a horse that is healthy and loved then going to some of the other places I listed that buy every week from an auction (L&M). I belive that if you are a person that has searched and come accross this complaint that their are 2 sides to every story, as another poster pointed out. I have asked Christina and accually one of the girls she had working there, they both told me that they had a judgement against them placed by the lady who wrote such ugly things here. Christina has no problem in the world telling anyone about this if they ask or would like to look into it further. The woman won a court case. I would say that still makes the ranches % of happy buyers still alot better then the pissed ones. I also asked Christina and emailed the man on here (seebees or whatever) about the problem he has. He tells the story pretty close to Christina's and I belive that he is a person that feels as though everyone in the world is out to screw him and he basiclly feels as if he can stir trouble and make her refund his money. What he did that he fails to mention is the following. I am taking both sides of the story and putting them together here as I have emailed both.
    He wanted a big black horse and found one available. He put the deposit and set up a payment schedule to have the horse paid off in a few months. Christina says 3 he did not tell me the length. He paid about 500-600 in toward the horse and was however also paying boarding. He did look around online and see a horse ad still posted for Molly. Christina is more then happy to explain these ads are costly so she leaves them up and tells the client the horse is sold to look at her site. She also will tell you that since the horse was not paid for in full that the horse was not going to be pulled down until paid for in full because someone (like in this case) could back our or change a mind. From what I gathered from the man buying the horse, he thought he was paying on a horse that could still be sold or something to that nature so was worried. He had that worry taken care of and you can still look up the mares ad on and it says congrats to this man, but the problem was handled. He then started having a problem with the builder who was building his barn and charged him to much money or was cheating him or something to that nature, so could not pay for the horse. He was late on payments and boarding at this time. He then decided since everyone was being so unfair to him to back out of the purchase of the horse and that he was going to do this and wanted his payments back. I don't think that most people would have expected this to really work. But he wanted his money back. He got mad and started what you see today and has continued to contact and email people telling what I liar christina is. She never lied to him. He did not pay for the horse in full or the boarding. He did not pay for care of the horse over boarding. That is what I would call Farrier, worming, ect. He wants his money and plans on trying to be as mean and ugly as it takes to get it back.
    I feel as though this is a great business with much to offer anyone who is looking to purchase a horse for either an event or a family that wants to be able to do one stop shopping and have several wondeful horses to look at in one place. I recommend to anyone, some of the problems on this forum could have been taken care of with it, a pre purchase vet check. This is going to make sure the horse is the age you are told and that the horse is sound. There is no better way to stop a problem before it starts. I had each of my looked at by the vet and each was not a problem for the vet to pass with the 65.00 test it took to have the horse checked out.
    I did not mean to take up so much room here but I think that people should also be told that are looking here for reasons why or why not to puchase from this business that for every unhappy person there are 30 happy people at least so I would personally call this pretty good. The thing to do for yourself and to make sure wether buying from a person you find in the paper or from a consignment barn is to make sure and have the horse vetted out.
    I am more then happy to say I am a client that has been happy with my business dealings with Rafter 6 Quarter Horses.
    Stewart Odem

  • Ho
      4th of Jan, 2009
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    “Hi All that take the time to Read this -- Well, at the end of my first week riding Tonka, which I bought from Rafter 6 site unseen, I think that the only word to describe him is “awesome”. I’ve had several quiet rides on him . My vet was very impressed with his looks and manners . She had been a bit worried about my buying a horse that I had no seen, but allowed that ‘you did good’!!! ---- This morning I took him to the riding ring next door. Well, there were strange horses, delivery trucks and rambunctious dogs, and he just ‘dropped into my hands’ and showed what he could do --- two of the boarders asked for the website where I got him, which of course you all know is Rafter 6. I know that some of you have heard bad things and worry. You are going to as I did the same but I took a chance on a horse that I thought was a good match for me. When he arrived I knew it was a good choice. I have only praise for Christina and her help she offered. I thought that maybe my spot of heaven here would help her cause because someone sent me a notice of this nasty rude posting about her business. So, closing all I have to say is-- many thanks to all who worked with me to get him here from Rafter 6 and a big thanks to Christina for answering my million questions and sending me more pictures then I could down load. Thank you for being a good person and staying strong through the blimishes here that have appeared to really do little to hurt your business but I am sure cause a headach. I now have my dream horse. He will stay with our family till the end of his days and will probably convince a lot of folks in our neighborhood to look at Rafter 6 Quarter Horses!”

  • Tr
      4th of Jan, 2009
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    Normally you would never get me to respond to one of these things as I feel this just drags out the thing worse because someone post good, someone post bad, and on and on. I have used her for selling 5 of my horses and have 2 others their at this time. The horses are worked and exposed to new things. One reason I liked the serive is it is told to you that she is going to haul the horse if possible to diffrent events to get the horse to show in the best possible place and if the horse has a skill that will improve the value and quicken sale time, I think it is great that the horses are hauled to pennings, sortings, open shows, and for that matter anywhere there are people who like horses. Christina will go to great lengths to find just the right home for any horses she accepts on consignment. She takes a very personal interest in creating the ideal match between horse and owner and arriving at a price which reflects quality and potential. Few people can match her eye for a good horse and flair for marketing. I think that most of the time after people read the ad she has written on their horse they want to sell they often go, How did I miss all that great stuff and just see the bad. I think anyone who needs to sell should consider her program.

  • Ho
      13th of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I saw that the lady that was out at the ranch the same day I was left a complaint. I have to tell you this is the dumbest thing ever. I am a regular client of Chris's and have used her for both buying and selling of horses. The lady was there to see a pony. A 11.3 pony mind you because they wanted to make sure that the pony was suppost to be 13hh and he was only 11.3 and no 12hh. I was at the ranch to visit with my horses that are there and the lady was parked at the front of the drive to the barn when I arrived. Christina walked down to meet us and chat and we leaned against the fence and watch the people with their new pony. As we stood there and chatted we saw a woman that stands about 5.6 and 150-170lbs attempt to mount this shetland pony. I laughed and said "Why does she need such a small horse" Chris said it was because she was going to use it in a lesson program. As we stood there we watched a grown woman mount the pony and be lead aound for a minute or so. I could not help but feel bad for the little guy. The lady leading let go of the pony and the pony walked in a line and turned around with ease. Then after stopping the rider tried to kick the pony to get him to move out. Now mind you how you are positioned when you are to big for a pony. To keep her feet from dragging she had her feet up by bending her knees. Her feet are now right behind the tummy in the flank and hip area. When she tried to kick the pony up to go she got him basiclly in the tender part of the flank. A lesser pony would have bucked her off. All this pony did was take two kind of big fast movments forward. The rider who from what I could see was not much of a horseman, pretty much got out of shape and started leaning to the side in the saddle so the horse side stepped in the other direction. The woman hit the ground with a thud. The pony did not buck her throw her run off with her or anything else. This was completly rider error. If the pony had tried running off why was he standing there as the rider dusted the dirt off of her clothing with little pride left after falling of a shetland pony she could have stepped off of. The horse was not the one with the problem in this situation. The rider and buyer were. The woman can from around the front of the barn leading the horse to where we stook making a seen and screaming she wanted her money back and she was calling the news station and blah blah, Chris calmed her down and took her to the other side of the barn and I could not hear anything from that point on but I can tell you the woman had a great pony that would have worked great in her program but she did not know that a rider of the size that she had placed on there was not a correct match. I have done and delt with horse people for a long time. I am honestly suprised that she posted after that knowing she was the one at fault. I don't think any pony should have a woman of that GIRTH riding him and she as a horse woman should have known a horses is naturally going to move forward to get out from under to much weight on his back especially with someone kicking him in the flank and using strange tack on him including a bit that she brought with her for her other horses not this one. I saw all of this and accually hung around after this woman left becaue I could not belive anyone who came to buy a horse that was of this size and would not bring a rider that was the right size. I have nothing to gain by writting this and have no ties to Rafter 6 other then using their serives for things. I have been a client and will continue too. I just thought that I had to put this up after reading her story
    All of you should read both stories and think about what makes more sence...
    A bucking run away shetland that is trained and ridden by children for many years with the proof to back it up.
    A heavy know it all woman that had purchase a pony and threw a heavy person up on it. A heavy woman that was lead around with no problem, then a heavy woman that was to tall and with bended knees had feet in the flank and hip area of the horse, that when she giged the pony to move kicked him in the tender spot on all horses, and the pony did not get found at the barn along but standing there looking at the rider who had just hurt him and kicked him in the flank and fallen off because she got scared and started leaning in the saddle one way and since she was so heavy the pony tried to counter balance her side ways weight by going the opposite direction. This causing the to large rider to hit the ground and the pony to stand there and look at her...
    You should decided, but remember when reading I have nothing invested in this, and she has 1500.00 invested into it and wants to pressure someone to give a refund, which I understand from chris has already been issued.
    Have a great day and let this remind all of you that everything people that are not happy say should be taken with a grain of salt.

  • Ma
      20th of Jan, 2009
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    To all posters who clam this person are good, I say you must be Christina Beaver using a false name. I have reported them to the Sheriffs office for theft. I left a horse with her to sell on consignment 10 months ago. She has reported that the horse sold 5 months ago, and I have not received One Red Cent!! She continues to tell use the check has been sent, but nothing until 10 days ago when I got a check from her mother for 2/3 of what I was owed post dated for 5 days later. I have checked funds in that account at her bank for the last 5 days after the post date, NO FUNDS. I contacted Christina, and she tells me this is all a mistake, she has been sick, her mother screwed it up. She told me that she would transfer the full amount using Wal-mart the next day, she would make it right, she what’d to keep me as a customer. Well it's been 2 days and I have not heard from her, she will not respond to e-mails, does not answer the phone. All I get from her is LIES and STORIES. If you think you can do business with her, will GOOD LUCK. She is a liar and a fraud.

  • Th
      8th of Feb, 2009
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    Just a quick note. . . We purchased this said pony "Nemo" and we are thrilled with him. Yes, he was a little difficult to catch, but guess what, he no longer is. Our daughter rides him wonderfully and he puts up with her mistakes. His ONLY fault is that he is ready to GO when you first get on. There is absolutely NO buck to this pony. Cristina did us good. This is my second time to deal with her. The first time, I thought things were not right, but when I said something, we worked things out without an issue. The key with any business transaction is communication. I am sorry for those of you who say you have been screwed. My suggestion is to talk it out, and don't be so quick to condemn her. Thanks


  • Je
      12th of Feb, 2009
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    I have to agree w/ MADAS#$%^ that I think all the "GOOD" posts on here are Christina trying to redeem herself and make herself look better. I have contacted every single website they have horses listed on and let them know of her fraudulent practices. I bought a horse from her last February and did a partial trade on a great mare I had. The mare I traded was 10x's better than the horse I got from her. She and her partner "Tarah" swore up down and all around that this horse was a "SOLID 2D BARREL HORSE" even posted it in his ads.. He most certainly was not and had never seen a barrel in his life. Sadly he passed away this October due to a Colic/Twisted Gut. I spent so much money on that horse trying to get him trained on barrels...She is a horrible business owner and I hope every horse in her care gets taken away. She is the worst liar and manipulator there is. She is a FRAUD. When I emailed her and told her how unhappy I was with my purchase she offered to pay for half the training of the horse. This telling me, duh the horse was NOT trained on barrels. Did I ever see a penny from that? NOPE. She never responded to my emails, except w/ a couple that said she was soo sick and would send it next week.. I'd receive nothing and email back, then she said something came up and she'd send it the day her husband got paid. Another LIE. She also offered to send pictures of the horse I bought being ridden in barrel races and copies of the buckles and checks he won. Did I ever see that? NOPE. I hope she goes down in court and is taken for all she has. She is the worst horse trader out there. It disgusts me that people like this are out in this world. CHRISTINA BEAVER you my dear, are a sad sad excuse of a person.

  • Ro
      12th of Feb, 2009
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    I will just say this. I have exchanged e-mails with Christina on a number of horse matters and noticed one thing about the suppo0rters of her and all of the e-mails I have received. They all are written in the same style. Just as if they were written by the same person.

    It is my personal opi9nion that Christina's supporters and Christina are one and the same. I too agree that it seems Christina is writting her own "defense" messages here.

  • Th
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    To let those last two posters know - THIS IS NOT CRISTINA in disguise. You are as bad as what you say she is by posting fraudulent information. We bought Nemo, the little buckskin pony that supposedly bucked someone off. Sorry, but something must have been wrong with her because our daughter (8) and her friends ride him now as much as they can with NO incidences. If you are a horse person, then you know there are times that a horse and rider do not get along. Nemo fits well with our family and an inexperienced rider!! As I stated earlier, this is our second dealing with Cristina and YES I would do business with her again. The first time I felt there was an issue, we talked about it and it was immediately straightened out. If you have issues, resolve them instead of dog other people. Contact me at the following email and I will give you my contact information so that you know for sure I am not her. I will also send you pictures of my daughter and her friends on Nemo "the supposed Bucking Pony". Thanks

    Karen Massar

  • Ol
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    Horse trading is horse trading people and horse traders are horse traders. If this new breed of recreational horsefolk (with money but no horse sense) doesn't have the snap or the expertise to trade knowingly they need to hire an agent or better yet get a hobby where their ignorance won't get them or someone else maimed or killed. Horses are sentient creatures - not cars or motorcycles - there's no such thing as perfect or bombproof. Even the steadiest most proven mount can buck or rear when spooked and most especially when heavy, inexperienced hands get into their mouth. When the person on their back is pumped with adrenaline from fear, jerking their head around, the horse feeds off all that negative emotion and the results can be disasterous.

    The bottom has dropped out of the horse market. For less than $500 one can pick up just about anything the heart desires at the local horse auctions - yet these complaints are about spending thousands - get off the computer - get an equine education - any statement true today of a horse can be undone tomorrow by the wrong rider.

    And, for the record, I'm nobody in disguise, and have never had a dealing with the horse trader everybody is up in arms about. From what I'm reading some folks with more money than horse sense are over horsing themselves or trying to unload their ownership responsibilities through consignment sales and it's just not turning out like they envisioned.

    Who buys a horse on a payment plan while paying boarding? If you can't buy it outright, you sure as heck can't afford to support it. The cheapest part of horse ownership is the cost of the horse. If you don't know that, you are already in over your head. Sounds like the folks who are defending knew what they were doing and those who are complaining didn't. That's why it's called horse trading and rule number one is Buyer Beware.

  • Ci
      29th of May, 2009
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    I have dealt with Christina on numerous horse deals-- we have bought and we have sold with Christina and Rafter 6. All I can say is she did exactly what she said, the horse was AMAZING just like she said and everything we needed she saw to it we got. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a horse from Christina and those who have had bad experiences looks like it's largely to their incompetence or ignorance. If Christina says she'll make something right it has been my experience that she will do so.

    Cindy Jones
    Mason, Texas

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