Quirk Auto Body / NEVER use Quirk Auto Body

45 Field Street , Quincy, MA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 617.773.2040

My husband and I purchased two brand new Kias from Quirk Kia in March 2010.
When I was in an accident on 6/19/10 my first reaction was to bring it back to the dealer to be repaired. After all it only had 3400 miles on it and I wanted it repaired correctly. That was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life.
I was side swiped on the expressway when a girl from the third lane decided to try to get off the exit. My damage was the rear molding and the back door.
I dropped my truck off to be repaired and Chris told me they would have it 1-1.5 weeks.
It sat on the lot for almost two weeks before they even begun working on it.
I called, emailed but never a response. My dad and I drove by on a regular basis to see where it was and what the status was. We noticed the repairs seemed to be almost complete. I went by to look at it and the interior was completely trashed.
I had the following issues:
*My entire interior was covered with white stuff.
*My black floor mats were all white.
*There were white foot prints everywhere (including in the tailgate compartment where my jack is).
*There were grease stains and a big brown stain on my driver’s seat.
*There was scratches in the paint (on the side they did not repair).
*There was a huge scratch on my hood.
*There was dull spots on the paint where they had wet sanded.
*There were areas that were all swirled because they buffed too much.
*There were areas that they did not blend the paint.
*My bumper was all scratched.
*The molding on my window was coming off.
I could go on and on.
I was beside myself. I sat there and cried because my brand new vehicle was ruined. Luckily my cell phone has a camera so I just took pictures of everything. I have about 30 pictures of all the damage.
I went home and sent emails and made phone calls but of course no one at Quirk cares.
I finally talked to Dean who I think is the manager and he stated that the insurance company does not pay them to clean the vehicles and that they do not clean them “the way I expect them to”. I said that I expect my vehicle to be in the same condition it was when I dropped it off. He said he would have it cleaned and try to do something with the bumper. When I went to pick it up the bumper didn’t look to bad. I took the vehicle because I did not want them to ruin it anymore. When I got home I washed it and the bumper looked worse than it did before they “fixed it”. There way of fixing it was to put Armour All on it so it looked ok when I picked it up but then washed right off. So deceptive and dishonest.
I tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with Danny Quirk (the owner). I emailed his secretary no response.
Between my husband and myself and my dad we spent about $70, 000 in vehicles since February 2010 and Quirk does not care.
Now it has been 6 weeks and $4000+ worth of damage.
I have my vehicle back but it's still not right.
When I dropped it off it had exactly 3400 miles on it when I picked it up it had 3480 miles on it. It only went from Quirk Auto Body to Quirk Nissan to Quirk Ford and back to the Body Shop. For those of you who know Quincy that is not even .5 miles. The best part of this story is that my GPS's language was changed to African too.
This is absolutely the worst dealership to ever deal with. They are unprofessional, rude and just don’t care. I am still trying to get this situation resolved.
If anyone has any information that might be helpful please email me.
I am outraged by this. Quirk has no right to do this and they should be held accountable.


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