Queensland Fraud Squad / Protecting Organised Crime

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The Queensland fraud squad and their boss Brian hay have for a decade ignored or protected very serious organised crime from the Gold Coast.
Reporting Fraud to the Queensland police or the Queensland Office of fair trading was a waste of time for the last decade as they were either involved or ignoring organised crime from the gold coast because of the people involved.
A full Investigation needs to be held into why the police and the Queensland Politicians ignored thousands of complaints and allowed organised crime to flourish.
It is very obvious the criminals have very close links to acting and past police and donate large sums to the major political parties just as the mafia do in Federal Politics.
Something nstinks in australia -ORGANISED CRIME running the police and the major parties.

Jul 1, 2015
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  • Ef
      26th of Jan, 2014
    Queensland Fraud Squad - What a rip off
    Queensland Fraud Squad
    United States

    I wanted to warn everyone that the company Queensland Fraud Squad is scam, and you shouldn’t make any dealings with them. They took money from people and promised some services or other things, but after that they switched off phones and started to ignore emails. Please be careful and post your comments, as well as inform other people. It is very serious, because people can lose a lot of money. These people must be punished for their dishonest actions.

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  • An
      2nd of Jul, 2015

    I live on the Gold Coast and these people are very well known as is Mick Featherstone.
    It is no surprise to anyone that these people are members of Organised Crime - they are the Irish Mafia.
    No one has dared speak out against these people as they use threats and intimidation to anyone who dares question the frauds and scams they are running.
    Brian Hay has done nothing - in fact many believe the Queensland Fraud Squad has been protecting these and other criminals for a decade because Featherstone had serious links to the police.
    This is ORGANISED CRIME and anyone who lives here has known this for a decade. PROTECTED by the police and corrupt politicians.
    I have attached a definition of Organised Crime - absolutely no doubt that Stephen Keating (Steo Keating) now calling himself Stephen Ceitinn (Steo Ceitinn), Sean O'Dalaigh (now calling himself John Daly) and Anthony Hartnett (married to Steo's sister Karen) acted in concert and over a long time to commit fraud and deceive people - plenty of proof of it - just need the CCC to act on it.
    These guys ran one scam after another - they lied and defrauded people selling rubbish that did not work, shut down the companies once complaints came in and started up selling the same crap software with the same lies and deceit.
    They used false names as Directors of the companies. These names were plastered all over their deceitful websites - names like Lawrence Quade - meant to have started Sansar -no such person exists in Australia and all the lies they put on the web about him are fraudulent means to sell a scam.
    Daniel Archer of AIC International is another fake director who does not exist. See attachment - we have emails from the fictitious Daniel Archer - this is FRAUD and was used to sell a fraudulent product with lies and deceit. We rang Wells Fargo they have never heard of Daniel Archer - FRAUD.
    Have attached the fictitious Directors of AIC International to this - Daniel Archer, Phil Sheerin, Tom Sherridan, Noel Arnold - check out these high flyers - ALL FAKE NAMES - This is Fraud Sean O'Dalaigh (registered with ASIC as the director of AIC International)
    Have attached Lawrence Quades details - all made up - this is fraud Anthony Hartnett (registered with ASIC as the Director of Sansar)
    Also attached a few of the directors of Sansar - all high flyers - all FAKE - this is FRAUD.
    Ask Brian Hay why he has not arrested these criminals - there is a LOT MORE evidence of fraud, money laundering and organised crime but the Queensland fraud Squad refused to act. TOO LATE BRIAN HAY - This is fraud no matter what lousy excuse you come up with.
    All of these names came straight off the fake websites - plenty of witnesses but Brian hay was not interested in witnesses - DISGRACEFUL

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  • Mi
      4th of Jul, 2015

    And a bit more EVIDENCE the great Queensland fraud Squad has had for nearly three years and completely ignored.
    There was ample evidence for the Queensland fraud Squad to investigate while these scam companies were still running.
    YES - Brian Hay and the Queensland Fraud Squad had this information while the scams were still running from the Gold Coast and they did absolutely nothing.
    Now Brian Hay says it is hard to investigate - NOT when we have given you the names and addresses of the criminals involved Brian hay and offered MANY witnesses to deliberate and continued FRAUD and organised crime.
    We are not going away - ALL the criminals will pay.
    Disgraceful behavior by the Queensland Fraud Squad and EVERY politician in Queensland who was given this and a LOT more evidence.
    This information was made available on the web and sent to every politician in Queensland, the Office of Fair trading and the Police MANY times - NO ACTION FROM ANYONE.

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