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Puppy Matchmaker / puppy scammer

1 United States Review updated:

BUYER BEWARE!!! STAY AWAY FROM CARRIE AND STEVE SAWYER AND PUPPY MATCHMAKER SERVICES!!! They will scam you. They say on their website that they are so concerned about getting the right puppy, blah, blah, blah. It's all a crock! They want your money and are not forthcoming with information regarding the puppies because they don't even know which is which! Be aware you may not receive the same puppy you are seeing on the website! Also, I received my puppy and it had had surgery!!! Did they mention this? No! It also has, to this day, a bald spot on her head that the vet says looks like someone spilled some sort of chemical on! Did they mention this? No!!! They defended it until the end and came up with all kinds of reasons and excuses. Can't do anything about it and am out a ton of money. The dog is sweet but I would not have paid as much as I did if I had known that she had these issues.

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  • Ca
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    My Name is Carrie Sawyer owner of Puppy Matchmaker Services. I would like to invite anyone who would like to see what we are really about to go to our website We have been in good standing the local BBB Since 2005. In the year 2007 we received an award placing my business Puppy Matchmaker Services on their honor roll.

    The whole story of this women’s complaint is that when her puppy went to our vet for its FIRST puppy wellness check he found a umbilical hernia (this is not genetic or health problem this happens sometimes when a mother cuts the cord off just a little to close) it is repaired when the puppy is about 6- 8 weeks old. Her puppy had this done as it is common procedure done on puppies. This was not noted on her puppy’s health paper. I did apologize when it was brought to my attention. The puppy was in good health upon arrive in to her home. As for the small spot on the head this is NOT A CHEMICAL SPILLED on the puppy. This is a form of birthmark that was only found on this puppy it is the size of a small pea it too has nothing to do with the health of this puppy.

    The only true statement found in this complaint IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TO READ " THE DOG IS SWEET" She has a great, healthy and happy puppy to this day and will for many years to come, can you place it in a show ring, will it wins Westminster in 2010 NO. We sell our puppies as pets only.

    The main reason for this complaint is that I refused to give a full refund on this puppy which included the $200 shipping cost. This woman wanted a free puppy she is a great example of somebody wanting something for nothing in this hard economic time.

  • Ma
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    I purchased a puppy from Carrie Sawyer in January '08. My experience with her was EXCELLENT! I have a very happy and healthy 7 pound Morkie…he is the best purchase I have ever made! In fact, from time to time, I go back and visit her site. (To see what new “babies” she has available) That is how I ran across this complaint. Carrie Sawyer was extremely informative and was always available to talk to me. I was very nervous about purchasing a dog over the internet; however Carrie made it easy. She is a incredibly friendly and honest person. And if I ever purchase another puppy…I would look to her first!

    Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  • Jo
      31st of Mar, 2009
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    Hi there

    I live in Toronto, Canada. I purchased my Morkie over the internet and I was concerned. I emailed Carrie and she did give me some information on the puppy. The puppy was shipped March 20, 2009. Boogie Man was not fazed at all, when I picked him up at the airport. I took him to my vet the next day and so far he is in excellent health. He is happy, friendly and rough houses with my Malshi, Bella. The only thing I was taken aback on, was my questions that I sent by email about temperment were not answered, and my calls to speak to Carrie, were answered by Steve. Maybe I was a little concerned, but Steve could have been a little more understanding, since you are dealing with a purchaser and for your business to progress, the approach should be more upbeat and friendly. I have no complaints as far as the puppy is concerned. I hope you read this Carrie, and thank you.

    I will keep you updated on his progress, if you wish.

    Thanks again Joanne - Canada

  • Sc
      19th of Apr, 2009
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    I purchased a shih poo from Carrie in early 2008. While we started out rough, I cannot say that Carrie was not supportive when calling and emailing her. This was the first puppy that I have purchased and to have him flown to me was an even bigger deal. He was scared and drowsy when I picked him up at O'hare but within a few days was much better. He did end up having coccidia but that was treatable.

    I love my Leo more than anything and i would like to believe that the stories and complaints about the Sawyers are not true. I also go back to the website from time to time but never see any shih poo's and I am partial to them!

    Brandi- Illinois

  • Be
      22nd of May, 2009
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    I purchased 2 puppies from Carrie in Jan 09 a Maltese named Nicholas and a Morkie named Isabella.

    When I spoke to her I said that I wanted 2 so that they could keep each other company and to eventually breed I was told that they both had great temperments and that they would be great to breed each other with.

    The morning I was to go to Sea Tac airport to pick them up I called to make sure all was well, good thing I did because therewas a glitch in the shipping, and they ended up going on another airline at a later time and Carrie had no idea of which because Steve was at a dog show and couldn't answer his cell and she didn't know how to text him.

    I got really scared that I had been scammed and I paid a lot for 2 puppies. She did have me call the airline that they were flown in on and get the time and flight number.

    I went to the airport and they arrived on time. They we happy, healthy and clean and the sweetest little darlings I had ever hoped to have.

    The next day I took them to the vet and they were fine and only needed the heart worming because of being in a kennel with other dogs and the vet doesn't think that breeding designer puppies is good, thats the vet and not sure I want to keep that one. But I was disappointed that she said Nicholas has an underbit and that is not a desirable trait in breeding, my response was will I guess that my grand daughter isn't breeding material either then...

    I have the normal puppy problems, but their puppies and just like kids they go through stages and they don't last forever.

    I love them and I will breed them because the people who are waiting for them to have puppies don't care if they have an underbit. And Carrie is right they have the best temperment they are very well behaved and the only time they are nauty is when I'm away at work.

    No one is perfect, not even the children we give birth to but we love then with our whole heart and they give us great joy.

    Beverly- from Marysville washington

  • Th
      13th of Jun, 2009
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    I didn't read all on this judge mental page but every puppy could possibly get a umbilical hernia or lux patella when you buy a puppy from a puppy store that puppy could come from any where Puppy mills mostly. I personally bought a beautiful yorkie-poo hybrid female puppy from carrie sawyer in 2005 and my dog is completely healthy of course it had its Normal puppy problems as every puppy is prone to and when I had questions after I received the puppy that was even cuter in person then on the internet she was available to me with all the answers but that is what people do when they think a puppy will be just cute and be there. its like a baby it is a baby and for you to even post false comments about a reputable breeder who does care about her puppies whos been around for years when there are puppy stores and puppy mills out there selling puppies with many issuses malnourished and dying from sickness if you cared so much you would do something about it like I do research the breed and research what comes along with purchasing a puppy before you do so. Carrie you'll be hearing from me soon as I need a new puppy soon still love the last one. Anita vazquez puppy yorkie poo black yorkipoo ending 05- beginning 06 female to orlando mco my beauty was delivered

  • Kr
      29th of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Sorry, conbon, but you're full of s***! I bought my Yorkie, Lola from Carrie online. When I called and asked questions, they were fabulous about making sure I knew what I needed and what to expect (she's was my first dog). Lola arrived and was barking and playing right away on the car ride home from the Portland airport. Every time I ever needed anything Steve and Carrie were supportive and very helpful. I would reccomend them to anyone. Lola is the sweetest, most loving beautiful Yorkie I've ever seen. She arrived healthy, and was most definitely the puppy that I picked out. Do not listen to conbon... I can assure you there is NOTHING secretive about them and this is NOT a scam!

  • No
      20th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Carrie and Steve run a puppy mill. They do not sell you the same dog that is shown in the picture and obviously don't have tme to even know what condition the dog is in when they ship it. Our yorkie -poo arrived with a great dela of hair loss and was diagnosed with alopecia. After initially refusing to take the dog back they then asked to have us ship it back because they were concerned about their liability with additional medical expenses and the bait and switch on what dog was represented and what was sold.
    They also allege they breed the dog. They do not. Our dog came from Debra Wright from Moosetrot Kennels in Hartford, AK.
    We are going to use all legal means to stop this. We tried to resolve amicably and perhaps should not have even attempted to believe these people would do the right thing. They have just attempted to scam the wrong people.
    The BBB which Carrie likes to refer to will have our complaint by close of day Monday as well as pursuit of a civil action to recoup the fees and medical expenses that we will incur.

  • Mc
      22nd of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Hi, I purchased a morkie puppy from Carrie and Steve and I did not have any problems.
    Abbie is a beautiful happy puppy and in great health. She was shipped to Washington airport and was a little scared, but that was normal. I did everything that Carrie asked me to do, brought a soft blanket, wipes and bottle water, I cleaned her up from being in pet carrier and put her in my lap and she calmed right down, we had a four hours drive back home and she was good the whole time. I would not take a million dollars for her, she is a beautiful loving puppy. I would most diffently buy another dog from Carrie and Steve and I did email Carrie several times and she responded everytime and I talked to Steve several times about shipping her and he was very kind and returned my phone calls right away when I had to leave a message.

    Mrs Mary K Curry
    Covington, Virginia 24426

  • No
      24th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Have your dog Checked for ringworm immediately. It is highly contagious and can infect humans and other pets. If your dog was in their possession which is in itself questionable other than transporting it to the airport, than it probably is infected.

  • Li
      6th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I purchased a puppy from carrie in 2006. A maltipoo to be exact, Sydney. I had an amazing experience with Carrie! She was honest and helpful and I would definitely purchase from her again! Thank you Carrie for being so amazing to your puppies and for looking out for them. When I called to ask about Sydney Carrie described her to perfection! Sydney is 4 years old and she is absolutely perfect!

    Thanks Carrie and keep up the awesome work!

    Lidia Hernandez

  • Md
      25th of May, 2011
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    I purchased my Yorkie in 2008 !! We were so happy with Carrie and Steve and got the greatest attention and care. Carrie spent a long time on the phone helping me decide which yorkie would be best suited to join our family which included a Bichon /Westie mix. Right before I was to recieve my puppy I got a very appologetic phone call from Carrie explaining that they had found something wrong with the puppies knees at the last vet check before the dog was to ship. She offered me a more expensive dog to replace the one I chose. She felt so bad about what happened. She matched us with a georgous female yorkie who had been the best dog we could have ever owned. The dog is EXACTLY as Carrie said she would be. I have told so many the story of what happend and how Carrie knows her pups so well and matched us with the perfect dog. I would never get a dog from ANYONE again only Carrie and Steve. My expierience was a wonderful, well educated ( thanks to C & S ) as well as exciting one. One that we have never regretted but often thought back and said... We are thankful that we found this website.
    THANKS AGAIN Carrie and Steve for our Yorkie Sophie !!! She has been a joy these last almost 4 years weve owned her. I would recommend Carrie and Steve to anyone !!!

    Bless you both and continues success in your buisness !!
    M. Doyle

  • Pu
      26th of May, 2011
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    A puppy is not a sweater! Please don't buy a puppy from a pet store or Internet site - they are primary outlets for puppy mills, which churn out puppies in shockingly cruel conditions! Responsible breeders don't sell through pet stores or to people they haven't met. You can find out more about how to get a puppy from a shelter or a truly responsible breeder at or submit your story here:

  • Yo
      18th of Feb, 2012
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    What conbon says about the dog they purchased from Carrie Sawyer is the truth. I am now the owner of this dog that they abandoned in their foreclosed home in May of 2009. The "spot" in question on her head was the size of a silver dollar NOT a "pea". It was very large and creepy looking and cost me over $1300 in surgery, pathology, and specialists fees to have removed. It was not a chem. burn or a tiny birthmark but a congenital malformation . She also has to take daily medication for urinary incontinance which the vet thought was highly unusual for such a young dog. Additionally, this dog suffers from Chondrodysplasia in both front legs and Luxated Patellas in both rear legs that may require surgery at a later date. These are both geneticly inherited traits from either one or both parents or grandparents. I have the Am. Canine Hybrid Club "pedigree" that came with this dog so this breader was definitely aware of the dogs lineage.
    No responsible, ethical breader would ever consider breading a dog with any of these traits and would in fact have all the necessary genetic testing done to insure that their dogs were not carriers of this trait. This most likely would result in a puppy that was significantly more expensive and a breader who wouldnt be advertising on the Internet, flying 8 week old puppies all over the country, and bragging about "matching thousands of puppies" all the while fending off a multitude of complaints.
    To the breaders credit and/or good luck, this dog has sweetest friendliest disposition despite all that she's been through. She is now almost 4 years old and I have been blessed with her presence for the last 2 1/2 years. She is my constant companion and I cannot imagine my life without her.
    The buyer also must take some responsibility for their role in this industry. A puppy is a huge commitment and as a prospective owner you should either do your homework and be willing to pay for the quality you seek or take a chance on what may seem like a good deal and be prepared to take care of the dog no matter the outcome. Bottom line, Carrie Sawyer is running a business and the bottom line of a business is to make money. If you don't like what she's doing don't support her business.
    If pet owners would stop supporting puppy brokers and irresponsible breaders and make educated decisions about where to get their pet and get honest with themselves about thieir ability and willingness commit to pet for its entire life then people like me wouldnt have to go behind them cleaning up the destruction. The dogs are innocent they are the ones caught in the middle of human greed and selfishness.

  • Yo
      18th of Feb, 2012
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    ...forgot to mention...this dog also had a complete botch job done on her dew claw removal. Both front paws were done so poorly that little mangled stubs with tiny half claws grew back in. It had to be a DIY job. No licensed vet would have done that. Makes me wonder about who performed the umbilical hernia surgery on my dog and what really goes on in that metal shed that passes for a dog kennel??? It's no surprise that she doesn't allow buyers to come to her property.

  • Em
      18th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    I'm sad to read this complaint about Carrie. I purchased my toy Morkie from her 2 years ago and he is a very hearty & healthy little guy. He has not had one health issue to date. Working with Carrie was a breeze and I found her to be very professional and caring. It was clear by the demeanor of the puppy when he was new to our home that he came from a very good place. I recommend Carrie frequently.

  • Li
      18th of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    I was a bit concerned getting my maltipoo, Mindy (now Chewie) after reading these responses. I went with my gut and got her because she was exactly what we were looking for. The day we got her, we brought her to the vet with her shot records. She was given a clean bill of health. My vet also said she had appeared to be fed very well, groomed nicely, and given a great series of shots and preventive care. He also checked her microchip and all was well. Within 24 hours she was adjusted to people, small dogs, the house, and potty training. She's a great, friendly companion dog. I couldn't find a better little puppy. Extremely pleased customer. If you have any questions please contact me at

  • An
      6th of Dec, 2015
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    I purchased a Maltipoo from Carrie and Steve Sawyer in July 2015. They are dishonest people. They charged me a high price for my puppy, said because she was going to be very small. Is she small...NO! CarrIe was not upfront about the parents information before I purchased. She just kept saying, you will be please and she is going to be very small. I specifically told her that the parents size was extremely important to me and if I was paying top dollar for this puppy, I wanted very small, full grown under 6 pounds. She and Steve lied. I love my dog and absolutely plan to keep her, she has had several health issues, but now healthy. Point to This complaint is that I do NOT like being lied to or taken advantage of...FOR MONEY! Be very cautious when dealing with this couple and verify ALL information they give you regarding the puppy and parents. And do NOT allow them to tell you price is according to size and that it's a very small puppy...they lie!!!
    Anna Spindler

  • Jl
      20th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    Well, my dogs were the same ones as the picture I saw on the website. I saved the pics from off the website and still have them. I lived close enough that I didn't have to get my Yorkies shipped. My complaint is that they were supposed have been microchipped but they in fact were not (I discovered this at the vet's office). One Yorkie had an undescended testicle while the other has subluxing patellae in the back legs. I had to have the undescended testicle (cryptorchid) removed and the dog neutered. That same dog also seems to have an itching problem of late and I cannot figure out what that is, as well as a growth between his eyes. He's going to the vet soon to get those issues checked out. I can't say that's unexpected when you have a pure breed, which is another way of saying an "inbreed". Genetic disorders can and will occur. Overall, they boys have been great dogs, they are both 8 years old and they have the greatest personalities ever. Of course, that goes hand in hand with being the greatest breed of them all! If someone is a puppy "broker", that means they use multiple breeders which probably means puppy mills. If you want to know how ethical the breeder is, you have to visit their facilities. If they won't show you, then they aren't likely running an ethical business. The bottom line is, do your research carefully. Go through the trouble of finding out a breeder's practice, buy only from those who do things the right way, and chances are you will have a better result.

  • Ja
      31st of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    I got my little Coco from her. She is hands down the best dog I have ever had. From the moment I picked her up her attitude and demeanor had been beyond perfect. Coco's tail always wags when she sees women and children and it always has. So many important things take place in a dogs first 12 weeks and it's obvious she was well kept!

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