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We contacted this breeder for information/paperwork on a puppy we adopted from her through our neighbor. Dee [protected], Box 544, Bradford, PA 16701) has been nothing but rude. She is inexperienced and has no clue what she's talking about. I would definitely not recommend buying from her since if she has an abbrassive rude attitude with polite strangers I cant imagine how she treats these puppies to get $$. She's definitely running a sad puppy mill. I'd stay away from her. SHE needs some training.

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  • Mr
      13th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I looked at the site you where saying is the breeder, that is not a breeder - that is a broker service where they locate puppies for people inquiring about a certian breed. They may have been rude to you but you may have not actualy been talking to the breeder of your puppy. Also, You recived the dog second hand and I would not think your intitled to papers. What are paper's good for - you cannot show a pet in a conformation class as pets need to be spayed .. Where you planning on breeding ? Your pretty lucky to get a puppy with a history from the neighbor :) Good luck to you.

    PS. Didn't your neighbor have all the papers/vaccine records for you, and a Vet that they had been going to in the area ? You can always go back to the Vet to get the old Vaccine info.

  • De
      14th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Whether they be breeder, broker, or whatever else they don't have a contract with you and providing you with any paperwork or information could cause a whole host of huge problem's (which is why it's not done). They CAN'T give you registration if that's what you were asking, it has to go through the person they transferred the dog to and then through the person they transferred to and so on (hopefully that's not the case and this is final stop :-). Your contract is with the neighbor you got the pup from and anything they promised you is up to them and them only to provide. Two different and completely seperate contract's here. The seller to the neighbor and then the neighbor to you. You need to deal with your neighbor and if needed, the neighbor need's to deal with the person they purchased the pup from. That's really the only way anything can be done. Sorry for your anger and frustration, but maybe you can move thing's along now that you know what direction you need to head in.

  • Sa
      4th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I just wanted to say that Dee was very nice this past week when I inquired about Puggle. She spent alot of time on the phone with me and explained numerous of times to make sure that I read pages 2 and 4 on the website. I told her that I need and even printed it out. She advised me to call back on Friday and at that time she gave me a delivery for tonite. I asked her some more questions and she was very pleasant about it. I am awaiting of the arrival of my new addition. I dont blame them for asking for cash. I had someone contact me today stating if I was still interested in one of his pups to please western union, money gram or give credti card info to him and he would do it installments after the deposit was paid. I advised him that I am no longer interested.

  • Sy
      8th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    yes, yes, DEE is very very very mean and rude and nasty to me too. thank you DEE b/c after talked to you, i decide
    get the puppy from shelter instead of breeders.DO NOT wanna waste money for the people who like you, jerk.

  • Pe
      25th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dee has mental issues. Some of these responses on here to people complaining are ACTUALLY DEE// DEE I KNOW YOUR READING THIS. YOU NEED HELP. Stop selling puppies and go see a pyschologist for your multiple personalties. You are a Joke...

  • Om
      30th of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    puppies234 is so not a puppy mill. when i ordered from them the website told me to email the breeder and the breeder was kind and answered all my questions. if they were a puppy mill will they care so much to make you read so many pages of info???
    they were honest and told you the dangers of toy breed pups. will a puppy mill do that??? puppy mills only care that you buy from them and give em the money. puppy mills DO NOT make you read pages and pages of puppy info so shut your pothole if you don't know what the freaking hell your saying so take that those people who don't know what they say. If they were a puppy mill they wouldn't care for the dogs enough to tell you all the diseases and symptoms of the diseases that MIGHT JUST MIGHT happen to your dog. If they were a puppy mill they won't have a puppy stress list and they won't care what the hell the dog has been eating so if you don't know a freaking thing shut your pothole. The only reason for them to be rude is because YOU ARE BEING NOT HONORABLE TO THEM. if you're mad because your on the not honorable page i suggest you think about why your name and info are on that list and live with what you did.

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