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I am a furniture supplier to Cymax This company is totally committed to customer service and do everything in their power to look after all customer issues. It's totally unfair to blame them for late shipments and faulty products. It is my experience that consumers take advantage of their return policy and exercise "buyers remorse" when they recieve a piece that they decide they should not have bought in the first place. Cymax is at the suppliers mercy and have to live with the suppliers delivery schedule. Also sometimes items arrive broken in shipment and the supplier has to replace these defective goods. This is not Cymax's fault. They depend on suppliers to send the right product and for the freight companies to deliver it in good condition. This does not always happen. Cymax deals only with reputable suppliers who strive to look after all legitimate complaints and find resolutions to issues that arise. As a supplier, we do our best to resolve these issues.
There shall always be consumers you cannot satisfy at any expense, and most of them make more ado over the smallest issue you can imagine.
As an American furniture supplier, we are proud to be a partner of Cymax and shall continue to do our best to see that all customers buying Pulaski Furniture from them shall enjoy our furniture to be of top quality and that any issues are taken care of in a timely manner.
Thank you
Rod Cochrane
Pulaski Furniture Corporation

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  • Pu
      10th of May, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Pulaski Furniture is total JUNK. I have been buying, finishing, refinishing, and collecting furniture all of my life and I have never been more disappointed with a purchase and a product than I have been with the furniture that Pulaski produces in China. I ordered 7 pieces of furniture and 6 pieces were "SHIPPED" from the factory in damaged condition. The furniture was broken or damaged at the factory and then they attempted to repair it and refinish and shipped it that way. The furniture is mostly made of resins, plastics, and fiber and particle board. Every piece of furniture was missing finish and none of the pieces fit properly together. One of the side rails on the bed was cracked in half, re-glued, refinished, and shipped in that condition. A foot was cracked off of the dresser. The "wood" was split and cracked on the vanity mirror. One of the drawers on the man's chest had holes drilled in it for the mounting of the handle in the wrong place. They then re-drilled it for proper placement and they "patched" the holes that were in the wrong place. It is glaringly apparent. The vanity stool was cracked at the seat, there was a huge chunk missing on the foot of the leg and finished over. The legs were wobbly and falling off after 2 days. The plastic cracked and crumbled out of the stool where the legs were screwed in. I have never seen anything like this in my life as far as "wood" furniture is concerned. A technician from a local "reputable" furniture company was sent to my house to repair the furniture. When he looked at the furniture; he told me that there was nothing he could do to repair it because it was mostly made of plastics and resins. In his professional opinion; he told me that my furniture was the lowest end product that you could buy. Obviously, this company has no quality control and takes no pride in their product or alleged good name. They refuse to acknowledge or rectify the problems with their furniture and will not replace, repair, or respond to customer complaints. It is a shame that once again, a reputable company takes their manufacturing to China for higher profitability all at the expense of the consumer. The quality of the furniture has dropped significantly, but not the price. If you buy their furniture, you will be stuck with the JUNK. Please do not spend your hard earned money on this furniture. You can find a better quality of furniture at Walmart and believe it or not, better customer service. Shame on you are a disgrace and you deserve to go out of business and it is my mission to get you there. Shame on you too Mr. Cochrane. Who is taking advantage of who? The only "buyer's remorse" that I have is from buying from PULASKI FURNITURE. These are not small issues and you are not only not addressing them in a TIMELY MANNER; your company is not addressing them at ALL. One thing that you said is correct; the distributor is AT THE MERCY of the Supplier and so is the customer. In closing, your company is the furtherest thing from being a legitmate company; so LET THE BUYER BEWARE!!!

  • Pu
      10th of Nov, 2014
    +2 Votes

    Not exactly sure why, but this has to be the hardest manufacturer to get into contact with. Parent company HMI has no contact numbers you can call. Its a mystery to me. I need some new glass retainers and i have searched the web all over and no one can tell me. Very sad i will most likely have to throw my curio away because the curved glass retainers have broken and the glass is falling out.

  • Ca
      15th of Jan, 2015
    +2 Votes

    Very disappointed with the quality of the furniture that is manufactured by Pulaski. I purchased a 8 piece dining room set in July. After waiting for delivery for of the set for 4 months, I have returned all 6 chairs on the first round, 3 chairs on the second round and, finally 2 chairs on the third replacement delivery. I am now on my 3rd china cabinet. May not stay long because the touch light comes on when not activated and goes off after i activate it. Still wiring for a table that is acceptable. The retailer reviewed all of the tables in their warehouse and could not fine one without a flaw. Then quality is sub par at best. In the pst i have always purchased Hooker case goods and have never had a problem. Buyer beware.

  • Wo
      23rd of Mar, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I was in the process of purchasing a number of Pulaski Furniture items until I read these complaints. I'm glad people share their poor experience with others. Based on what i've read, i will not be purchasing Pulaski products.

  • Jo
      7th of Feb, 2017
    +1 Votes

    my pulaski manual recliner no longer reclines as the screw connecting the release cable has detached from the metalwork

  • Da
      13th of Dec, 2018
    0 Votes

    Hi Rod I hope you get this message I am in Edmonton Alberta Canada I ordered a love seat power recliner from Leon's furniture in Canada if the product did not have some sort of oil treatment on the material that is a very strong chemical product I would be very happy with it but Gina and I suffer with M.C.S. I asked before I ordered it they reassured me there would be no problems with chemicals but not the case they will not take it back unless I accept a 50% restocking charge and it is a stocked item I just wanted to order the same thing just with no chemical oil treatment is that possible please bring that to the manufactures attention and get back to me please my name is DAVID the email is [email protected] if they could stop using the chemicals it would make me happy and all other people that care about there health and do not want to be sick please look at the information on the web site thanks DAVID T

  • Je
      19th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes

    I got mine from Costco and wish I would have read these comments before purchasing mine. I’m within my year warranty and like a comment above contacting Home Meridian is not easy to do. They certainly have the appearance that they don’t care. My cabling came apart and I just want to order a cable to make the furniture work again but they are so afraid of getting a complaint they have no email or posted phone number. I did find a number for them of 800 994-3390. Don’t buy anything from Pulaski, or Home Meridian. They only want to sell garbage they won’t support...even if you’re willing to pay for that support. Lesson learned here.

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