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PTA President Renaldo Woolfolk / Augusta GA / corruption & dishonesty

1 United States

Most people who work for The Augusta School System & PTA, cannot be trusted!! And Renaldo Woolfolk, is definately one of them!!!His pathethic attempts to attack a good man like; Pastor Beckles (for defending his son & other students who were all lied on & mistreated by lousy teachers & school principals) is appalling, and clearly shows that the Augusta School Sysytem is corrupt, and are desperate to cover up their injustice toward decent parents (like rev. Dr. Frank Beckles, Jr.)- trying their best to help their children, advocate for the innocent, and protect them from a failing and corrupt Augusta school administration!! The Augusta PTA has already been found guilty of corruption in the local Media!! PTA President Woolfolk organized a fake rally of Copeland School Teachers & Staff to keep a lousy & dishonest school principal (Kim Davis) employed, when she has been fired from two different schools in Augusta, prior to getting the job as principal at Copeland! And for several years, hundreds of parents have posted & submitted complaints against her to the B.O.E., and local news stations! "Copeland, is regarded as the worst elementary school in Georgia"- Hope Jensen (5/3/2013). The local news have reported complaints (over the years) against corrupt school officials like: (Roberson, Woolfolk, Ashe, Spivey, Akpo-Sanni, & Davis, which all have been conspiring with other dishonest school administrators & principals in the County), just because Rev. Beckles was defending his son (who was attacked by another student), and bringing to light the incompetence of many female principals, criminal behavior of Augusta Government Leaders & Dishonest School Officials!! Good parents like him are being attacked by evil people with an agenda to cover up wide-spread corruption -Not just in the School System/ but The City of Augusta (C.S.R.A.), just for advocating for defenseless women & children who have been mistreated by The Augusta School System, and instead of educating children, they (and many people in the community) are busy covering up Principal Kim Davis's misconduct ("Losing Control of Her School"), her criminal past, and school corruption!! The Augusta Chronicle, and other parents that had lawsuits, took bribes from the Augusta B.O.E., to falsify statements & twist the words that Rev. Beckles stated to address the concerns of the community & proof of misconduct of school administrators! He was only helping people in need, and advocating for the parents & children who were being mistreated & neglected by their own school system!!

Jun 6, 2013

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