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Bad and Greedy trainers
This review can help and alert those who have just seen fake 5 stars and have a second thought in a mind whether they should invest there time and money in PST.

My feedback is totally based on the way Lokesh and Vikhayat has deal with me which was very childish, unproffesional and untrustworthy.

My request is that PST should take this in positive manner and sud take step to improve as i am again investing time in writing it.

1. If somebody attenting there classes, pls beaware that you should not ask questions in between bcos you might be disturbing other genius students in class. Who are more intelligent then you specially if your learning curve is comparitively slow.

2. Other intelligent student will later on bring there parents to the centre to meet lokesh and will complaint about you that because of you their course is getting delay. Lol

3. I dont know what fun they get in making easiest concept looks so complicated in a way that you think you are the only one who is not getting it and might end up not asking any question which is anyhow not allowed.

4. Why do they sell complete package which is base sas + advance sas+ analytics without understanding whether somebody really need it or not ?

5. Do not seek any career pathing from them as they are least bother about it and always focus on their business.

6. They never respected my time and effords Inspite of the fact that i have shared the criticality of my situatuon with vikhayat and left me with the only option to leave them after a month classes.

7. I wanna ask vikhayat if somebody gives you a feedback that he is not getting what you have taught, does that mean he should look for another institute instead of getting clearity that why and what is the challege and how you can make him understand ?

8. Vikhayat where do you get this skill of confusing student and why dont you understand every individual have different learning curve. Student really dont like your wired face expressions in class when you explain something.

9. I think its your responsibility to answer every question and all the questions without judging student's intellegence, or you should only enrolled IIMs and IITs.

10. How do you provide training on real time data, is it something which is doable legally or this is just a way of maketing. Because u never told that u have any partnership with any firm which allow you to use their data. Pls explain what do you really mean by real time data?

Its been a 5 months, I left ur institute and you must be thinking why i am putting this reveiw now. Inspite of the fact i have met lot of victims of PST, I would have never written about you.

But recently I met a girl who has joined and left PST a year ago. After reading lot of positive reviews about PST she joined and was excieted to learn SAS from you. But the way you guys taught her, left her in a delima that she was not fit for SAS any more and left a hope to become sas proffesional. For your kind information she is learning SAS now and found it more interesting and easy then a year ago. This shows how much attention you guys give to an individual.

In the end i wud like say my motive is not to bad mouth you. You guys may have very good knowlege but YOU GUYS ARE NOT A GOOD TEACHER OR COACH.

Mar 17, 2017
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  • Hi
      Apr 30, 2017

    Can please suggest anyother sas training institute ...with much better faculty...

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  • Ri
      Jul 03, 2017

    @Hitanshu Sharma Mr Santosh is running a coaching institute in Rohini and Rajendra place in Delhi by the Customized Consultancy.

    I have contacted both the places and taken demo classes and at the end i would say PST analytics is far better then the Customized Consultancy.

    At then end it like if you have a bad time going on in your life then you will definitely join the institute suggested by Mr. Santosh

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  • Sh
      Nov 11, 2017

    @Hitanshu Sharma For beginner's, there's High Technologies Solutions in KalkaJi . They provide multiple trainings but take SAS training from Mr. Murthy only. He is by far the best SAS teacher in business. Takes only 5-6 students in 1 class and teaches amazingly well! I was referred by someone who was taught by him 10 years back, some 20 years back.

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  • Ka
      Feb 03, 2018

    I have personally met Mr. Santosh at customized consultancy, all i can say he is very narrow minded personality. Having a Meeting with him will only get you frustration and if you give him the right feedback he won't accept it. He brags a lot about him despite having no knowledge of analytics god know how he is counselling students at Customized consultancy. One reason can be as he is very good in making false statements as he did for PST probably that is why he is associated with this coaching institute.

    I have also visited and taken demo classes at PST analytics and i have got the fantastic training session taught by Mr. Lokesh and Vikhyat there was a tableau session by Mr. rahul which was also awesome.

    Anyone wants to join analytics please visit PST analytics one before trusting this CHUTIYA (Santosh Kumar) and experience yourself.

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