Protector of Immigration / Banned Protector for Iraq

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Respected Sir,

My name is M. Fahad Khan and I am a Petroleum Engineer. I live in Karachi. I got job in Iraq and my company send me the visa. I went to Islamabad to Iraqi embassy and got that paper visa stamped on my passport and then went to Iraq for Job. I went to Iraq two more times on the same visa. This time when I was going to Iraq on 25th of March from Jinnah International Airport when the Immigration officer asked my about my protector. I showed him my old protector the one I got when I was working in Qatar but he said that I need a new protector for Iraq and then put the offload on my passport.

I asked him if I need protector then how was I able to travel two times before and many guys of company are still traveling on daily basis but he didn't answer my question.

I went to protector office in Karachi where I was told that the Protector for Iraq is banned.

Immigration department at the airport is not allowing me to fly and my company told me that if I cant fly for another two or three weeks then they will fire me. Please tell me what I should do ?

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  • Ah
      13th of May, 2012

    Fahad I face the same situation. is there any other way

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  • Po
      26th of Feb, 2013

    This is a strange problem I just got visa for Iraq from embassy and did not know before that protector is banned in Pakistan i am very much worried.

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  • En
      21st of May, 2013

    hi, i am pakistani, working here in iraq but now iraq govt has banned for pakistanies to get into iraq. we all pakistanies are suffering from their jobs. is there any body who has information about this and how to resolve this matter. kindly inform me at [protected]

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  • Mz
      14th of Nov, 2014

    Same problem arises with me, If the Iraq protector is banned in pakistan than Iraq companies should also not issue the Visa to Pakistani`s, in this case no pakistani would able to fly Iraq. This is serious issue kindly solve the problem other wise our company will fire us.

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  • Su
      2nd of Jan, 2015

    They are just asking for Protector to make money on the airports, specially in Islamabad, there are very well known cases . There is always a way and you know all that . Guys at the airport will ask for protector only to waste your time, if you look into the website, %201979.pdf

    In this ordinance what every requirements or facilities are written, they are neither given nor taken . Immigration and Custom officers at airport or dumb terminal without having enough knowledge of laws and rules . They even themselves don't know who to ask for protector and who doesn't fall in that category. These lazy and dirty frogs will just wake up once in a year for an unlucky guy and would ask for such stupid things . If you will give them money all ok, if not they all will be surrounding you to look for an excuse to off-board.
    Look at the website nothing is in there, lazy tech guys just put some graphics no good and categorized information is there to prove them a part of mess and dirt. Better way is to explain the ### guys of immigration the technical points whether you require or don't require protector and ask them to give you a written off-board statement so that you can use it later on .
    And if they are looking for money :) sure they will give them but don't forget to record, soon i am going to upload many videos that i have to expose these ###

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