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Prolube- Brookings South Dakota / Rip Off! Terrible Workers!

1 Brookings, SD, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (605) 692-5823

I called the pro lube in Brookings inquiring about an oil change for my car. The man said they started at $36.95 and that it included an oil change, the outsides of my windows getting washed, the interior vaccumed and an 8 point inspection under the hood, I then decided to go to them as I was planning a trip from MN down to OK and my car has higher miles so I thought the 8 point inspection would be a good choice! I brought my car in and the man asked me at the counter if I had any preference of oil? I said no I didn't but my car had higher miles so if there was an oil to accomodate that I would prefer it. I waited while they worked on my car, while I was waiting a man came out and said my windshield wipers needed to be replaced, I asked him how much and then decided to wait to get them done. My car got finished, I was given a reciept and went out and got in my car. I didn't think to check my reciept at all but when I paid I paid 39.00 and when I got in my car I noticed it was not vaccumed out. So I got in and about a block away I decided I am gonna call and ask about it so I called and a man answered and I asked about the price I said you told me 36.95 plus as an SDSU student we get a discount, he said that because I said I had no preference in oil they used ecofriendly oil. I asked him if it had anything to do with high mileage and he said no it just burns cleaner in the enviornment and that it was around 3 dollars more per quart. I was irritated about that but blew it off and asked about getting it vaccumed out and he acted like he had no idea it hadn't been done and told me if I wanted it done to bring it back in, so I did, at which point they were rather rude to me and acted like I had asked so much of them! I got back in my car and started towards Canby, MN when I got to thinking, I looked a my reciept and it stated on there what had been done. Mind that I got my reciept before i called in about my car not getting vaccumed. It said "interior vaccumed"- done with a check mark, that red flagged me because I knew at the time I got the reciept it hadn't been done so I looked on further. It said "Wiper Blades- Checked and OK" well I knew that they were not okay because that man had come out to me and asked me if I wanted to replace them. Then it said "Exterior windows washed- done" I looked at my windows and they still had streaks where the windshield washer fluid had streamed off my windshield the day before onto my side windows. At this point I am starting to wonder if my car had been inspected or if the oil had even been changed? I stopped, looked under the hood and the windshield washer fluid had not been "filled" as the reciept stated! So I called the prolube shop and asked for the manager, I told him what I had discovered and my complaints about my dis-service. He then told me to come back in and we could figure it out. I said well I am already over an hour a way and the reason I had had my car oil changed there was to have the 8 point inspection because I was going to be driving over 14 hours interstate one way. He said he could assure me that my car oil had been changed as he did it himself (never once apologizing) I told him I couldn't come back in until tuesday of next week (when I returned) and I would like a refund, he said okay. Meanwhile while I was in Ok driving around the city my car started to over heat so we pulled over at a gas station and popped the hood, my coolant as low, which should have been inspected during the 8 point inspection. I went to the prolube on tuesday when i returned only to find all of the "mechanics" standing behind the desk the manager then walked in and was like "what's your complaint?" I said I spoke to you on the phone and we discussed this already" he said "refresh my memory" so I started to tell him and everything I said one of the guys would pipe up and say "whatever, I did that" or something of the sort. Then when I said the window washer fluid hadn't been filled he said" i watched it get filled maybe your car has a leak it is pretty banged up!" which my car is not it is a 2001 pontiac grand am and the front bumper was cracked 2 days prior when we hit a coyote! Also that is irrelevant because it shouldn't matter what you drive you should still get good service! So when I said my car windows hadn't been washed he responded by "lady, we are not here to detail your car" I said no but you are here to do your job and that is part of it. I then asked for my refund and he told me "no, if you don't like our services then don't come back" I said "you told me on the phone that you would refund my money" he then said "I don't ever rememember saying that" I said well then i won't recommend your services to anyone nor will I be returning and he said "good, now get out" and all the other guys laughed as I left. I was absolutely appalled by that place and I will NEVER recommend a prolube service to anyone nor will I ever return to one myself. They are knieving and liars and if I was the owner of that prolube I would fire everyone of those workers! They lie for each other and provide horrendous service, I should have known as there is never anyone in it getting their vehicle worked on.

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  • Lu
      22nd of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree %100...everyone there should be fired. My girlfriend just got her oil changed there and a half hour later she received text messages from an employee that looked up her cell phone and other information. The creep even said that he wanted her to call him back so they could hang out. She was so freaked out, and as her boyfriend I am raging pissed that some degenerate loser is looking through file cabinets and harassing customers. Everyone I know has heard this story and I guarantee no one I know will ever step foot in that place.

  • Br
      14th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    What a horrible experience! I'm glad I read that as I will never recommend them. Since we moved to Brookings, we've been taking our vehicle to B & E in Volga, which is really close and they have been great so far. The guy Brian is nice and they are always professional. They don't vacuum your car or wash windows, but they do a great job on oil changes, and will tell if something needs fixed and are honest about if something needs fixed, but can wait until you can afford it.

  • Fr
      1st of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I take my vehicles there all the time. very trust worthy and freindly. Its also owned locally. I wouldnt base my opinion of very few. sounds like these people are hard to please. Ive had good luck with them.

  • Ja
      1st of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I love PROLUBE. I have been going there for my car services for the last 2 years. Very friendly servicea and they take care of your car as if it is theirs. Love the guys work ethics there. If you want, you can even go there and watch 'em change the oil and other services. If I have some kind of minor problems with my car, I just take it there and they do it for free.

  • Ki
      16th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I personally know the hard working young men at Pro-Lube. I know the Manager/Owner very well and have to say he is the most hardworking, honest person I have ever met in that God forsaken backstabbing city. In such a small town where people "get ahead" meerly beacause of their lastname and their parents reputation I know the man who is managing and operating Pro-Lube has worked hard and gotten where he is at with integrity. Which is more than I can say for most of the trash running buisness's in that town.

  • Ch
      3rd of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I love prolube its the best I've heard horror story's from other businesses in town I only go to prolube.

  • Na
      23rd of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    Fast, but as far as quality goes; I give one star because I can't give zero. I went in for an oil change. Not only was the oil filter over tightened, but you put on an incorrect filter for my vehicle. It was significantly smaller than the recommended for my engine. I was willing to forgive you for not checking my radiator fluid, washer fluid, differentials, or power steering fluid; however when you do something so negligent that it can cause damage to my vehicle, I do take offence.

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