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Procraft Midatlantic, Liquid Siding of Maryland LLC / Lousy, EXPENSIVE Paint Job

1 904 Leeds Ave., Baltimore, MD, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 410-737-2022

I had my historic home painted in Jan. of 06 by Procraft Midatlantic. It cost me $17, 850.00. The job was warranted for 25 years against cracking, fading, chipping or mildewing. Less than 2 years later, I have chips, cracks, rusty nailheads and some of the caulk had fallen out. I have been calling the company (now Liquid Siding of Maryland, LLC) since March of 08 trying to get someone out here to fix the problems. All I get is promises of return calls, but they never come. All I am really getting is a huge run around. The next step will be to sue for the entire amount I paid them so I can then pay a REPUTABLE company to fix the mess they made.

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  • He
      31st of Oct, 2008

    I have had major rotting due to liquid siding. Only get a run around. They say that the problem is with the house! I paid over $20, 000 and am facing repairs over $12, 000!

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  • Jo
      6th of Nov, 2008

    ProCraft MidAtlantic and Liquid Siding of Maryland have nothing to do with each other. The only common denominator is ProCraft was the distributor of the Liquid Siding product until they went out of business. As the owner of Liquid Siding of Maryland, LLC, it annoys me that people place complaints against my company for something we had no control over. We are trying to help people who have the Liquid Siding Product, but this is an expense to us with no income, so we are limited as to how quickly we can respond. Our product does not cause rotten wood. Water does. If water is getting behind the product, it is not the products fault. Hopefully, we can get to all of the mess that ProCraft left behind when they went out of business within the next few months.

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  • Br
      18th of Dec, 2008

    I would reccomend you got to next time and choose a BBB Accredited Business. The Better Business Bureau has tons of reputable companies you can call on! All their members meet standards and have a good proven track record.

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  • Jo
      10th of Apr, 2009

    Procraft Services of Marylland, Procraft MidAtlantic or Liquid Siding of Maryland are all related. They all have the same address and the same people working there. They can not or will not apply the product to manufacturer's specifications. The thickness of the material is supposed to be about the thickness of a credit card. They applied to only the thickness of a piece of paper. Then they will not fix the problem when the paint starts peeling. I went back to all the references I was given before I signed the contract. Those houses are peeling too, plus the thickness on those houses was only paper thin! They certainly are not trying to work anything out with me!

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  • Lo
      13th of May, 2009

    My husband and I have called several times since the application in 2005, we even called right away when we noticed the problem and they still did not come out to fix or satisfy the need for repair. Now since all the calls it is just getting worse and worse. Unfortunately, it looks like it may never get fixed and what recourse do we have.

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  • Ta
      24th of Jun, 2009

    Forums like this are reckless and I hope one day they are all banned. No one from complaints board verifies any of this as legitimate
    In todays economy both consumers and business owners are doing all they can to stay afloat and one angry customer in Maryland
    goes on a rant and effects business owners across the entire nation. Did you hire an independent inspection company? Did you
    call your local Building Department? NO! Just rant on the internet not thinking of the families you are hurting.

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  • Ke
      27th of Jun, 2009

    Tax, I agree with you that the accusations on this board need to be verified, but there is some credibility in more than one customer coming forward and sharing their negative experiences. It's not just one angry customer from Maryland going on a rant -- as you can see, there are few people that have commented about their experiences with this company in response, so...

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  • Ms
      8th of Mar, 2010

    KellyA let me guess that you are either employed by or own a business that uses liquid siding to a way to make a living by ripping people off charge a sizable fee to install a paint system that has never been installed as advertised. maybe you don't intentionally install a bad product, but the truth is the truth.
    if you want to help correct this problem, give legitimate contact information to the group that manufacture and sells the product to you AKA Liquid Siding of America. I for one would be pleased to discuss the problems i have with the product with them.

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  • Jo
      16th of Aug, 2010

    Procraft is just a rip off trade name for a scandle. The owner of Liquid Diding is Rob Garret of Florida and he has these rip of Procraft dealers all over the country. We will join and are currently launching a law suite.

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  • Pa
      12th of Mar, 2011

    Companies come and go. This product was sold to me by the Powells (John/Jared/Beezlebub/Etc.), and despite any bankruptcy protections they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for swindling me. They are the ones who told me the product was good for 25 years. They are the ones who said they had over two decades of experience with the product and "the only reason we don't warranty the product for longer is that it hasn't been used longer". These people are either liars - because they knew they were making up lies, or they are both liars and crooks - because they knew the product doesn't last 25 years. They applied their junk product for me about two years after the complaints you read here. They swore to me that they were selling a different product and that the companies weren't related in any way. As others have pointed out, the owners are the same, the names are the same, and even the address (904 Leeds Avenue) is the same. Now that people are on to them, next time they'll have a different address or be selling some other sham product or service. They should be in jail. I have no sympathy for their claims of being victimized by whomever produced the materials - THEY are the ones who said they had the knowledge and experience to stand behind it. I wouldn't trust them to hold a ladder or carry bricks.

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  • Xy
      6th of Apr, 2011

    No surprise that the story with my house is similar and I can't find a working phone number anywhere for Maryland, Viriginia or nationally (I'm in Virginia). So two questions:
    1) does anyone have current contact info for liquid siding?
    2) does anyone know whether and how LiquidSiding can be painted over (e.g., use of primers, removal of siding itself)?

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  • Re
      19th of Feb, 2012

    I have the same problem as everybody above, just was fortunate that I did not spend that amount of money with these thieves. If anybody is interested in a lawsuit let me know.

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  • An
      29th of Nov, 2014

    Our painnt is peeling, yearly, off the chimney's thaat were painted with liquid siding, from the company ProCraft. I have scrapped, repainted with their paint and every year, it flakes and pops. I would like to have this taken care of. The house looks not at its best with that look.

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  • Li
      2nd of Oct, 2015

    I purchased my Liquid Siding on 2007. It looked great and the workmen did very good repairs. But, 3 years ago when I had to replace my chimney I found that local distributer was gone. I finally found a dealer in Florida who wanted over $500 to ship me a gallon of paint! I had to settle for good house paint from Sherwin Williams. The rest of my house has experienced some rote, fading and mildew. When I try to clean it it looks worse. I'm still trying to find a dealer to look at it. WHAT GOOD ID THE WARRANTY IF YOU CAN'T GET SERVICE!!? By the way I am having a similar problem with Gutter Helmet and no one ever shows up. BEWARE OF LONG WARRANTIES!
    Linda Perry

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  • Ka
      11th of May, 2016

    In the same boat guess I got lucky I got almost 10 years out of my job. There isn't even a number on the paint bucket. On my contract it says its a Kryton Manufacturing and Liquid Siding of America product but I found nothing for either of those, the Kryton number I found ended up being in Canada. I would love to do a lawsuit but really whose products are these? Gutter Helmet and my roofing company got me too all under 10 years and being replaced by a company that's 75 years old hope that job last.

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