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This company promises that you can make alot of money
You will be an order processor and handle credit card orders
You will have to get and go through a credit card processing company and use your own Bank
That are using you.The first thing is why cant he use his own Credit card processor why does he need you
Hes hiding him self mean while running a Scam company
His business says he does Outsourcing and other things pertaining to it but he does something else
How he is getting customers is not yet known
We have found that he maybe doing Time shares for people even then scamming them in that reference
The guy says his name is Mark williams but that is not his name
He also uses an assoiciate named Tonya whos name isnt Tonya that backs him in his Scam
Your Bank account will go into jeopordy and you will get a charge back when a client wants their money back
You can lost 100 up to 15k or more until you realize he is scamming you
There is currently a group looking for the owners of Pro america who will prosecute them

Jan 02, 2015
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  • Gk
      Mar 08, 2015

    I got scammed by them. they must be stopped.

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  • Gk
      Mar 08, 2015

    I have had contact with tanya 3 days ago. If the group that is looking to find Mark Williams, and Tanya, needs more info, or assistance in finding them, please contact me. If you can prove that you just not another scammer, or Mark Williams himself, than I will gladly share what info I have.

    I want to see these people stopped at all cost.

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  • Gr
      May 01, 2016

    i have the names of the people who united outsourcing and proamerica uses to pick up the money from remithome, western union, moneygram, or other. Two are sherwin peneranda, analynn peneranda with 2 others. If the money stores check ids, then they should have their identies in the Philippines. We need to get an official in the philippines, maybe even an official from those money stores such as western union, to look at the ids used and follow the information to those people for questioning or even arrest. I hope the group that is trying to find these criminals will contact me. I have lost over 40, 000 and am now being taxed on some of that money.

    I also want to pursue a complain against the credit card processing companies for allow these accounts to be open and allowed to make so many unscrupulous looking transactions. after 2 or 3 chargebacks, those accounts should have been locked for investigation. why did they wait until 40, 000 dollars was charged back? I hate to say it, but is it possible that the credit card processing companies are aware of this type of activity, , but look the other way for more profits?

    i can be contacted at [protected] or [protected]

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