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have received numerous phone calls informing me of a lottery win amounting to 290.000 pds stirling but they require funds to release it in the way of .and excise tax I have entered draws before with prize masters Australia please advise me are these companies legitamite or are they scam companies what should I do . yours faitfully B T C HOWE . e mail address [protected]

Jan 18, 2015
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  • Se
      Oct 07, 2015

    Totally is a scam and has been going on for years...the Canadian authorities have tried to stop it but to no avail. I have received phone calls from prize masters Canada recently...supposedly I had won the 3rd prize of £465, 000. Apparently I had paid a £5 entrance fee some time ago...they play on the fact you will have forgotten about it...this guy said his name was Jack shepherd and to be honest he sounded drunk! Anyway he said he would call back in an hour with details of customs and excise payments to release my cheque...I was ready! I told him it was a scam and not to call me ever again...well he proceeded to call me a f...g c..t! which point I told him was recording the conversation and passing it onto the police, he hung wasn't the first call I had received from them they usually call a couple of times a few months before to tell you you are in the final if you get a call tell them you know it's a scam and hang up.

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  • Dr
      Sep 09, 2017

    I have spent a number of years trying to explain to folks that there are sound and specific laws about lotteries, world wide. No matter how official they look in the mail, online, or through an email, you simply can't go about entering lotteries in other countries. The only exception is if you go to that country, purchase a lottery ticket locally, wait around for the draw and if you win, claim your prize. Then in all likelihood you will be taxed by what ever regional (state/province) and federal taxes before leaving that country. It's not like they are going to let you waltz out with a windfall without claiming back a slice of it. Then when you return to your own country, you are once again subjected to having your winnings taxed as income. Now of course you can apply for recovery of taxes paid outside of your own country, and if you are lucky gain back partial payment of those foreign taxes less processing and transaction fees slipped in there by both the country where you won the money and your own country. A process that can take up to 18 months or more. Therefore, thus and ergo, these international lotteries are scams if done my mail or through the internet.
    Plain and simple. Oh sure, you will hear all sorts of rumors, tall tales, gossip, and urban legends of testaments of others winning. Bear in mind, especially concerning the internet, 98% of people live in some fairly imaginative fantasy pseudo existences on the internet and have a tendency to lie through their teeth, just to toss in their two smallest denominations of known coinage (two cents worth?) just to feel that they have validity in the virtual ethernet of the internet. For some it makes them feel clever and/or important. Guess what? These are the people that scammers, con artists, frauds, and petty criminals target. Humans are flawed, and wax hope eternal for chance and opportunity. Sorry but it is just not there, but they will keep giving it a new spit polish and shine and continue to sell the concepts of their scams until they suck you in like a vacuum cleaner and thus clean out your wallet at the same time. Hey, you send these clowns your money, and all they will do is thank you, tell you that you have indeed won, and then explain to you all about the $5, 000 or more processing and transactions fees to release the funds. Then once they have cleaned up on that cash grab, which they can usually milk for a few years, they up and vanish like a puff of smoke.
    So how can you spot these frauds? There are several red flags. The most common one is the names given of officials. In most cases they use extremely common and familiar names such as Richard Jones, Gordon Smith and Maureen O'Sullivan (Come on, we all know Maureen O'Sullivan, she starred as the glorious Jane opposite of Johnny Weissmuller in the Tarzan films in the 1930s and 1950s, and also the mother of Mia Farrow. Just for the sake of trivia).
    If you have some need to play lotteries, then be smart and keep it local with trusted lotteries where the odd are more likely that you actually have won a bit of cash from time to time. Hey, I consider I average out about even Steven, but then I am not addicted to gambling. I just buy an odd ticket here and there on a whim. No system, no rhyme, no reason, and no pattern. No matter how small the amount I win, I take the cash and walk away. I don't up and buy more tickets. I take the victory and buy a cup of coffee instead. No expectations, and it is wonderful. Just don't sit down and play poker with me, because you will lose for certain. Why? Because poker is a game of skill, and it is not about what cards are in your hand, it's about how talented one is in reading the other players, and not allowing them to read you. It is about bluff and mental manipulation, which is a true skill set, not chance. Also the best poker players can spot a cheater so fast it makes their head spin. I have signed a waiver that does not allow me to play poker on the professional tour circuit, but I can still play open table at most casinos. As I said, I am not addicted to gambling, yet I do not consider poker as gambling. I consider it as a skill challenge. I don't lose, but at the same time, I will walk away from a table if there are stupid players. You know the kind, the novice "all in" types.

    My point here is, know exactly what you are getting into, what you are facing, what your limitations are and when to draw the line. If you don't learn these things, then you are destined to a life of being a loser. I don't say this to be rude, I say it because it is the truth.


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