Priya Krishna kumarMeet and assist at perth international airport

I travelled from Singapore to Perth on 16 Jan 2017 on SQ223 with my mother, 3 year old boy and 1 year old twin boys. When I purchased the ticket, I had called to request for meet and assist at the Perth airport as I needed help with our luggage as my mum and I had to carry an infant each and would find it difficult to then pick our luggage up from the carousel.

When we got off the flight, the ground crew in-charge assigned us to a lady who already had 2 other passengers to assist and refused to assist us. The in-charge then told us to follow another man who claimed his name was Kevin. Kevin also already had 2 others he had to assist and they did not read or write english. They also had not filled up their immigration cards so Kevin told my mum and I to go ahead first and wait for him at the carousel.

My mum, 3 boys and I proceeded to clear immigration then waited at the carousel for close to 15 min but Kevin had not arrived. We then proceeded to collect our 8 bags and a large stroller bag with much difficulty as we had to hold the infants who got knocked by the bags as we were carrying them off the carousel. Upon loading the bags onto the trolleies, we found it difficult to push the trollies and carry the infants to clear customs, we therefore waited a further 15 minutes before we saw Kevin arriving with the other passengers. We then asked Kevin if he could help us to clear customs. He asked, "who picked your bags". I replied "we did" . He then rudely remarked " if you can pick your own bags then you can clear customs on your own".

I was appalled at the lack of customer service and rude staff who obviously were unhappy with their jobs. If I was not eligible for the meet and assist service then I should be told upfront and I would have reconsidered travelling or made alternate arrangements.

It was a very unpleasant experience being spoken to rudely by one of your staff. They sure seemed disgruntled and was taking it out on me.

I had previously received this meet and greet service when I arrived back with my mum and 3 boys, 2 months ago. I had received excellent service and the person who greeted us had helped us all the way to the taxi.

Could I please have an explaination as to why the level of service by your airlines at the Perth airport is so in consistent. If this is the type of service I will be getting, then I will have to reconsider travelling with your airlines.


Jan 18, 2017

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