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1 New York, NY, United States
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Phone: 212-645-1686

A complete waste of time. The company's staff is unprofessional and not reliable.

The company completely wasted two days of my time.

Lindsey, the Office Admin, sent emails requesting a two hour conference call with Sam, the company's CEO, followed by additional interviews the next day. She also asked me to confirm the interview dates and times, which I did.I called Sam for my first interview but he did not answer the telephone. I left him a voicemail and called again but he did not respond. I called Lindsey, the Office Admin, to confirm. She told me to call again, and to send her an email if Sam did not respond. I called a third time but did not receive a response. I contacted Lindsey as requested who told me to wait for her to respond until she could confirm my interview time. I waited the entire afternoon but did not receive a response.

I called the office at 5 PM and spoke with Eric who told me I should keep waiting to find out about my interview time, and if I did not hear anything to continue waiting. I told him to cancel my interviews because the company was a waste of time.

I regret scheduling appointments with them. Do not do business with this firm. They are a fraud.

Apr 19, 2014

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