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I did a contract installation for Prism Pointe 5 months ago and have not been paid. I submitted all the required paperwork shortly afterward, and had the end user complete the customer satisfaction survey and FAX it to PPT. I was told by PPT accounting in August that all the paperwork had been submitted and looked good. I was told I would be paid in August's check run.

I waited a couple months and never received payment. Since October I have called PPT 2 to 3 times a week. Almost everytime I call the folks in Accounting, Mitch Wright and Laura Bott, are unavailable, I've left repeated messages. Not one of my phone calls has ever been returned. Sometimes their voicemail boxes are full.

I was told in November, when on one occasion I actually talked to Mitch Wright, that everything looked good, and the check would be going out by Friday. I still haven't been paid the more than $600 I'm owed.

Wow, I found this site and now realize I'm not the only one. Prism Pointe is doing this to Techs and Service folks around the country. I'm going to the BBB in Georgia.

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      Mar 20, 2009

    An elaborate scheme to defraud hard-working self-employed techs who apparently classified as business entities and are expected to be the recipients of "normal business" behavior.

    Initially the "Partner Manager" (Stephen Walker for the west coast) sets you up with an agreement - first sign of trouble " terms of payment - net 30 days from receipt on invoice... categorically inflexibly unchangeable. It is made to appear that Prism Pointe is doing you a favor by providing the work...

    Then comes time for payment - Good luck with getting your invoices paid net 30!!! Suddenly, the service partner is unable to contact anyone in the Accounts Payable Dept regarding payment... Here are the names of some of these unrefutably discourteous and unprofessional ###s:

    Mitch Wright
    Laura Shimmelfennig (Bolt)
    Renee Felder
    Ryan Jaleel...

    The hand-off technique is deployed - no one answers, that's not my department!! and the list goes on and on. They are, of course, following the instructions of none other than the inscrutable Byron King. I am going to terminate my agreement and put the receivables into the hands of professional collectors. It's not worth the hassle to be chasing after money, worked for in earnest, but impossible to collect.

    Unscrupulous corporations like these simply do not care about their employees (much less contractors) through the actions of executive and senior management. Synonymous with AIG they commit atrocities and cry wolf seeking bailouts to bolster irresponsible activites.

    But as the saying goes - There is no justice, only the law and the courts. There will always be working people who believe that change not so much.

    Change that mission statement from "One World. One Company. One Number." to simply "One big piece of ###"

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  • Ti
      Mar 28, 2009

    Contact New Capital Partners - Owners of Prism Pointe Technologies
    James Outland, Chairman of the Board, [protected]


    Cliff King, CEO Of Prism Pointe Technologies, [protected]

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  • Ti
      May 12, 2009

    Someone is so irritated with Prism Pointe that they put up this Warning to other computer techs on their own site:

    Also check out about PPT and see what the inside employees think of the management.

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