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27th February 2010

The Managing Director
Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.
Plot No. A-1, Sector 40/ 41
Surajpur-Kasna Road
Greater Noida Industrial Development Area
Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar
U.P. 201 306

Ref : Honda City (Mfg. year 2003) Regn. No. DL 7CC 8126
Sub : Unsatisfactory and poor services of Prime Honda, Ghaziabad

Dear Sir,

I had purchased the above mentioned car from Prime Honda in August 2003. I had been getting my car serviced regularly by Prime Honda. I had a very bad experience with Prime Honda recently. I shall like to bring the same to your kind notice, so that you shall be aware of the way of working of Prime Honda.

In the month of November 2009, the pump of power steering got jammed internally, so the power steering stopped working. So, I had handed over my car to Prime Honda, Ghaziabad on 24th Nov 2009 for the necessary repairs.

They had replaced the pump assembly and other associated parts. They charged exorbitantly high for all the items in this invoice.

I had never complained before that there is a problem in radiator, as it was perfectly alright. I am surprised to see on their invoice, in which they had mentioned that Radiator needs cleaning and they had charged Rs. 500 for this as other cost.

Also, I found that there are mistakes in the invoice no. 925573 dated 27 Nov 2009, which are mentioned below:

Parts No
Retail (Unit) price
Total price, should have been
But, the Amount mentioned in the invoice


Radiator Liquid 1ML

Please find attached herewith the invoice scan copy for your reference. The total amount of Invoice 925573 dated 27 Nov 2009 is Rs. 68372/-, which I had paid to Prime Honda against this invoice. Please note that I had to pay this amount from my pocket, which is a burden for me.

I had received this car on 29th Nov 2009 after the repairs as mentioned in the invoice.

After two days, I found that the coolant is leaking from the car. When I opened the bonnet of the car, I found that there is no coolant in the plastic tin provided in the car and there was coolant spilled all over the radiator and other parts of engine.

I reported this matter to Prime Honda on phone and they connected me to Mr. G D Francis (Mobile no. [protected]), so that he will take necessary action on this. After listening to the problem, he immediately told me that he had understood the problem and the radiator is leaking, so he had told me that I had to get the radiator replaced at my cost. I told him clearly that when I had given the car for repairs, that time, the radiator was perfectly alright and there was no problem at all with radiator. He started telling that this could be a coincidence that radiator could have been damaged after repairs.

And I had again requested Mr. Francis that you please send your mechanic to check and verify whether this is the problem of radiator or some other thing. Then finally, he had agreed to send his mechanic and he had sent a mechanic Mr. Dayanand Sharma to inspect my car.

Mr. Dayanand Sharma had inspected my car and gave the report that the radiator is leaking, so this has to be replaced at my cost and he talked to Mr. G D Francis over phone and Mr. Francis also confirmed me the same.

I was really under shock and totally mentally disturbed after hearing this information. It is too difficult for a common man like me to spend so much of money on repairs of car.

I had then spoken to Prime Honda GM, Mr. Balakrishnan and then requested him to get my car checked and he had agreed to check my car at their service centre. Then I had sent my car to service centre of Prime Honda for verification and finally it was checked by the mechanic of Prime Honda and this mechanic reported that the coolant pipe connections were loose, so the coolant was leaking and there was no problem in the radiator. And he informed me that all coolant pipe connections were tightened, so the leaking of coolant will not happen.

I was really surprised to know this report and they had really put me in a very bad condition because of the feedback reports from Prime Honda without any proper reasoning and poor servicing. Even after spending so much huge money, if this is the kind of poor service that I get from Prime Honda, then I have no confidence on them at all to get my car serviced in future.

Now, I want to request you that I must get compensation(refund) of atleast 50% value of the invoice 925573 dated 27 Nov 2009 from Prime Honda for the difficulties, troubles, waste of time and mental tortures that they had given me, as mentioned above.

Also, I shall like to inform you that I had given my car for regular servicing of my car before the above mentioned repairs and that time, the car stereo (Alpine make) was working perfectly alright. Since the time, they had handed over the car after servicing, the stereo stopped working (not getting switched ON at all). That time, I had spoken to service department on phone and informed them about the non-functioning of stereo set, but they mentioned that the stereo could have gone wrong after repairs and it was coincidence that the stereo stopped working after I took the delivery of car. I exactly do not remember the date of delivery of car. Normally, I go with pick and drop facility of the car. So, I kept quite and did not take it seriously that time. So, I had asked Prime Honda to check this stereo, when I had given my car for the above mentioned repairs and they said that they will charge Rs. 2000.00 + service charges. Now, I request that the Prime Honda must get this repaired at free of cost.

I am sure that there could be facility of insurance for these kind of problems, which insurance company can provide to the customers, incase of these kind of repairs for rectification of car internal parts.

Pls find below the points that I want to highlight for your reference:

1. Even without any fault in the radiator, they cleaned the radiator and charged me for the cleaning of the same.

Even after cleaning radiator, they have not bothered to check the coolant and radiator. They kept the vehicle with them for about 5-6 days, but still they did not check the vehicle properly.

After delivery of vehicle, after two days, I found that the coolant was leaking from the car.

It clearly shows the casual nature of mechanics at Prime Honda.

2. I reported this matter to Mr. G D Francis, a senior official at Prime Honda, he was so un-customer friendly, non-cooperative and unsupportive. Because of his negative attitude, I was in big tension.

And I had to call Prime Honda many times to resolve this issue, but finally I had to contact the GM of Prime Honda for my help. You pls see the agony that I had undergone because of casual and foolish workmanship and attitude of Prime Honda personnel.

3. The invoice had two mistakes as mentioned in my below email. How can they make mistakes in the invoice?

4. They charged exorbitantly high for the repairs and then they gave me many troubles as mentioned, so I want them to reimburse me at least 50% of this invoice value.

5. My car stereo set was perfectly alright and it stopped working after dselivery of vehicle. Now, I want Prime Honda to rectify it at their cost.

6. So far, I have not received any reply from either Honda company or Prime Honda on my issues. I expected that Honda Siel being a Japanese company, they are sensitive to their customers and they reply promptly addressing all the problems of the customers, but it is not proving so.

After all these episodes, now I lost the confidence on Prime Honda. So, please advise me the best service centre of Honda Cars, where I can give my car for servicing in future.

I hope you understand the problems and difficulties that I had faced while dealing with Prime Honda and I am sure that you shall appreciate for reporting all these issues to you for your necessary action.

I shall be looking forward for your favourable reply on the above.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information or clarifications.

Thanks and regards

Mobile: +91 [protected]
Email: [protected]

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      6th of Jul, 2014

    I have given Honda Brio car DL 13 CC 1497 for servicing to prime Honda Patparganj Vide Invoice no SER-INV-1415-1493 and the serviceof the car has became headche for me.After servicing It got noise and other problems I am cursing why I have given car for service to dealer.Morover after repeated complaints nothing is done till date.I request you to do needful without further loss of time.

    For Kuldeep Singh
    Nandi Gas Distributors
    Mobile no 9811107227
    Adress A3/308 Ekta Garden I.P.Ext Patpar ganj delhi

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