Prime Alliance Holdings / Timeshare resale

1 Cleveland Ohio, United States
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The agent in Cabo, MX, for Prime Alliance Holdings (PAH) is Punta Resorts also known as Vacations Los Cabos. They agreed to purchase my Pueblo Bonito ownership points for $34, 900 (USD). However, the sale had to go through their escrow agent in Cleveland, OH, Prime Alliance Holdings. Punta Resorts said I needed to pay the 16% sales tax and a $650 closing cost. Well, PAH told me when I got back to the States and contacted them that the buyer was James Hernandez not Punta Resorts. PAH would give me no information on this buyer and said he did not have to put down any earnest money and he did not have to sign the sales contract. PAH also said I owed them $999 for their 'marketing service'. This was news to me since I had paperwork that said I owed nothing. I asked about the $650 closing cost that I paid. PAH knew nothing about this. Punta Resorts and PAH are scam operations. James Hernandez does not exist and PAH is not in Cleveland, OH, or registered as a business the the Ohio Secretary of State.

Jan 25, 2017

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